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  1. (pre-disclaimer- I am doing this fore a reason, not to be a pain) Because it
  2. I feel that this is a very valid reason for not approving the event. Since it was submitted only 5 days befor the event, and it takes up to 10 days for the listing to be sent out, that means that the listing would not be sent out for up to 5 days after the event is over. Only the people at the other event would know about it before it happens, so the argument that "many people were denied the opportunity because, without a cache listing, they weren't aware of it" is invalid, because they likely wouldn't have known about it either way unless thay were part of the group at the previous event. Also, in the Texas thread I see the approver being called "pompous a**" Pompous" (again) "annoying" and compared to the "soup Nazi" and accused of "thumping the Geo-Bible" His offense? using the term "clique" and refusing to approve an event that is well beyond the time limit for approval, and the listing would likely not come out until after the event was over. Now, I don't know the history with this approver, and it sounds like there have been a lot of problems in the past, but as an unbiased outsider, as far as this particular case goes, I think y'all need to get a grip.
  3. I e-mailed customer service, since I had unlocked mine on May 30- 2 days before the release date. They mailed me back and told me that I would get the upgrade for free.
  4. If you mean longest distance between stages, This oneSeems to have some pretty long didtances, depending on the exact adventure you are given. Foer most stages This onenear me has 45 caches, with a code in each that is neede to find the final for 46 caches totel.
  5. Is it just me, or did they change the name? It is now called City Navigator, not cityselect. Or am I missing something?
  6. Aw, man- youve got to be kidding me! I just checked the properties on my v6: Created: Monday, May 30, 2005, 9:52:29 PM 26 hours!!!
  7. The 300 was the same thing as the GPS Pioneer. They were, if I remember right, 2 channel receivers. The 315 was their first 12 channel receiver. It was also called a 320, same thing but geared towards avaiation. With the 315/320 they also went to .mmm instead of .mm, and with firmware upgrades you could get it to read out in feet once you got closer than .01 miles.
  8. The 10 for $22 is just the shipping charge. The cans are $3.98 each. So just over 6 bucks apiece.
  9. Because if they had to specifically state every possible scenario that a person might possibly come up with in an effort to circumvent the guidelines, then the guidelines would end up being so long and detailed that nobody would bother reading it. Sure, you can take any rule or guideline and twist it around enough to make it seem to be something different than it is, but that doesn't mean that anybody else is going to fall for it. The guidelines are written at face value- read them that way any you won't have any problems. I gotta ask- you aren't a defense attorney, are you?
  10. If I understand right, you are talking about a 2 step multi where the first stage would have the Coordinates to the final. The final would move around, and the coordinates would be updated in the first stage. I guess that I would look at it that since the 2nd stage that would actually have to be logged, then that is the actual cache, therefore the cache would be a traveling cache. Also, I beleive I have seen it stated on several occasions that each step of a multi has to fit the guidelines. In this case, the second step would not meet the guidelines because it is moving.
  11. How do you know how fast you are going if you never take your eyes off the road to look at you speedometer? I think the car companies should be sued for not making the speedometers have voice readouts!!!
  12. That is not quite accurate. The Preferences allow you to determine your average speed for the type of road:
  13. Make sure it is a geocacher first by giving The Sign Sometimes cell phone users hide their activities by pretending to be geocachers
  14. What good would sending an E-mail to an anonymous username do until you know who the real person is behind that username? All sending an e-mail would do is alert the "suspect" that the police are looking for him. Exactly, it would take some time, that is why they said they are looking for the person responsible. Until they find the person that is what they are doing. I have never see a cache with the cache owner's real name or personal contact info other than E-mail addresses, usually just their username, and maybe an E-mail address. Until they have an actual name and home address, they don't know who it is.
  15. Ebay listings right now: Ique M5 3200- BIN Buy it now for $355. Includes auto mount, 12v charger and Cityselect software. 3600
  16. You might want to check out the Magellan Explorist 5 or 600 as well. Auto routing, color screens, SD capability on both of them.
  17. For a garmin unit, the Mapsource programs are your only choice. They are the only programs that will work in a garmin. For Street maps, Cityselect is the top of the line (I thnk it is the only one with autorouting, but I could be wrong) No topo maps though.
  18. That may be the case, but at least your butt will be covered if it happens. If it happens, and the police track you down, it would be a whole lot better for you if you are able to say "I had permission- call so and so and they will tell you they gave me permission to place the cache there" That is a whole lot better than "Nobody told me I couldn't put it there" If you have permission, you have done your part. You can't help if the person that gave you permission failed to let the rest of the staff know about it.
  19. At least they got that part right for a change. I have seen caches that got stolen by muggles referred to as being muggled. If I remember right, that is how the term was first used, later on being caught by non-cachers was also referred to as being muggled. The article was about specifically using pocket PC's as GPS'es, not GPS in general, so in the context of the article they were accurate by saying you could use an integrated device. Edit: I type too slow!
  20. OK, here is the entire paragraph- The same technician that made the quote that you are using to support your theory made the recomendation. Those were his words- regardless of wheteher is was a direct quote or not. When I had my training, the same question came up, with the same answer. It is relatively easy to make a device to fire the ammunition- a lot tougher to make the ammunition itself. We were shown some of the "zip" guns that had been found in the system- pretty amazing what they can come up with.
  21. You only posted the parts of that report that support your opinion- here are some more quotes from the same report: That was the next sentence after your quote. From the conclusions listed at the end of the report. I agree that without something (like a gun, but not neccesarily an actual gun) to direct the force in one direction, the range and potential danger are reduced, but any explosion is dangerous. Look at all the people hurt by fireworks every year- and those are cased in paper, not brass.
  22. LOL, Seeing as how (at least in my state) the officers don't carry guns, that first scenario would be pretty unlikely
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