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  1. Twice while doing maintenance we couldn't find our own cache and replaced the container to have new finders tell us there are 2 containers at the site! We are the ones who put them both there. One of the containers was a red bison tube that the color had come off from being outside. I was looking for a red bison and just couldn't find it, the other was a container wrapped in cammo tape that we just didn't see. Oh well.
  2. Thanks for the insight. I found the picture of the disk on my SD card and decided to finally get around to logging benchmarks we've found. This disk is the only benchmark I could not locate on the site.
  3. Several years ago we were in Oregon and found a cache out on a jetty near a survey marker. I took a picture of the disk but we really didn't do much with Benchmarks and I never tried to log it until now and I can't find its listing to log it. Because there was a geocache there I know the coords of the disk and I know the disk was on the south jetty of the Suislaw river in Florence Oregon. When I search for benchmarks using the coords, there is one on the north jetty, but the pictures people posted of that disk are not the same. The disk is a US Army Corps of Engineers Survey Marker dated 1988. We found it in 2009. The jetty is still there, do they remove disks after a while? We probably shouldn't wait so long to log them. I usually take a picture when I see them, but never bothered to log them before. Thanks for the help
  4. Thank you both for replying. When I searched last night I couldn't find anything about lost activation codes but it was late. I wanted to have the activation code when I gave the TB to my friend. As it turns out I found another trackable, a gold ingot, that is not activated and I no longer have the activation code for.
  5. Today as I was cleaning out some old cacheing stuff I found an old school stamped travel bug. But it was out of the bag with no activation code. I looked up the TB number to confirm that I never activated the bug. Does anyone know if there is a way to get a new activation code. I have both the bug and it's copy and I thought I would give it to a friend who would get a kick out of it if I can get a code.
  6. I had that happen to a coin I put out. Someone took it to Florida in 2007 where another cacher picked it up and took it to the Allegheny Geo Bash where 2 cachers discovered it. Then it was gone until 2012 when that same cacher logged a Found it and it started moving again. It went to NY then on to Quebec and to Europe and it's been bouncing around the Netherlands, Germany, and France ever since. It goes to events and gets dropped in caches. I have enjoyed reading the logs, but no one has ever posted a picture. Oh well we're just happy the coin is moving and people are enjoying it.
  7. What a terrible accident. My sincere sympathy goes out to this young man's family and friends and to the Geocaching Community in Germany. I will admit I have not read this entire thread, but I did read the first five pages and no one at that point mentioned the reviewer. If this cache was in an obvious place that was not open for public access why did the reviewer allow the cache to be published in the first place. I understand that in Germany the law is different. We lived there for about 10 years and one of the things I most enjoyed was knowing I was responsible for my own actions and not subject to rules because someone might stub a toe. However if the hide was on a structure not open for public access it should never have been published. I am not trying to place blame on the reviewer. I would suggest clearer guidelines for all countries for what is considered an acceptable place to hide a cache. For instance here in the US we cannot place a cache within 150 feet of any rail road track becasue the tracks are not public proerty they are owned by the railroad along with a conveyance, we cannot place a cache on private property without the property owner's permission and we cannot place a cache on any bridge on an interstate highway (like the autobahn) because it may be thought to be a bomb by someone who has no knowledge of Geocaching. Although bridges on back roads and covered bridges are fine. I think one solution to make geocaching safer is for the reviewers to have clear guidelines and know what is an allowable hide in their country. It is clear that this hide was not on public property. What a tragedy, I couldn't even imagine losing my son.
  8. Good point, the Navy base is a school (my son in law goes there) so no one should be deployed from there, the Army depot is very small, no one should be deployed from there either. My daughter says the Air Force base is rather large, so there could be a deployment from the Air Base. But wouldn't the caches just be disabled if the owner was deployed? Again I think a responsible cache owner would have mentioned in a note or on the cache page that he/she was being deployed. That way the caches wouldn't be archived or disabled. Chances are the community would look after the caches until the owners return.
  9. We'd do it. We are planning to do the 'Upper Yough Trek' in Maryland on March 24th. Since we don't Kayak, we're hiking in. We expect it to be at least a 4 hour round trip hike, and 3 hour drive from our house just one way. Make sure you explain on the cahce page what people will need and people will come.
  10. I think each situation is different. One thing the OP didn't mention is that he lives in an area where there are military members. The Navy has a base there, there is an Air Force base nearby and a small Army Depot so there is a transient population. The OP mentioned the cache owner moved, the OP also mentioned the cache owner had 2 of his caches adopted out before he moved. If the owner wanted the caches he/she would have taken care of business before he/she moved. If the owner listed them on another site then he/she should have gone out to the cache and exchanged any paperwork relating to GC.com with paperwork relating to the other listing website so someone who stumbles upon it by accident knows what it is. Anyone who uses the GC.com listing site can put a cache there since the original cache has been archived. If the old cache is not removed or identified as an NC, TC or letterbox and there is a new cache placed in the area the two caches could be confused. The key in this case is that the owner moved away without taking care of things, the cache has been abandoned. So in this case I think the OP did the right thing.
  11. We did Wye Knot as our 100th cache and it is a goodie and Pirate's Perch is in the same area too. Could do it again, we've been eyeing Tuckahoe but haven't made it there yet. There are so many at Pataptsco Valley State Park including our "The Village" cache and with all the hills it makes for a super work out. There is another good one called Dark in the same park, we've been to Dark 3 times. But we don't mind going again. I have to think on the Amish ares. I don't notice them too much around here. I'm from PA Amish country anyway, so I grew up with it and it is just not something I notice. But we can drive about 2 hours and be in Lancaster PA the zip code there is 17602 and it is so pretty. You'll be sure to see Amish people there.
  12. Hi- I live in Severna Park MD and there are many caches in the area what sort do you like? There are city micros or you could get a good work out in a few county or at least one state park. The zip code here is 21146 you can do some research and I would happy to go out caching with you. I think the CAM (Cache Across Maryland) will start again in April this year, perhaps you would even care to tag along with us to other parts of the state.
  13. unless... you've waded across the same river at least twice because the cache is only a quarter mile away and you had never been to that park before so you took the straight line instead of the long and winding road that leads to the cache. When you finally get to the cache you remember that this one is an offset and you left the cache page at home, you remeber you have to go 35 paces in some direction from the big rock so you start pacing in all directions before you give up. Then you go home and write a wonderful DNF log and you go back the following Saturday with everything you need and you find the darned cache. And it still brings a smile to your face writing about it here!
  14. No cell phone with internet, but we have a Garmin that sits on the dash or I hold it in my hand and no problems with the EZPass. I have a friend who had problems with her EZPass and now she keeps it in her center console and sets it on the dash as she goes through. She told me she couldn't mount it on her windshield because angle the blue color at the top of her windscreen is larger than mine (Volvo vs VW). By putting it on the dash it is much lower than where the instructions say it should be, but she's never had a problem with it. Hers is black and about 8 inches long instead of the square white one on my window.
  15. If I could no longer cache with my husband then I suppose my choices would be: Harrison Ford, followed by Colin Firth. I also like Rupert Everett (but I hear he would rather cache with a man) Rupert would just be there as eye candy anyway. I must say I am surprised that no one has mentioned McGyver. Think of what he could do in a pinch. If the cache needed maintaince he could fix it up with a few acorns and twigs. Left the GPSr at home? No problem he'll make a new one from a rock.
  16. OMG that is so true. We've only lived in the area for 2.5 years and I'll never forget the first time I went to that particular establishment. Two of the employees were in the parking lot yelling at each other regarding the carts and who was supposed to be outside retreiving them and how it was supposed to be done. We really thought they would start throwing punches that is how heated the argument was. I suppose it is a good thing to feel such passion about your job. There is another Wal-mart closer to my house that isn't nearly as entertaining, but it is a smaller store. Edit: I forgot to stay on topic. I think I must have been abducted by aliens once, because I have the weirdest children.
  17. No one asked me to carry the travel bug. I found it and chose to bring it along. Therefore my answer is no. I have been asked that question recently, but I was also body searched because I changed my ticket at the last minute to get on a flight a day early in order to make a funeral and it was an international flight originating in Frankfurt, Germany. So I expected a hassle at the airport.
  18. You want to see aliens?? Go to Wal-Mart (on Ordinance Road in Glen Burnie MD) on a Friday or Saturday night. It's quite un-nerving. Edited to add -- This is not a plug for the above mentioned commercial establishment, as a matter of fact I stay away from that particular place and I recommend every one else stay away too.
  19. Golf balls and broken McDonald's toys which is why I don't trade for tracts. I leave them in the cache. If I ever come across a cache stuffed full of religous tracts so there is no room for anything else, I would take some out as trash, but I would leave some for other people who would find the information useful.
  20. I don't find the title offensive at all. It may be in bad taste but not offensive. When I looked at the cache page and saw the fire I thought the group used a play on words becasue fags are also small sticks (I saw the page after the title had been edited) and if you're in the U.K., a fag is a cigarette. When someone says they are going to blow a fag, don't be upset unless you are against smoking. I agree the group probably chose the acronym to stir things up, but it certainly is not offensive just immature.
  21. We always go when problems are reported or a few DNF's. We only have two caches one micro and one regular. Other than that we will check on them when we feel like we need tmake sure they are still okay. The regular sized cache was replenished in Feb (it was hidden in Jan). We will get out to check on it sometime this month and I'll hit the dollar store beforehand. Since it was hidden in Jan, the underbrush was not bad. We want to see what the area looks like now to see if we need to up the rating. I secretly hope it's a location where people will curse our name all the way in, but not so bad that they really hate us. Regarding the micro, we will probably check on it sometime in June. Since it's been placed we purchased Geocaching stickers and I want to put one on the film canister. Beside we can take an extra log in case one is needed. This cache is pretty easy to make up for the other one. edited for clarification
  22. Would her employer agree that a and b weren't necessary? Many employers don't want their employees accessing non-work related internet sites while on the job (it doesn't meant people don't do it). I bet it's the character in her name that is causing the problem.
  23. Texsox- Don't give up geocaching, just stop visiting the forums. You don't have to participate in the forums to cache. Most people I know in my local area do not visit these forums.
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