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  1. I wouldn't mind in the least if someone found my caches and if for some reason the log was soaking and they then replaced the log or put in a new piece of paper. I have done this in the past to help out the CO of any we have found that were wet through. If the cache was a micro and no room for more paper then I have taken the soaked log and put a new one in, then once home I email the CO to let them know what I have done, and if needed I would post on the log. so far no one has asked me to post on a log, I know I would't want them back :-) I have had emails back thanking me for doing a spot of maintenance on their cache. it all helps to hopefully keep the game moving along.
  2. I take it you mean you brought the TB home and not the cache we were out at a cache this morning doing just that ….dropping off a TB. We had already visited the cache a while back, and have since Adopted the cache. I dropped the TB in the cache and logged it as such on the TB page. And also put a note on the cache page that we were dropping off a TB
  3. Thank you. Yes I had thought about a note once it was enabled, Just couldn't work out if we could put the TB in at same time. Many thanks
  4. Many thanks. We will enable it tomorrow once cache in place. So i will place the Tb in it at same time. Thanks again.
  5. You don't have to wait for the cache to be reviewed. If you have submitted the cache but not enabled it, you can drop the TB into the cache.
  6. I will try and word this so it makes sense Ok……….. we have a new cache all ready to hopefully be placed tomorrow at some point, just waiting on the paint drying. I have a TB I picked up from another cache, DH said we could put it into the new cache (tomorrow). Now obviously I would need to wait until the cache is reviewed, my question is……can we place the TB into the container at the time we hide the cache and then wait for the cache to be reviewed. then hopefully once reviewed and ok I should be able to log the TB as in it.? (which it will be inside the cache container already) Does this make sense to you all? many thanks.
  7. We did,a cache a few weeks back , I thought it sounded familiar when DH decided to put it onto the GPS. Sure enough it was fifteen months ago that we found it. I managed to find my log in the book when we went along to it again. But I did log it online when we got home and backdated it.
  8. I wonder if any of theTb's I have adopted will make their way to you. they are MIA. Mind you I read a few times that folk write "took TB" on the log page online and they think that is it, all done and dusted! so there is no mention of the TB in the cache, or it states there is one there and when you go along there aren't any. it would be nice it this helps get some back into circulation. Nice idea.
  9. Yes it is different if you are in a group for signing, there are just the 2 of us Mr AB isn't a real cacher though but he does come in handy if the cache is too high or in a dark place Oh and he is always saying "lets me see the gps'". So i think he is a closet cacher.
  10. I have read logs online where folk have said they could see it but it was too busy with muggles etc but they log it as a find online anyway without having got to the container . I only log a find online if I have physically had the cache in my hand, or like you say if the log is too wet etc then I will log it as a find. So far I have always managed to put initials or my name in a log in the container or placed another log or piece of paper into the log . So in answer to your post, if I could not get to the cache container then I would not log it online as a find.
  11. Re my post at top. We had met the CO by chance yesterday whilst we were doing his chirp one He gave us a hint to the cache one we couldn't find earlier. So after the chirp one back we go and still couldn't find the cache, it is there because he checked on his way back. We must have had thick heads on yesterday. In saying that........today in Glasgow we had a great caching/challenge time.
  12. Our friends whom we meet up with once a year, are cachers. So about 2 years ago in York they showed us how to do a virtual, then how to find the caches, i didn't have a gps at that time. But came home, bought a secondhand gps from Ebay, to see if i would really like the game. Used it for about a year, got a new better one last christmas and as they say " the rest is history" love the game.
  13. Lol yes i forgot to say they wrote "nice easy find". Oh well.....hopefully another day. :lol. Yes we got one that they didn't get. But in their defence the hint had to be changed today so they didn't have the new hint just the old one.
  14. Straight after you have spent wayyyyyyyyy too long searching for the very same one, not once but twice!. As happened today grrrrrr.
  15. i also sign in order if possible but then that is how i like to do that, plus i try to use as little space as possible, unless the log is full and then i have to sign over another signature, but if this happens i always state that on my log online once back home as, "no room and had to sign over someone else's". but i now carry spare logs to help out if i can at caches. what bugs me is someone saying 'no room to sign' but the other side of the log roll is empty!
  16. Yes i heard it. I emailed in to say we were out caching this morning lol. He didn't read it out though but I was on talking text last week and then he read out my email last Thursday, so maybe he thinks i am stalking him
  17. Pet peeve! When someone logs 'Left TB'. But it isn't in the cache container, and they think that's it done and dusted. Or you get to a cache in the hope of picking up a TB to move on (as it is listed as in it) but no tb's at all there.
  18. Our 11yr old granddaughter came in handy the other month when we were down visiting She likes to geocache and as soon as i read out the hint when we took her into town for try a couple caches, she said "bell entry". (Hint) and was at the cache before we had chance to comment And when we have read logs online of something along the lines of "our 3 year old found it" there is never a 3 year old about when you are struggling to find a cache
  19. I have adopted 2 or 3 TB's, but they were already missing then, even emailing the caches who's "hands they are in" hasn't resulted in even a reply. But they may have given up on geocaching, so there is hope for my adopted TB's then when I read of others resufacing after many months/years.
  20. Opening up a log to find that some cachers have scrawled their name across several lines/spaces when it would have fitted onto one line, i try to use up as little space as possible when signing to save space. Or seeing a "NM as the log is full".........but the otherside is a complete blank!
  21. Oh many a time I have looked at something and said " that can't be it" and move on, only to go back to it after half an hour searching and find that it is it.
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