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  1. Acording to the small print on the manual for my new FRS radios, channels 1-7 are GMRS channels. You have to have the liscense to use these channels. 8-14 are the FRS channels that do not require a liscense.
  2. Heh, I reported it, too. I wonder how many reports they got on that guy! I see that the majority of the feedback list is "not a registered user" now. Looks like they followed the trail a little and found that all of them were fraudulent accounts.
  3. This one is beyond fishy. If you look at the feedback of the people in the feedback list, you will find that about a dozen different accounts all bid and won auctions from each other. The auction descriptons are all gibberish, and were low dollar auctions. Then, all dozen accounts left positive feedback for all of the other accounts on the same day, and nearly the same time, many of the comments being gibberish. Then suddenly a high dollar auction pops up, with a perfectly formatted description. I see that somebody won the auction. I hope I am wrong, but I am willing to bet they just got ripped off for a good chunk of change.
  4. If it is a Brown or Grizzly bear, then it is best to play dead. If it is a Black Bear, fight it with whatever means you have. Most Grizzly or Brown bear attacks are defensive in nature, playing dead removes the reason for attacking. Nearly all fatal Black Bear attacks were for food. Playing dead just tells them that it is time to settle down to dinner.
  5. Last year’s 9 day deer season was cloudy and raining all 9 days. That would definitely explain these results. That makes sense as well. Probably 70% of hunters only hunt on the weekends. Also, hunter densities are highest at those times. Also logical- I am actually surprised it was this low. After all, most hunting is done in the woods. This is a problem when the overall numbers of incidents are so low- the numbers are easily skewed. For example, the percentages for the year before were 58% deer and only 3% squirrel, quite different that the next year. These statistics seem somewhat contradictory- all hunters born after Jan 1, 1970 (32 years old last year) are required to have taken and passed a hunter’s safety course before they are allowed to buy a hunting liscense. Another example of taking statistics from such a small group. Also, the 12-17 group is typically the least likely to be involved in an accident. The previous year’s report the 12-17 year old group tied for the lowest percentage with the 20-29 group and the 30-39 group at 6% each. 40-49 group, 50-59 group, and the 60+ group accounted for 64% of incidents. I am also not sure that 54% quite constitutes a "vast majority" That is why orange is so important. The most common “excuse” used is that they were swinging on game and the victim was in the line of fire when the trigger was pulled. That orange sure does make it easier to see out of the corner of your eye- it sticks out enough that you will often see it even when you are concentrating on the deer. First of all, It sounds like you needed to find a different "hunting" camp. Second, I can go into nearly any tavern on any night and find people that are drinking, many more than they should. The majority of these people will be driving home. Using this "proof" would it be fair of me to say that "drivers are all drunks"? In ANY group of people, you are going to have some bad apples. It is patently unfair to judge a whole group on the activities of a few bad apples.
  6. The fact that it made national news shows that it is rare enough to be newsworthy, not a common occurence. Not like a drunken driving accident, for example, which MIGHT make the local paper, if that. Yes, it is possible for there to be an accident, but the statistics show that it is more likely that you will be killed in an accident on the way there than to be killed by a hunter once you are there. Did you see the stats I posted? in the last 2 years, 1.3 Million liscenses sold, and exactly 0 accidents involving non-hunters. Heck, Statistically, Geocaching itself is more dangerous than being in the woods during hunting seasons- a quick search of the forums shows many cases where geocachers were injured (even killed) while looking for a cache.
  7. Somebody was asking for some statistics, so I did a little research on last years hunting seasons in WI: There were 644,000 resident Gun Deer liscenses sold last year- this does not include other hunting liscenses or non-resident liscenses. There were a total of 41 incidents defined as: "that in which a person is injured by the discharge of a hunting firearm or bow and arrow outside of the home and arising from the activity of hunting, including travel to and from the hunting field." This gives a accident rate of 6 per 100,000 hunters (double the year before) or .006% Of those 41 incidents: 2 were fatal (1 was self inflicted) Overall: 59% shotguns, 34% rifles, 3% bows. 31% were self inflicted 93% of 2 party incidents were members of the same hunting party 68% of 2 party incidents the victim was NOT wearing orange I could find No examples of a non-hunter being involved in any of the incidents. Numbers for the 2003 season were much the same, no non-hunters that year, either. 2004 WI hunting accident report
  8. Afraid that is all I can say on that post without getting myself banned Anybody else notice the irony in this? OT: I can't speak for other states, but in Wisconsin it would be a good idea to wear some orange during the gun deer and turkey seasons. Actually, during the 9 day gun deer season, it would be best to just stay out of the hunting areas altogether. With 500,000 hunters in the woods it is pretty much impossible to be in the woods without getting in the hunters way. The rest of the seasons I wouldn't worry about. Unless you can fly, it is unlikely that you could be mistaken for a duck and small game seasons are hunted so lightly that it would be rare to run into a hunter. Bowhunters, due to the limitations of their weapon, have to take their time and be sure of their targets before shooting at close range.
  9. A laptop would work, not sure if that is what you are looking for.
  10. The OT section is only visible to premium members. It is about 95% spam.
  11. I agree that the law itself, while stupid, is not discriminatory. However, when the people that made the law say that they want the police to enforce it for some people and not for others, that would be discriminatory. What "common sense" are the police suposed to use? Is it based on their way of dressing? Whether they are male or Female? Race? What? It sounds to me like they wanted to keep certain "types" out of the park, and knew they could never pass a law with those restrictions, so they passed a blanket ban and hoped the police would do the profiling for them. My guess is that the LEO in this case decided to put the ball back in their laps.
  12. The only way you would ever have to make the choice between the 2 is if the Girl gave you an ultimatum. In that case, I would choose caching- it isn't like it is a destructive thing like excessive drinking or drug use. Any girl that forced you to choose between her and a wholesome, healthy hobby like Geocaching isn't the kind of girl you want anyways.
  13. The problem with the urban legends is that People beleive them. The "cell phones blow up gas stations" legend is a good example. A bogus story circulated around the internet for a while, and all the gas station managers beleive it. It has been proven time and time again that it has never happened, and it is not even possible for it TO happen, yet nearly every gas pump I see still carries a sticker banning cell phone use near the pumps. I even had it happen once where my cell rang, and when I answered it the attendant killed all the pumps and SCREAMED at me over the PA system. I spoke to her when I went in, explained that it was nothing but a myth, but her response was "I am not going to get blown up because of a moron like you!" All the explaining in the world, with all the facts in the world were not going to make her beleive any different, because she "read it on the internet"- we all know if it in the internet it must be true, right? The problem with these articles is the same- Every time an article comes out mentioning "buried caches" or "digging up" caches the people that tread the article will beleive it to be true. It will be nearly impossible to get them to beleive otherwise. After all, they read it on the internet- so it must be true, right?
  14. True, the 19mb can be a drawback. I tend to forget about that- I live in a relatively rural area, so I can get about 120 miles in any direction in that 19mb. All I usually need. I can see where it would be more of a problem for those in more metro areas.
  15. I have to agree, it does seem a little pointed, especially with the smiley attached to the sentence, but I wouldn't worry about it. Either you are misinterpreting the comment, or it is a dirty little dig by one of the many self- appointed "log police". Either way, it isn't your problem. You found it first, hence, you are "FTF"- you were perfectly legit in claiming it, especially since the others backed you on it.
  16. GeoDoughs, Unless you really like spam mail, I suggest you change or remove your E-mail address from your post. just replace the @ with (at). There are bot programs that do nothing but look through all of the forums on the web for the express purpose of harvesting e-mail addresses that are posted to make spam mailing lists. By changing the @ to (at), the bots don't recognize it as an address. To get OT, I also will put in a vote for GSAK/Cachemate. They are truly great programs, well worth the minimal cost.
  17. Garmin V, can be found for less than $200. Come with Cityselect, car mount, etc. Will do everything that you mentioned with the exception of voice commands- just gives beeps when the turn is coming up. One of the things that I really like is the fact that you can set the screen to horizontal for use on the dashboard, and then change it to vertical for handheld use.
  18. It appears that some people posting here failed to read the comments from Jeremy- If the person that submitted the event for approval submitted it as a geocaching seminar, and it truly was nothing more that a magellan sales pitch, then it is the person that lied to the Groundspeak representative that is in the wrong, not Groundspeak. If they did lie, then it IS against the guidelines, even if Groundspeak approved it. Groundspeak approved a geocaching seminar, not a sales presentation.
  19. I just pored through every one of your old posts hoping to find that one dumb comment that would win this contest. I was unsuccessful, because there are none! Every single one of the posts was insightful, intelligent, and has enriched my life immeasurably. I am a better person for having read all of your posts. You, sir, are of a higher caliber than any other person I have ever met. Thank you for being you.
  20. Just out of curiosity, I just checked all the caches for the state of Wisconsin- I remember hearing that there was approximately 80 WJTB given out for distribution in WI out of those 80 Jeeps, There are 15 showing in cache pages. out of those 15: 3 are in event pages, so they are unavailable, leaving 12 in actual caches. Of those 12 caches, 8 have logs saying that the Jeep is missing, leaving 4. Of those 4, one is in an archived cache, leaving a whopping 3 out of 80 that MIGHT be still in the caches- that is unless they have been stolen already and nobody has mentioned it in their logs. I wonder what other areas are like?
  21. like this. I was gonna do it all in one word posts like I see happen all the time in the forums without flood control, but I didn't want to sit in front of the computer for 1/2 hour for 1 real post. It can get really annoying when some goofball decides to boost his all-important post count by posting 50 or 100 one word posts in a row. This took me close to 10 minutes the way it was. Without flood control, I could have done it one word at a time in about a minute. You don't need it as much for topics because you have to enter a topic, a subject, and then the post- it kinda has the same effect as fllod control in itself.
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