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  1. 1. From a friend in Arizona, who loves to browse the internet and find new things. 2. Bear Wallow, Sedona Arizona. Four of us with one GPS (which we really did not know how to use) hiked up a trail, and stopped right next to the tree where the cache was. 3. No bad or scarry experiences. But there have been times when I wondered why I was driving down this so called road! 4. Travel! It is amazing the places you end up at while looking for geocaches. 5. At 4800/100 I guess I hunt more. I would hide more but it's hard coming up with places to do so. 6. Favorite cache place? Hard to choose from so many. so, a generic type answer. Cemeteries. Caches placed in or at cemeteries have been some of the most interesting. They offer a tremendous sense of tranquility. Beautiful vistas, usually. A wonderful open history book. Time to stop and ponder. 7. Do not remember the name, but it was on the western side of the Phoenix metro area. Cache was in a wash, on the far side of a scrub field that was loaded with trash. So was the wash. A literal dump! 8. I have attended numerous events in several states. 9. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= December 28, 2006 by marc_54140 Veni, vidi, sivi. After hitting 3000 the end of April of this year I thought I'd slack off for a while. But then, here I am at 4000! Lots of trips along the way really added up. What a year. And it is all about the numbers - the friends you cache with, those new ones you meet, the miles you pile on the car, the places you go to, and the caches you find. Spent the last couple of weeks bringing my total up, and then picked this special place for the big event. Woke up this morning to blowing snow! The cache owner showed up to offer support, and laugh. He also mentioned he had 911 ready to speed dial on his cell phone. Team Wheezer provided the canoe. Goofy-2 took the photos here. Miata and Astro D (Kat) completed the crew. And a terrified crew at that! Despite being told the canoe was specially designed not to tip, they both were nervous. Got to the island without a mishap, and then could not find the ammo can! Well, I was told it was an ammo can! How many places could it be on this tiny island. 10. Photos? Well a few, here and there ..............
  2. It's always so easy to critize what someone else is doing. Why not go out caching instead of posting complaints? Don't Ruin It For Everyone Else.
  3. Puzzles caches. Might be as simple as working a suduko problem, or as difficult as an encrypted message. They are great brain exercisers!
  4. I second this request. Something different is needed, to be able to find something..... Can a TPTB entity comment on this?
  5. I read is as "I came, I saw, I left".
  6. I'm not a collector of coins, but of the pretty icons for my trackables list. But I know and meet quite a few collectors, and here is one scenario I think of: There is a cacher, let's call him Joe. He is well liked, and known, in the local caching community. He is also a coin stealer and hoarder. However, this is not known to anyone else. At least not yet ...... Sometime in the future Joe dies. His family finds this hoard of coins. What do they do with them? Perhaps they recongize them as geo-coins, and contacts another local cacher to ask what is to be done. Imagine the scene once this hoard of stolen coins becomes known to the local caching community. Imagine all the things the other cachers will say about Joe. Imagine the reputation he will take to his grave.
  7. marc_54140

    The Bobs

    Accessible by bus? Very unlikely, as they are scattered over a large area (perhaps 5 x 15 miles) and in mainly residential neighborhoods.
  8. My two units used to navigate the roads are Sheila and Nora. Other cachers in the area have Sylvia and Marie and Mabel. You know, the ladies are always telling us what to do, and we are not listening! No name for the handhelds. At least, not mine.
  9. I guess it is a good thing Wadcutter lives in Illinois, so he will not be at the breakfast.
  10. If you are not receiving anything in your e-mail, check to see if your account allows you to get zip files. If not, there is a box at the bottom of the query page to uncheck.
  11. Wow, my head is spinning! Could those of you who belong to the Cache Police please identifiy yourselves. That way I know who to avoid, I mean not play with, ahhh.... Well, you get the drift!
  12. Well, I'm glad geocaching does not require a literary essay for each cache I find. I tend to have a generic entry, and cut and paste it, especially on a big day (i.e., 40 + caches). Part of the problem is that there are alot of generic caches out there. They have nothing in particular to talk about. "Thanks, I found another one" is an appropriate log entry. The cache that gets a long entry is one I had to work at - either a puzzle, or a fascinating multi, or perhaps even an ingenious single stage hide. I see a lot of generic logs on my caches. Although they are a little irritating, some days, I accept them for what they are. I know somewhere along the way I'll be seeing a longer entry that says 'thank you' is a much more expressive manner. That's one of the reason I hide caches. To each their own .............cache the way you want to.
  13. "To me it is the courtesy of giving back. I have given up something taking the trouble to purchase and put out the cache (I spend around $20 to $30 a cache I reckon). I like back in return is for the cache to be found and the finders to log their find on the cache page. That way hopefully we both get something out of it ... Not a big ask in my view. A way of saying thanks." I have to disagree. There is nothing engraved in stone saying a finder must log, either in the cache or on-line. That is part of geo-caching - it's the search and find that counts, not the logging. Yes, I know it's nice to see what people write, what they think of the cache, etc. And yes, there may have been some considerable expense on the part of the hider - I spent nearly $300 on one cache - but I see that as more satisfaction for the hider than the finder, or at least in some cases. If you hide a cache, it's out there for whoever wants to do whatever. Generally, it will be a cacher who hunts it, and logs it. There will always be some who do not fit the mold. Leave them be, get on with your own life.
  14. Around a month ago I requested and received 2 'My Finds' PQs. Now the last two attempts have been unsucessful. My e-mail server does not allow ZIP files, so I request all my PQs un-zipped. I thought perhaps the My Finds PQ adopted the same formet, but maybe not. Any ideas?
  15. Just plotted your caches on streets & trips. Nice cluster out there. Keep them active. I'll try and get to them next year, on a trip to CO. And I'm sure other's will as well.
  16. One current theory around Wisconsin is that newbies are picking up TBs without knowing what they are, and not logging them, and then wandering off to other activities with the TBs laying around the house somewhere. So, they are in TB hell.
  17. One cacher in Wisconsin has a TB number and log tatooed on her ankle. Her destination remains unknown at the present. 5'5", 125 lbs?
  18. That's a great idea. I would purchase one or two. So, sales, what do you say?
  19. I think this thread should be closed, as I see it creating more criticism (in this case, bad) than good karma. .
  20. With all the discussions (arguments?) going on about banning micros, not doing this, or logging that, I decided to throw in my two cents worth about a topic I wonder about. And realizing this might add time to the cache approvers routine, here goes .... How many times have you looked at a cache page and found: 1. mispellings 2. hints that are not hints 3. long list of cache contents 4. capital letters 5. wrong icon / cache type 6. elaborate and probably unnecessarily long narratives 7. photos 8. info repeated over and over 9. 'this is our first cache' I take the Forrest Gump approach - the less said the better.
  21. Geo-caching is not about literary skills. It's about finding things. If you have made a good hide, or if the cacher likes something about it, he/she will say so. Otherwise, ............
  22. I have found out that my e-mail service - Excite - is currently blocking Zip files due to a virus threat.
  23. Thanks, Keystone. Marc
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