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  1. Well then, don't provide a direct translation. Provide what you think it should say. "Another point I adressed is of course that it makes a huge difference to whom and under which circumstances the card is shown. I have explained that before." I didn't see where you explained that before. I do see where you said that before. Can you give a concrete example of where it would make a significant difference to whom the card was shown?
  2. I did not say that. I starting with raising questions and discussing about the English version in the other thread. In order to create something that makes sense in my eyes in another language one needs to understand what is tried to be said between the lines - writing "familienfreundlich" for family-friendly is a correct translation but transmits a different message. The interest rather seems to be receive quick translations without a longer discussion process. I said that the latter is not what I can participate in. There would still exist the option to discuss in more detail about what should be the text of such a card in various languages. I challenge you then to provide what YOU think the cards should say and how they should say it. Please put something out on the table that can be examined, and perhaps people can come to an acceptable compromise.
  3. Typically the most types of encounter a geocacher will have are however not with authorities and land managers, and then what AnnaMoritz wrote becomes relevant again. Telling about geocaching should be the recourse only if it's really necessary and there is no reason to explain a bored local looking out of the window about geocaching without any real need. Moreover, I do not think that the police cares about which trading stuff might be in a cache - so the part about food etc seems to be much less important than many other things. Also authorities in countries like Austria and Germany (and many others) will not really care about the family-friendliness. I'm not sure whether you maybe misunderstood some comments by AnnaMoritz. The intent was not to include all those things which occur in the geocaching reality on a card or in a brochure. However anyone who travels around to cache in countries with a different caching tradition and different rules should not rely on that what is true at home is also true somewhere else. I never ever would tell the authorities here that geocachers do not deface or change objects because it's simply not true here. You also always need to use your own judgement whether you are allowed to reach a location - just the fact that a cache is there, will not help you in that regard. I'm curious as to why it seems to bother you so much that there may be unnecessary information on the card. So what? If they don't care to read about the swag or what is or is not allowed in the cache, they won't read it. What is your resistance here all about, and why do you not want to help provide a better translation? You have me very confused.
  4. More likely, it was some unexploded tennis ball bombs. Check out this video:
  5. Now, this is different! Everett, Washington geocachers find a cache of explosives. http://myeverettnews.com/2016/02/24/everett-geocacher-finds-explosives/
  6. If the coordinates posted in a recent log are correct, then the cache would appear to be on the river side of the bike trail, and NOT on one of the islands in the parking lot. I'm amazed that anybody has found it!
  7. Gooniemanalpha, Not everybody here sees that sort of drama with their geocaches. For that matter, I would say that very few do. Given that, I think you might want to take a look at why you are seeing it, and maybe consider doing something to change that. There must be some reason for the negativity you're seeing, because it sure is not commonplace.
  8. Serial killers often leave taunting clues behind. Who's to say that isn't the case here. And if it had been left by the abductor, then it would indeed be chilling and cryptic. I, for one, am glad to see that the police are taking every possibility seriously here.
  9. In addition, since the coords put them at someone's door, the 8m radius only applies to a 180 degree arc and not a 360. Considering that a good portion of that arc is probably grass, and some of it likely sidewalk, there really can't be all that many places to look. To the OP: I wouldn't take it too seriously. Probably shouldn't have even messaged the person that posted the note. Just let it go.
  10. I think, ahh, yes. One of these activities is typically not a social game... To some, it is. But I deliberately put the part in parenthesis about the fictional web page not being public. Let's just change that to a journal or diary... better analogy The point is that you do it for love (or other motives) and not generally for the number of times you do it.
  11. I've got a friend that had an excellent cache that had, as a red herring, a bit of Velcro attached to it. The real cache was a "hiding in plain sight" cache. I almost quit looking for it when I saw the Velcro. So, yeah... it could happen, but the OP says that logs don't support that theory in this case.
  12. Some people are very goal-oriented. I think that our society encourages that, considering all the annual reviews that I had when I was working that always had a question of "What are your goals for the next year?" somewhere in it. I have never been goal oriented. That implies planning, and I am a very spontaneous person. My goal is pretty much to do what I want to do. Now, as to keeping score and its effect on your fun & pleasure, imagine you were keeping score on how many times you and your spouse made love. Imagine that you actually had a webpage that showed those statistics (forget about the rest of the world being able to see them). Is your satisfaction really based upon the score on that web page? If it is, I would suggest that something may be seriously wrong with your love life. Is that an unfair comparison to geocaching?
  13. I still have a lot to read before I can comment even reasonably intelligent on the real subject matter here, but I immediately picked up on this: "I've observed a high incidence of an "I'm not in it for the numbers" attitude, and wonder now if this phenomenon is explained." and had to ask, why does it need an explanation at all? VERY few geocachers, I suspect, got involved in geocaching as a game of scores. Rather, we got swept up in it as we got to know other cachers. In other words, I'd suggest that NOT comparing counts with other cachers is the natural way of things. Competing in this game is a learned behavior.
  14. Actually, that may be the best idea yet. It *may* be a floater, but if not, there may not be a drain for the water, and floating it out would then cause damage to the hiding spot. If *may* be magnetic, but maybe not. Or if so, is the pole that it is in also magnetic? If so, that makes retrieval with a magnet quite difficult. A grabber may not be able to open wide enough to grip something if the container is a tight fit in the pole. To the OP: While it may seem like laziness, it is entirely within the cache owner's right to decide that the string idea was a lame one, and that his is a much more fun idea of a hide, thus he changes the rating and leaves it as-is. You still haven't made clear, either, if you logged with a Found It log type, or a note or Needs Maintenance log type. If you did log as a Found It, but didn't get your hands on the cache and your name in the log, the cache owner was within his rights to delete your log. And finally, what you see as a "passive-aggressive" reply from the cache owner may simply have been a poorly worded or misinterpreted reply. Possibly. Give him the benefit of the doubt... after all, he's the one that went through the time and effort to hide the cache for you to look for.
  15. Whew! That was a mercifully brief discussion for once!
  16. You're kidding, right? It seems clear to me that extent of the "research" was someone in charge said, "We need to 'brand' the e-mail we send," and the UX guy ("Team"? Kidding again?) said, "Yessir." Less clear to me is whether this last change was someone in charge saying "Time to rebrand" or the UX guy getting bored and tweaking it in his spare time. I honestly don't think that Chilihead's respectful and thought-out post deserves that sort of sarcasm, but I will say that my impression of the change, particularly the change in what I thought was practically a trademark hue of forest green does indeed have every appearance of your "bored and tweaking" scenario!
  17. That was a very helpful post for those that do indeed have gmail, Chilihead, and I understand that it is the best that you can offer, so thanks. However... I do not use gmail for my notifications (nor do I wish to) and the simple solution would have been to simply not change the notifications in the first place. Have they said anywhere what the possible motivation was for it?
  18. Have you seen the ads iedm.com? In particular, the one showing this product: NSFW: http://iedm.com/products/david-underwear
  19. The old green reminded me of the tall pine trees and moss and stuff and made me want to get out and go geocaching. The new one reminds me of an avocado & kale smoothie.
  20. Just successfully posted a trackable log. Thanks! PS: In the future, what is the quickest way to get attention to a problem like this? To be honest, posting here feels pretty random. Maybe somebody sees it, maybe somebody doesn't. Took us about 3 hours to get any feedback that you knew about it.
  21. Thanks for the helpful replies, Frau Potter and Ben H. I wouldn't be concerned about logging my caches so much, (which I managed to get completed eventually) but I don't like leaving trackables unlogged for any longer than necessary.
  22. Another related question... can a moderator escalate a website bug report better than we can? Also are not some moderators also on the development team?
  23. Cute hamster reference, but are they aware of the problem? That is what people really want to know. The website tells us to direct problem reports here, but then we don't get any confirmation that the post has been read by anybody that can make a difference.
  24. Does anybody know if it is OK to use the Report function here to notify a mod about a website problem? I'd sure at least like to know they know about this.
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