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  1. Again thanks for help and hints etc. Since my last posting I have spoken to Rose & Thistle and yehhhhhh they are meeting up with us tomorrow night and going to help me, and check my gps that I doing/setting it up correctly. Apparently there is one amost across the road from our house so I may have a look tomorrow if I can. Watch this space ! I may even manage a posting soon that I found a cache again many thanks all.
  2. Thank you both for taking the time to answer my plea. I am in Ayr, Scotland UK so the ones i am looking for are local to here. Even the one in town with a huge statue which I found going by the clue i am struggling with, I wondered around and around stood still and still no joy. What a wally I am!! The statue is The Royal Fusilier and I think that is the name of the cache heading. I am using a Garmin Etrex. thank you
  3. Where am i going wrong? All I want to do is find a cache of my very own. ok I know some are micro and I have helped a friend in York with these ones. Yes I know i need to start bigger first but I am trying local to me first. Honestly I cannot find any, I have tried umpteen and too affronted to tell you all how many I have the correct cords in the gps but it just seems to take me one place and I think this is it then it takes me somewhere else and this is supposed to be the same cache, to say i am disappointed is putting it mildly. Even last night I know where there is one in town and I must admit it was funny in the dark running our hands along the area where it told us to look minding to look for muggles and yes its a micro I think but thought it was worth a stab in the dark literally! arggggggg
  4. It's an garmin Etrex. message reads.............Ready to Navigate, accuracy 25metres thank you 25m is not very good. It is probably better than that. Give it a try and see if you can find a cache. If you want to know the true accuracy, try to find a benchmark; or you can find a fixed location every day for a few days and see if it gives you similar readings each time. I tried yesterday and today to find a cache 3 different ones no joy oh well will need to keep at it.
  5. It's an garmin Etrex. message reads.............Ready to Navigate, accuracy 25metres thank you
  6. I am having problems trying to locate cache. When i switch on the gps and when I get the signal there is a message at the top of the screen about accuracy how do i get a more accurate indicator since it seems to change even when standing still. I (we) are so new to this. So any help much appreciated thank you
  7. when the google car came down our road i remember saying to the neighbour I was talking to at that moment "Oh the google car" then I had to explain to her what that was, Lo and behold when I looked a few months later at street view there we both are leaning over the garden wall laughing at something and my lovely (now deceased) border collie is also in the pic lying in our front garden.
  8. I live in Ayr Scotland and don't have a brain!! 3 caches today and didn't find one!! this is my first day though.
  9. Thank you very much for all the info everyone.
  10. Thank you all. Out of 3 I tried today my total was a bit fat NIL !! but onwards and upwards. I think they were micro's Hubby reckons we hadn't set the GPS up acruately we were something like 17-18mtrs from the cache, oh well I will keep trying, plenty of fresh air in Ayr anyway lol I will look at the link you gave me as well. Many thanks.
  11. Thank you all. out of 3 today my total was a great big NIL but onwards and upwards, I think they were micro's but I wanted some near to where we live. We trolled along a street and i am sure we must be on CCTV in the town! we were up and down a street. We think we hadn't set the gps up accurately, so hubby has changed "something" on it lol But I will fins a cache yet! :-)
  12. But will try again. I tried for my very first cache this morning along the river Ayr. No Joy but will try again. Off in to Ayr to try one this afternoon and dragging hubby along Does talking to yourself come naturally whilst geocaching? thats what I was doing trying for the first one
  13. Many thanks. Can't wait. But I need to lol
  14. My GPS arrived about half an hour ago yehhhhhhh heyyyyyyy This has cheered me up as I have felt unwell since i got up but now i feel almost 100 % better and I want to play outside but need other half to help me set it up coz I am rubbish so need to wait till later
  15. ooooooooops many thanks. The owner who placed it knows as i saw that on the log page. thanx again
  16. I had a wander around a small park in Glasgow yesterday afternoon, although I am still waiting on my GPS arriving I thought i would look up one that looked kind of easy and have a go with the clues only, for this one. But on checking on here yesterday morning before leaving to visit our daughter I read that it had been taken by someone. We still decided to walk around the park to try and get an idea of where it would have been hidden and think I saw where it would have been, a sad world that some folk want to spoil fun for others. Hopefully this cach will be place back eleswhere and once I have my GPS I can play for proper
  17. Many thanks everyone. Yes they were little film canisters covered in black tape which in turn covered the magnet. I am slowly learning
  18. I am reading up as much as my little brain will take in on geocaching, before my GPS arrives. Is a nano a magnectic cach? I helped a friend with one last week, well in fact 2 and they were magnectic. She let me place the cach back once it she had logged in. I felt quite spy like making sure no one was looking etc.
  19. Hi yes I am...............I keep forgetting my way around the forum I will have a look many thanks
  20. What is TFP ? please. oh I have such a lot to learn can my little brain take it all in ? ooooooooops TFL slip of the finger
  21. What is TFP ? please. oh I have such a lot to learn cab my little brain take it all in ?
  22. It isn;t a new one as I wanted to be sure I would do this, an Etrex. i know my friends in Lincoln have this one as we were with them last week in a meet up in York, so we helped with finding caches there. I know where one is local so i may try that one first. Not too sure of putting my hand inside a hole in a log though but I will be brave (I think) can't wait now.
  23. So I am wandering about the web site getting to grips with it as well as all the jargon. I can't wait to go out and play once it arrives. I know there are a number of caches about here so that is where I will start and on the (hopefully0 easy ones.
  24. off to read it now many thanks
  25. I know what TFTC stands for, I learnt that last week from friends when they wrote in the logs. I think I know what a "muggle" is This is going to be fun
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