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  1. OOOOHHHH I know how to get rid of that curse! At the next full moon buy a bottle of Jaegermeister and go to your local Marktplatz. Then at exactly 2043 you must click your heels together 3 times and say "there's no place like home", then hop up and down on one foot and spin around counter clockwise 5 times while holding a broom. When someone asks you what you are doing you must say "und jetzt die annanas tanz" which is the secret saying that will banish the curse forever! The Jaegermeister is to drink later to celebrate the banishing of the curse! Edited to add translation: "und jetzt die annanas tanz" means "and now the pineapple dance".
  2. I know now that he is a she and I did meet her. I am unimpressed with her total since I found this link. Everyone is making such a big deal about her number of finds. I just bite my toungue! I still consider myself new with only 1 month and 24 finds under my belt, but at least I know I signed the log and I log each DNF as well.
  3. I still use an antique camera too. When I have pics I want to spread around I go to Wal-Mart and use one of the DIY Kodak scanners and put them on a cd. I have only been very pleased with the out come. When you and Paul get together maybe you can have a Geocaching themed wedding. Only put the coords on the invitations and get married somewhere on the AT. Trade items could be golf balls and McToys for wedding gifts, of course the log book would be a great guest book.
  4. About a year ago I worked for the Corps of Engineers in D.C. and one day someone called asking if we had a map of somewhere or another and I had to refer the caller to our office in VA. But after the phone call I thought I could probably find that map online because it was of some state park in Florida I think. So I did a search for a map of the area and found a link to a cache log. I looked at it and read some of the entries then I looked at other hides and other log entries and different types of caches, then I looked up how much a GPS would cost and I don't think I got any work done the rest of the day. I went home and told my husband and kids all about what I found. My kids looked at me like I was nuts (teenagers!) and my husband thought it sounded interesting. But I said a GPS was too expensive (I was looking at top of the line, but had no real clue), but wouldn't it be neat to try one day. Then a little while later I stumbled on the web site again, I had forgotten all about Geocaching by then and I was thrilled to find the site. I looked at caches in our area and logs and thought wouldn't it be fun one day when we can afford a GPS. Apparently my husband actually listens to some of the things I say becasue this Mother's Day he bought me a Garmin etrex Legend. I was totally surprised and we now have 14 finds logged and a few DNF's. My kids think we're wierd and have no interest in coming out with us. But that's okay it doesn't hurt me to have some alone time with my hubby in the woods. BTW since we've gotten ours, my daughter's boyfriend thinks his parents would love to go geocaching and he is considering buying one for his parents. Last night I talked to a very good friend of mine (I've known since kindergarten) and told her about the new hobby and she thought it sounded like a really cool thing to do and is very interested and she is looking at rearranging her schedule to come with us to the MGS picnic on Saturday.
  5. Yes, that would be the one. We get our own U.S. post office with a Pennsic War cancellation stamp for those 2 weeks too. Edited to add: we're new to Geocaching and not living in PA so I just thought I would suggest a place I knew could handle a crowd.
  6. I belong to another large hobby type organization and each year we put on a very large event at Cooper's Lake near Pittsburg PA. If there is a group in that area, I know Cooper's Lake can hold upwards of 10,000 people. Because they do each year in August for 2 weeks. I also know that cooperation from smaller groups all over the U.S. goes into hosting that event. Sometimes the person responsible for accepting reservations lives in the midwest, the person responsible for organising some of the activities may live in Canada. The point I'm trying to make is if everyone works together and responsibility is shared then it makes the gathering more satisfying and more people will be likely to attend because they feel they had a hand in helping with it. As long as lines of communication are open between groups and individuals resposible for each part there shouldn't be any major problems. Just a small thought on a large subject.
  7. Well we're coming up on our 1 month anniversary tomorrow and we have 14 finds. We never thought about setting a goal though. I think for now we'll just say our goal is to have fun whenever we go.
  8. How would Bob have known in the first place about a cache being there if he didn't talk to someone and ask what the heck they were doing? I seriously doubt anyone was going to dig up the infield, but he must have gotten info that there was a cache from somewhere. Maybe the cache stage wasn't hidden very well and Bob found it and made assumptions about people digging for it. Maybe someone dropped the printout from the cache page by accident and he read it and just made assumptions? Maybe someone totally new to Geocahing who doesn't understand wasn't being so discreet and Bob talked to him?
  9. April 21, 2004 by XXXX (9890 found) Yes that was me in the Jeep driving to within mere feet of the cache. I waved but no one noticed me. He put a smiley face on it. I went to his profile and looked at a few others and didn't notice any more, but I really don't want to waste a lot of my time policing his logs since he lives with what he posts, not me. This guy is in my area and will probably at an upcoming picnic, can't wait to meet him!
  10. We were doing a multi about a week ago in Maryland and part 2 was 2 wooden eggs with the next co-ords and they had teeth marks all over them. We ran into the cache owner doing maintenance and she said stage 2 used to be a little plastic birds nest with 2 plastic eggs, but something ripped it all to shreds so she replaced it with the 2 wooden eggs. Now I notice the cache is down for repairs. I think she is going to rehide stage 2 somewhere else. In our area of Maryland, I'm sure the animal she ticked off was nothing more than a squirrel. But if you tick off a squirrel bad enough he may start throwing his nuts at you.
  11. Thanks for the idea Kite or Hawkeye. I can make a little bubble wrap pouch for it so someone could take it out to look at it and I'll just be choosy about where I place it. I'll look for a well cared for dry cache. Edited to add: Hopefully once I place it and list it in the log, someone who wants it will pick it up so it won't sit for very long.
  12. T-bone- Please don't presume to know what I would think. Yes I would have felt the need to ask if I had a Star of David, a Pentagram, an Ahnk, a little Buhdda statue or anything that is of a religious nature. There are some places/sports/clubs where religious items are not appropriate and being new to Geocaching I didn't want to make enemies before I made friends. I agree, it is a shame I had to ask the question, but I am not ashamed for asking it. Many years ago I never would have thought someone would have been offended, but time have changed. Having consideration for others will never go the way of the dinosaurs.
  13. Thank-you all for replying. I will put the cross in with my other swag items that I usually leave in the car and don't realize it until I've gone too far to turn back. Maybe one day I'll find a cache to put it in and I'll remember to bring the pack.
  14. Now that I've been caching for about a month everytime I look in a drawer or some other place where house junk seems to gather I find small things I think would make good swag. Things like a key chain from Panama given to me by a forgotten co-worker many years and many jobs ago, a lapel pin I picked up in Germany from an Opal dealership etc. Now I've found something that I think would be okay as swag, but before I go offending people I thought I should ask. Someone once gave me a small cross. It's a nice cross, hand made pottery from Poland and marked that it is Hand made in Poland. The person who gave it to me didn't know that I am not Christian and it didn't offend me that she gave it to me, she is a nice person and meant well. It would not offend me to find religious items in a cache. I don't always exchange swag, sometimes there isn't anything there I want. I cache for the thrill of the hunt and find but I've never noticed any type of religious items in cache boxes. (Out of the 14 I've found, maybe only 3 or 4 had swag items, the rest were micros with a log only) So would anyone be offended to find a 3 inch cross made from Polish Pottery in a cache? Or is there some rule pertaining to religious items I haven't come across yet? Thanks
  15. WOW !! What great marbles! I don't think I have any trade items of equal value. I would love to find some of them, but since I am on the East Coast I figure my chances are pretty slim!
  16. Welcome I hope you have many more exciting adventures! I've been caching about a month now and one thing I have learned about the GPS is you have to be patient, sometimes you have to wait a while for the GPS to settle down. Stick with it and be have some fun! Edited to correct spelling error
  17. October 17, 2004 by XXXXX (5 found) Well my 4.5 year old son found the first part of this cache. We couldn't find parts two or three but it was getting late. Great first part! Apparently he isn't much of a cacher. I looked at his profile to find he's had an account since sometime in 2003 and he only has 5 finds!
  18. After living in Germany the past 7 years and traveling to Paris, Edinburgh, Salzburg, York, Berlin, Turku (Finland) and many other European cities I can say that finding poo on the sidewalk is normal. Most city dwellings don't have a front yard. Many times the sidewalk goes right up to the front of the house and if there is any type of yard in the front, it will be a very small garden. The "yard" tends to be in the back of the home with a gate that locks so only the owners can go there. There is no strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street like we have in most suburbs. In the large cities there are many apartments with no yard so dog owners allow the dog to relieve itself anywhere. Just as a man can pee discreetly on the street you will find doggy doo. Most Europeans are used to this and are unconcerned with it, otherwise there would be laws against it. I wonder if the original poster is an American living & working in England as I was in Germany. If so, she better get used to living closely with her neighbors. If she is actually a British citizen, I wonder where she grew up, it certainly wasn't in the city and she must have led a sheltered life to not encounter much poo before. I am not trying to take sides, I am just trying to explain how things are because I've seen a lot of flame that really didn't have to be said. There are cultural differences with the way we as Americans perceive things and the way most Europeans perceive things. It is just how it is and unless she can change the way of thinking for an entire country she will just have to teach her daughter how to avoid the poo. For the record I am not a dog owner and I don't mind seeing poo in the wild. The only place where dog poo really irritates me is when I find it in my own yard.
  19. Luckily my husband liked the idea of caching the first time I mentioned it to him. I say I'm lucky because I probably wouldn't go out alone. Many years ago I was attacked in a mall parking lot at night (not seriously but enough to still make me skiddish in certain situations) and I would never be able to go alone into the woods where no one would be able to hear me yell even if I had a can of mace or a walking stick. I would be so paranoid looking over my shoulder I'd never find anything. Maybe you can appeal to his sense of obligation. What would he say if something happened to you and he wasn't there to protect you. Not that I recommend that point, but everything else I would actually recommend has already been mentioned.
  20. So far the worst we've seen are a few tree frogs on a suicide mission. My husband was walking off the paved path in the grass to my left and he startled a frog who jumped onto the paved path and almost under my boot! I yelled a little because the frog almost made me twist my ankle in trying to avoid making it a spot on the ground. A few feet later another frog did the same thing. Altogether he must have sent 5 frogs my way in about 30 feet of walking. What's on your telley? I don't know. It looks like a penguin.
  21. We are new to Geocaching and on Memorial Day we did our first Multi in a city park with a woodsy area. On a fallen log in front of the 3rd stage my husband noticed some wires hanging about. He looked closer and found 2 illegal animal snares meant to strangle what ever would get caught in them. Luckily there was nothing in either of the snares, but with a little bit of effort he got the snares off the log and on our way to the car threw the snares in a dumpster.
  22. I wanted to enlighten my husband to the world of Boojumites and when I Googled the word Boojumite, 2 links appeared. One link to a reference guide of dieties and things which gave a definition of Boojumite and the other link was to this thread. Last week when I Googled Boojumite the only link listed was to the reference guide. So not only has this become a Hot Topic, it is now a reference link on Google for Boojumites! Modified to correct typos and sentence structure
  23. As a former Tupperware lady I can tell you that any round Tupperware container that you have to 'burp' to seal or the ones where you press down in the midlle to seal is tight and will not leak. However, Tupperware can be expensive brand new and is not the same as rubbermaid. So buy your Tupperware at the Salvation Army or a thift store if you plan to use it as a cache container.
  24. I lived in Germany from Jan 98-Dec 03 and not everyone in Germany speaks English, most actually do not, unless you hang out around a military base. However, I can tell you I belonged to another international organization that originated in the US and all business was conducted in English no matter where we were. Even when I went to events in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, or the Netherlands business was conducted in English. Occasionally, a certificate would be presented in the native language for non-English speakers. The reason Geo-coins are in English is because geocaching started in the U.S. If Geocaching originated in Germany their coins would be in German.
  25. Oh My Gosh, I can't help it anymore. Mountaineer Girl I think you should place this cache and we have all been warned. I've been following this thread for a few days now, I'm hooked on what is going to be said next. Some of the entries bring tears of laghter to my eyes. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand that this could be a Klan area and I take your story and the warning seriously. Klan was the first thing I thought when I read the original post, Druid was the second thing but far second being in WV. Now Boojumites!?? I can't wait to Google them. I would love to read the logs and stories people tell of their trek to find this cache. Please hide this cache!
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