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  1. I went to Colorado and really wanted to do Mondo's TB Hotel near the airport and since I had a car this time around I could do it. I brought a few TBs and coins down from Seattle and swapped them for some in the cache. When I returned home to log the newly found TB's, I saw that a Seattle area cacher that I know had dropped them off just before I got there! I emailed him and he had stopped off in Denver on his way to Seattle and slipped out to do this cache and make some swaps. As it turned out, the TBs were all from his trip back East, so they made it all the way West instead of stopping off in Denver! What are the odds of both of us being in that area at the same time, wanting to do this cache, and swapping TBs within hours of each other?? Another time I released a TB in Seattle, and someone took it down to California. The brother of the guy who picked it up lives in Seattle and brought it back up here, not knowing that it originated here...and I knew him! He took it back down to California a few weeks later! One more thing....this may have happened to manyof you...have you ever found a cache while looking for another one? I found a cache in a park near my house and decided it would be fun to place another one in the park. On the way out, I was looking for good spots and I saw a tree about 70' off the trail that looked interesting, so I went down to check it out and found a nice ammo can there! I was surprised to find it since I thought I had done all the caches around my house. Turns out this was a puzzle cache I hadn't solved yet...so there was one I didn't have to solve!
  2. You've got it right, Matt...I am another member of the Miata cachers! (maybe we should start a group!) Remember that night we both showed up for a FTF near your house in Fremont? It was Miata vs. Miata....and I don't think either of us found it because the coordinates were wrong!! I also cache on my motorcycle; 1100 Yamaha Virago...anyone else cache by motorcycle? I agree with Matt...doubles your pleasure!!
  3. I just checked the availability of rooms at the Olympic Inn in Aberdeen after reading Hydnseek's post and they have plenty of rooms: singles for $56.00 ($62.00 with tax) and double with 2 beds for something like $69.00 with tax..can't remember the exact amount. I am hoping to find someone to share a room with to make it a bit more affordable, but if I don't hear a response by early next week I will just take a single room.
  4. In reading the posts, it sounds like you have done a lot of work on this and other CM's, Travis...so thanks for doing the work that allows us to come play! I personally don't think $15 is too much for a dinner, but I can see how a family might see otherwise. Its all good to me. I am really looking forward to this CM, my very first.
  5. I just got the word that I have this time off so I am thinking of coming to the cache machine....my first ever! Would anyone be interested in sharing a room there? I mean, we will hardly even be in the room! I would be happy to eat dinner wherever it happens to be..so count me in wherever it is. Since I am single I would also like to ride with others in a car to do the machine...but I am guessing that a lot of that gets arranged there...yes? Anyone carpooling from Seattle?? Whoopee!!
  6. REI, at least in Seattle, is going to have this same offer thru Sept. 3rd. I don't know if you have to be a member, but I just got an ad in the mail today ...oh never mind...I see that was the orignal post!
  7. I have never heard of the term "Seattle type puzzle" but I would say in general....they mean that they are HARD! I agree with the person who referred to knowing the complete inner workings of a computer to do some. When I first started caching I heard that Redmond at one time was a hotbed of particularly difficult puzzle caches...well, it is the home of Microsoft, isn't it..but that now Seattle has taken over as the hotbed of hard puzzles...I wouldn't be able to say much about most of them since I don't do many...when it comes to knowing about the computer, or engineering, for God's sake... or finding an obscure number in a film, or knowing about electrical engineering...I either pass or find someone who can do them...however, Markta's Sudoku puzzle (Do You Sudoku?) turned me on to Sudoku, which was a minor addiction at one time...it took me about 2 years to finish Dr. Nellie Bad's Green Lake puzzle cache. But again, there are also some fun ones, like the Totally Tubular ones that everyone likes. I guess it just depends on who you are...
  8. ..and congrats to dsvaughn for his amazing 1,000 milestone!
  9. I decided to come here and celebrate my 800th find just because I can! I don't celebrate all of them, but I made it to Ebey Bluffs for this special occasion and I was exhilarated both by the view and my 800th cache! [] []
  10. I just got back from a trip to Bali and found 2 caches there! I think there were about 8 on the island, and I took the info for them and decided to do them if I got close to them; I didn't want to have caching distract from the trip. As it turns out, one of the caches was at a site on our list of places to go, and when we walked to the point of observance, my GPS was on top of it! I was so excited to get the cache I nearly fell into the ocean. I have had it on my watch list and since corresponded to a Dutch guy who got it after me. One of the puzzling things is that I left a TB and geocoin there and neither of them were there when he got it. There was supposed to be one there when I went and there was none there...is there a TB thief around Bali??! There were other things in there, and a very funky log with scribbles and drawings as well as names and dates. I went to Egypt last year and there were about 8 caches in the country but most of them involved some work to get to and I had a full agenda. I could have claimed the virtual cache at Cheops but I was too busy exploring and chanting there....and of course I have cached in Vancouver, Canada...but since I live in Seattle it almost doesn't feel like a foreign country. I have to admit it was a real high finding the caches in Bali!
  11. Wow...I had never heard of a liar's cache before so I came into this forum just to see what it was...and ended up spending wayyy too much time reading about them. I have mixed opinions about them. It seems to me that it wouldn't be a liar's cache if you told the truth, and yet the lies, I guess, could be dangerous, and of course have pissed off I few folks. When I went to the archived cache page, and a couple of other liar's cache pages listed, the first thing I did is what I often do....I scrolled down and looked at any pictures cahcers had taken to familiarlize myself with the area since I often just take off to go caching with very little. The first thing I noticed is that the cache couldn't be as hard as it advertized....one picture shows a skinny kid in it, another a couple that doesn't look that athletic, and some ovbvious attempts to make it look like a hard cache...people trying to scramble over a big rock...and much of the terrain looked flat. Of course, the pictures could be a lie! I also read many of the logs that people wrote after it was archived saying how much they would miss it and how sorry they were. Personally, if I truly thought this was a 5 star cache, I would have done a lot more research, especially if it was far away. I haven't yet done a 5 star terrain one....not too many around, and I would also email several of the cachers who have found it to get a sense of it. Of course, I realize they could also lie...I don't know. When I saw the picture of the helicopter landing someone, I would know that couldn't be a real cache. I did see some cache pictures from somewhere in southern Cal. when I was cruising thru the forums several months ago showing a cavern and how you had to be lifted down to it by a sort of rope swing....now I wonder if that is a liar's cache....wish I had kept track of it now! But here is what I also want to say....I haven't frequented the forums much since I would rather be out caching, but the weather here in Washington has nearly been uncachable...and I noticed that several of you have lots of caches and many entries here, and I assume jobs and families...and perhaps this should be a separate topic...but where do you find the time to log in the forums, cache, work...etc? I might log back in to follow this thread...then again, I might be out caching...and I hope that both Cammocacher and LO and others involved soon move back to the outdoors and remember why you love geocaching. I also hope LO does another liar's cache!!
  12. Well I don't usually get involved in all this hoopla but I gotta say that I am proud that I just got my 500th find today...with Get Christie Love! And do I love Christie or what?? My next goal is to get a FTF...and if I do you will hear about it! Other than that....I just get the joy from getting all the caches...no matter what the number or name. Whooppee!!!
  13. QUOTE(TrailGators @ Nov 13 2006, 01:01 PM) How can you equate a guy that has hiked up 30 mountains to find 50 caches with someone who has lifted up 500 roadside lamp post covers? Ooohhh...the lamp post! Soo. that is where those caches are! Thanks for the tip, TG!
  14. I often run out the door with nothing more than my GPS and at least 5 pens...and a list of caches. I can't wait and I can't waste time.....but I have to admit that I would like to cache with the Alabama Rambler....I would not need anything! One of these days I will learn how to paperless cache and that would be nice!
  15. let's see...I am posting now so I can say that I am 56...by the end of the month I won't be So I was born in 1949...that's MDCCCCXLIX....then subtract my #of caches from my birthdate IN ROMAN NUMERALS ONLY and you will get the corrdinates for my next geocache....making an age cache just for you all!
  16. I just dropped in this forum topic to see what it was about and I am in hysterics looking at these caches...I went to the large green cache page resembling a large ammo can and loved the hint....written in code, of course..."if you can't find it, look under the basketball hoop...." and a picture of 2 small children inside of it! Now that's a cache....so where are these car caches? The Pathfinder?? The largest I had heard of before this is the APE cache in the tunnel in the Cascades...I plan to go there next Spring...the largest I have done is a fairly large ammo can, but of course nothing like this!
  17. You can't drive by a dollar store without buying the place out...and you haven't cleaned your house for 6 months....or your car, which is now full of all kinds of half minded ideas for cache containers.... and when your relatives come to visit, instead of showing them the Space Needle or the Sound, you show them the latest and coolest cache, even thought they aren't cachers.....that is irrelevant!
  18. I started caching last summer and got a Garmin Geko 201 online for a great price. I saw an ad in here about someone selling 25 of these for about $125 I thought, what the heck? I can't believe how many units some of you have!! It is the only thing that I have used to cache with, so I have nothing to compare it to. I haven't ever met anyone else that has one, but I see a few people on your list have them. I like that it is so small. It also runs on 2 AAA batteries, and most other ones I have seen use AA batteries.
  19. Thanks for all your help...I think I got the white jeep off. I went to the TB site from my cache page, as you guys said, and I logged it as missing. When I reloaded and went back to the cache page, it was still on, but I guess it takes time, because the picture I tried to get off is finally off! I kept going back into the cache page the night I took the picture off and it was always still there...but now it is gone. NO, I want the totem pole left on there..its the one thing that is still in the park!! How did you know where this is ...oh, I think I know...you went to my page and went to my caches, which number only 2!! and found it ! You are a clever boy, BlueDeuce...I am thinking of doing a new cache, but these are a lot of trouble! I learned a lot from the first cache I placed...like, how to do everything wrong! Live and learn...thanks for y'all's help...happy caching!
  20. Ok....here's the deal. I haven't been caching too long and I admit that I am not tech savvy. I recently adopted a cache that had a couple of TB's that got muggled, one being I white jeep TB. When I re-listed the cache, I couldn't get the TB listing off of the cache page no matter what I did. I went to the edit page of the cache and there was no place to edit the TB listing that I could find. I don't know the number of the TB to somehow make it disappear on the TB tracking site, though I'm not sure that there is an option to do that either! I also couldn't get the spoiler picture off the cache page, as it no longer is a picture of the muggled cache. I went to the editing page which asked me if I wanted to edit/delete the picture; I said I did, it asked me if I was sure, I was...and then I went back to the page 3 times and it was still there! As for the TB, I couldn't even find a place to get it off. Any help? these are not critical but they are misleading pieces of information. Thanks. Aviatrix22 in the Great Northwest!
  21. I read an article about geocaching in the Nov. 2004 Parade magazine and thought this sounds like it is right up my alley! The article hung around my computer until the Spring of 2005 when I decided to log into this site. I was absolutely excited when I saw that there was a cache less than a half mile from my home in a cute little park that I had never heard of (Baker Park cache...now down...I am trying to adopt it). I was so intrigued by that idea that I immediately walked down to the park to validate that it indeed existed..... much to my chagrin...complete with a totem pole! I searched the park without a GPS...without even knowing what I was looking for and of course didn't find it. I rushed home and bought I GPSr that night on EBay or somewhere...a Garmin Geko. I had no idea what it was or how to use it, but someone posted here that there were 25 on sale for about $120.00 and they were the next best thing or something like that...I couldn't wait until it came in the mail. I met with Mossman and learned the basics and spent my free time last summer caching....and have been ever since! Clever hides intrgue me the most. I still love POTS for that reason. Happy caching!
  22. I haven't done them all yet, but of the ones I've done I liked them in this order: I II IV Looking forward to doing the rest....
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