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  1. .22 shells are pretty small, could be easily missed in a typical "let's hurry up and get our shift over" strip search. I have pulled them apart by hand before, took a while but it can be done with enough time. Once, when I was a teenager, I saw in a hunting magazine an article about using an old aluminum arrow to make a .22 bullet holder. Cut the end off and the bullets slip inside. I cut the arrow with a hacksaw, slid a 22 shell in. There was a bit of a burr on the edge, so the shell wouldn't come out. No problem, I just gave the arrow a flick- the bullet came right out. Hit the cement floor and BANG- scared the poop out of me. They are pretty safe for normal handling, but the edges of the rim are pretty soft- doesn't take much of a rap to set them off.
  2. You can check out this link: Wisconsin Geocachers Assosiation
  3. Have you tried updating the firmware? Just an Idea- the latest is 3.15.
  4. If you don't want the pictures in your profile you could get a photobucket account.
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    Gps V

    OOps! My Mistake- I forget that Pocket Queries are only available to premium members. I just tried- nope, .loc file won't work with CitySelect, but I can import pocket queries in .gpx format directly into it. They even show up as open or closed treasure chests, depending on if you have found it.
  6. Another Quirk I found with my GPS 315 is if the track log has been on for a while. Once the track gets long, I start getting odd readings. Once I set it down to average on a cache that I was placing, and it showed that it was moving, first 2mph, then slowly speeding up, when it got to 25mph and climbing I jumped on it before it got away. I clearted the track, and all was ok again.
  7. Docapi

    Gps V

    If you have the V, then you don't really need any software, the Cityselect software can accept pocket Query's directly. Gsak is an awesome program, too.
  8. I was laughing at a humorous comment, that's all, not claiming "victory" Jees.
  9. I would be ok with that, if it meant that I could get all the maps I need on the memory. Start it loading in the evening, the next morning it would be done. Never have to do it again. Better than spending an hour loading maps everytime I go to a different area, or not being able to use it on a long trip because I couldn't load all the maps I need. Of course, if it won't work, then it doesn't matter.
  10. Who are you quoting? Yourself? (not sarcasm- a serious question)
  11. No. Event caches get logged on event pages, regular caches get logged on their cache page. No. Only caches found at the event, as part of the event, are ok to log, and only on the event page. By the rules, yes. If the pizza party is listed as an event then it is ok to log it. My personal opinion is if there is no cache, then there should be no log, but that is my personal opinion only. At the campout there was 3 days of activities, a WGA meeting, and a pancake breakfast. Some people would feel that these were all loggable. I didn't even log that I attended, only the caches that I found, not the event itself. MMB, If I was truly alone in my opinion, then we wouldn't be having the discussion. The WGA would not have advocated logging the caches, and there would be nothing to discuss. I just appear to be one of the few that is ornery, stubborn, and thick skinned enough to take the abuse and keep on going.
  12. LOL! Good One! I think it is pretty clear where he moves from his personal opinion of the practice, and his official stance.
  13. Sounds exactly like his stance in the other thread. I think you missed the first paragraph in that post you just quoted: (emphasis added) So, 1. He choses not to make rules against it. and 2. He leaves it up to the cache owner to decide.
  14. That post was related to a different situation. He has stated, even on this thread, that it it allowed. He said he thinks it is "stupid" and later referred to it as "selfish", but not that it is considered abuse.
  15. Quote from TPTB in: According to that, you can, if the caches are part of a listed event, and the logs are on the event page.
  16. No, because I only search for caches found through this website.
  17. My numbers mean something to me, too. They are connected to me. When I look at my nickname, there are numbers that represent what I have done in this arena. That is a reflection on ME. And I also care that what is represented is accurate and honest. Traditional Caches* 37 Event Caches* 56- notice it say "EVENT CACHES, Not "EVENTS ATTENDED" Travel Bug Dog Tags 3 *Total Caches Found 93 That is an ACCURATE representation of WHAT I HAVE DONE. I have found 37 traditional caches, and 56 event CACHES. If I hadn't logged the event caches the way I did, then it WOULD be innacurate. And I don't care about how others do it. Cuz I am not in competition with those others.
  18. Maybe I am misunderstanding you, but it seems that now you are saying that we shouldn't have placed the caches at all, even though we had permission from the park? All because somebody else might do it without permission? I'm sorry, I don't follow that logic. By that logic, we wouldn't be able to place any caches, anywhere, because somebody might not follow the rules.
  19. I have an issue that I need some advice on. There are 2 people that I worked with at my last institution that were both Geocachers. Sadly, they have both passed away, 1 to cancer, and another in a car accident. They both have active caches still out there, and I would hate to see them get archived because they are unavailible to respond to e-mails. The problem is twofold: First, they are not around to "give" the cache to me. I don't know how the cache adoption process works, but From other threads I am under the impression that the owner has to give you the cache. Second, at least 3 of the 7 caches in question are well out of state, I would not be able to do any on-site maintanence. I would at least be available to answer e-mails and keep an eye on it. One of them is a virtual, and requires a code word to be e-mailed for a log, right now, there is obviously no way to get a comfirmation for the find. What can or should I do?
  20. LOL! A lot of popcorn after my last post! Was it really that harsh? I didn't mean it that way, if it came across like that, I apologise. In my searches of the archives, the reasoning that I found mentioned several times for the temp caches being disallowed was that it was because of the bandwidth/approver issues. It appears that those statements were wrong, so I withdraw that argument. As far as the question of "why not make the caches permanent" the reason for that is quite simply that we couldn't. The park that we held the event would not allow us to leave the caches after the event. It was a WI state park, the WI DNR currently does not allow caches in state parks (We are working on that, with some success). They were very gracious in allowing us to hold the event there, and let us place the temporary caches, but they had to be remove immediately after the event. I am sure that we would have loved to make some or all of them permanent caches, but that option was not available. As far as the caches being bad caches (buried, etc) I would have to believe that the odds of the caches, at least at this event being bad are less than the odds of a regular cache being bad. They are at an event with several approvers actually involved in the placing process, not just going off the information on the cache page. With 150+ cachers- including several approvers, WGA members, and WGA board members in attendance any cache placed contrary to the rules would get shot down pretty quickly. Edit: I just re-read my last post again. What did I say to cause all the popcorn?
  21. We are not talking about buried caches, or caches that are otherwise unallowable. The only reason that these caches could not be listed individually is because they are temporary, and the only reason that temporary caches are not allowed to be listed is because of the burden on the approvers and bandwidth, not because there is anything wrong with the caches themselves. If the logic is that we should not log them because of the 1% chance that there is some other event that might have hid a buried or otherwise frowned upon cache, then by that logic all caches of any type should be disallowed, since there is that same 1% of regular caches that are buried, or on private property, or just plain stink. Many people are not "buying" the arguments against the practice either. The WGA, with 780 members obviously aren't.
  22. I jsut did some searches. I couldn't find any instances where it said that logging miltiple finds at an event was not allowed. I did, however, find a few instances where it was clearly stated by TPTB that it iis allowed: Guidelines for events and again here Quote from TPTB in those threads:
  23. Oh, so the software itself comes with 2 unlock codes. I knew I got 2 codes with the packaged CitySelect software in my V, I assumed that the 2 codes were part of the package. So no codes for the topo software? That is good to know
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    Ifinder Go

    Did anybody ever figure out if you could upload waypints to these things?
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