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  1. The cover of Time Magazine next, The Geocacher of the year issue!!! Congrats John.
  2. CONGRATULATION !!!!! on your 500TH at Mulder's Farewell Gathering GCT9HV 2/23/06. This will be a memorable milestone that you shared with so many fellow Geocachers at this gathering. Congrats!!!!!
  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your 300TH cache at "Flirting With Nature" GCJ40E...Now on to the next cache!!!! Best Wishes, Old Navy & Family...
  4. CONGRATULATIONS John & Quoddy on you 1000th find!!!!!, I'm sure you will have lasting memories of your 1000th cache at Stokes State Forest Petroglyph Trail Challenge, in 10 degree weather!!! I wish I could have joined you in the group hike...Now on to the Next 1000!!!
  5. CONGRATULATIONS Kane on reaching your 300th find on Valentines's Day 2/14/06 at Seward's Folly (GCM1K6), Now on to the next 300 !!!
  6. What a super FTF surprise awaited at the Memories of Mulder Cache, GCTAEM . The cache was placed in memory of Helmut Mueller of Skully and Mulder et al. Helmut was one of New Jersey's first geocachers and influenced many others with his caches throughout New Jersey, unfortunately he was taken from is family and friends at 43 yrs. The FTF page was left blank in memory of this special person, so I logged in the FTF/STF page. The prize I received was a A Magellan SportTrak Map GPS, an appropriate gift left by his friends in his memory. I will always remember this special fellow geocacher every time I pick up the GPS and navigate through life.
  7. I like #1, and the coin design itself is really nice, both front and back!!. If you have a list, please add me in for two. Thanks.
  8. CONGRATULATIONS Brian & Deb.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Our Prayers and sincere condolences to Helmut's family. you will be sadly missed but not forgotten by your Gocaching Family....Rest in peace.
  10. WOW, they went in about 30 seconds!!!!!!!!!. Mine went through, but paypay was really slow, luck of the draw I guess...
  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. WOW, Congrats Paul, Keep up the good Hunt!!!
  13. Hey, Congrats Mark, Nice to actually get out their in the north Woods with you and Kane and do a little Geocaching......Even if we did have to use our GPS's to find our way back to the car. Looking forward to joining you on another hunt. Regards, John
  14. Scenic Madison, Morris County, NJ
  15. Great idea, I emailled a note. Thanks.
  16. Please add me in for three (3) coins, nice design. Thanks, Old Navy
  17. Yes, even without those "leaves of Three" is still there waiting to get all us geocachers.....watch out for the vines.
  18. Every Town around the world has a Town Hall or administration building. These buildings sometime play a historistic role in the town. Some buildings may be simple while others have a grand architecture style. Waymarks could be placed telling about the Town Hall building, when the town was established, and a brief history of the town.
  19. Great Idea, I know there are many location around the USA.... I have even come across totem poles in New England from local tribes. This category woud be fun and should be considered.
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