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  1. Here are the amenities listed on the home page...(for the Capri) Coffee maker, Refrigerator & Microwave in each room •Seasonal Heated Outdoor Pool •Wireless Internet •Dataports •HBO/Cable •Free Local Calls •Non-Smoking Rooms, and separate section of Smoking Rooms •Plenty of Convenient Parking •Family and Commercial Discounts
  2. I just booked a room at the Capri for $46.00 a night, single queen, non smoking; that's the total price, including taxes. Pics online looked decent, and the woman I spoke with sounded nice....the way I see it, I am just gonna be there long enough to sleep in between caching...so I hope for the best and throw in! You should have seen the place I stayed in for the Vancouver cache machine....I told no one. They would have thought I had joined the underworld....but again, it WAS cheap...and I spent very little time there. Hmmmm...I should have place a cache there!!
  3. Way to go, Rrrrrrroddy!!! Your VVVBF
  4. Congratulations to Grossi for her 4,000th find, 500th puzzle and 6th year of caching yesterday at Lattitude/Longitude cache! I was happy to be along with her and Team Macabbee to witness the wonderful milestone and spend the day caching!
  5. Huh? What reprimand?? That you TOOK it as a reprimand isn't my problem... I have no personal agenda against anyone; I am making the point that people aren't rehiding the cache somewhere but are taking it to events and friends to log. If that isn't you, then don't take it personally. I did post a note asking where the cache had been moved to so I could try to get it as the next logger notes that he found it in the HANDS of the cacher. Seems to me if I remember correctly this cache was also getting passed around but I cannot access previous logs on that cache site right now; I believe there is a glitch in Groundspeak's new format. Once I saw that is was on Vashon Island, I gave it up...did you see the recent post? Someone went to get it and it wasn't to be found...maybe that is why no one is logging it....not to mention you have to get on a ferry to get to Vashon..people DO know where it is. There are 117 people watching this cache...so they need to know where it is before they catch a ferry to look for it. THAT is my point.
  6. This cache was up here a couple of years ago and I wasn't familiar with travel caches so I didn't know what it was...it just showed up on my radar as a cache and I was going over to West Seattle to cache; by the time I got there, it had already moved; I wondered why I couldn't find a 1/1 cache until I wner home and read about it and was fascinated...it then moved up near North Bend and there was an Ape Cache event there so I left home early in hopes of getting it; again it had moved and I missed it. When it reappeared this past few months...actually, two of them now...I was dying to get at least one of them. I went on my day off 21 miles north to get it and it wasn't where it was psted and no new coordinates were posted. Two days later it showed that it was still there so I again made the journey only to find that I was right..it wasn't there so I was pretty ticked off and posted a note for the person who had it to please either replace it or re hide it. It then moved clear down south 20 miles the other direction from me (I live in Crown Hill). So I drove down there and managed to finally log it, but the problem isn't just that it moves fast....people are taking the travelling caches to events and letting people log them, often for days. Meanwhile, people are showing up at the site and not able to find it...not because it has moved on but because someone is holding it at an event. It was at the COWWS event and at the Centralia Cache Machine...if you read the logs, you can tell. Now I suspect it was also at the Ape cache event, but I wasn't very savvy back then so I really don't know. Cachers have to respect the integrity of these unique caches and obey the rules that are stated on the cache page; if you take the cache, you need to place it within 24 hours and post the new coordinates. The LEAST you can do is log on and let folks know that you have it and are moving it so spare people the trip to not find it and not even have an opportunity. The Stop and GoGogo cache was recently placed near my house on the way to work so I left early the next day to get it (you can log it several times as long as there are 3 people who get it in between your last log) and again it was gone; no new coordinates were posted. That is when it started showing up at the COWWS event. It should have either still been there or replaced...AT A STOP SIGN...not an event; the cacher could have put it at a stop sign near the event. I still watch them move and hope to get them, but I no longer chase them miles away from my home. They will got the way of Virtuals and other cool caches of people don't respect the rules. That is my opinion...
  7. Anyone interested in going down on January 1st and doing the CM? At least I have that day off!
  8. One up here in Seattle too.. GC10KQT complete with sound effects!
  9. I'm on the same page as wimseyguy...I love the REI Sahara Pants so well for geocaching that I just went and bought another pair (on the current sale for about $39.00); the pants are lightweight and the thorns and bushwhack don't stick like they do with denim...the cargo pants are great for any GPS, pens, cellphones, spare batteries...I like to have my hands free; I think lanyards are a nuisance. However, my 60CSX in in my hands most of the time; it is my table for signing the log, and then I just hit found and slip it back in my cargo pocket.
  10. Lacey/Olympia would sure work for me...I would like it scheduled for next year as it gives me, and probably many others, time to schedule to get the weekend off....not all of us have Saturday off, and I work a job that I have to put in for the time I want off in January for the whole year !! (I am a letter carrier for the USPS)
  11. How about Bremerton? There are so many little boxes over there to open every time I run a PQ....I so enjoyed the Sumner CM you did...it was very well organized and really fun (minus the bee stings!)
  13. Hello all you southerners from the Great Northwest (Seattle, to be exact!) ...I am coming to your area to participate in a project rebuilding homes from the devastation of Katrina, affiliated with the Habitat for Humanity. It is a first for me. I haven't been to New Orleans since a trip to the N.O. Jazz and Heritage Festival in about 1985. I passed trough Mississippi on my way from Texas to Georgia around 1976, and have returned to Atlanta twice to sing with my choir a couple of years ago. I would love to do some geocaching while I am around. I will be in the Waveland area from May 3rd until the 7th and then in New Orleans until the 11th, with free time on both the 10 and 11th until I leave the evening of the 11th. I will not have a vehicle. If anyone would like to do some caching with me or show me some of the fine caches in the area, I would be grateful. If that is not possible (I know you work too!) then I would love a list of must do caches in the area...as well as a bit of sightseeing and wandering. I would especially like to do caches in places you think visitors would love to see but are off the beaten path. I am sure I will spend some time in the French Quarter! Also, any recommendations of a place to stay for those two nights in New Orleans. I have a place to stay in Waveland. Thanks so much!
  14. There are several ones here in the Seattle area in (and around) libraries. Some are part of a puzzle you have to solve and go to the library to retrieve. There is one in a video store in the inside of a fake video jacket. There is one up north of Seattle in a vegetable stand above one of the veggie bins! There is also a very fun one in the Pike Place Market...down under, very inside. It is fun for both tourists and locals. One of the most enjoyable caches I have done here is at the UW library called House of Stories...I think the hiders are or were librarians. You can do all of the WP info inside the library and you get to really explore; it has great stuff. For the final, you have to retrieve it during certain hours as it is in an area that is closed a lot. There are also ones in the malls, mostly in sculptures or art objects outside that are fun.
  15. RodGowdy and I had at least two before then as we got out way before noon...HoneySuckle Hill and Montlake Bridge In the U District were the first two we did. We decided to come here as parking is free on Holidays. I also found one at about 8 at night the night before so I wonder if I got the last one of 2008 as well!
  16. I am also interested...what is your price? My email address is allysonhughes@clearwire.net
  17. Hi....I need a decent PDA for paperless caching. I bought a very old Palm Visor that has crashed and burned; need a replacement...would like a newer and better one, with a backlight; this one was so old it didn't have that!
  18. You guys all did a marvelous job on the Sumner Cache Machine...it was very well designed; we moved from cache to cache with the greatest of ease, and you put in so much time to make sure that the caches were up to date and not archived, etc....not to mention the BBQ lunch! I have to put in my vote for the first weekend in October the 3rd and 4th I believe it is...since I work most weekends I thought I would put one out there...I agree with putting in more caches...put it sure felt good to get all of them! Perhaps you could also design two smaller loops...not that I am an expert at this...
  19. Congratulations to both JohnnyCache79 and RodGowdy for their 1,000th finds! I witnessed Johnnycache's at the Air of your Ways and just noticed yesterday that my very very beste friend RRRRRRRRoddy reached the same milestone! WOOHOO!
  20. I am fairly useless on the computer. I still had dial up wihen I started caching; I now have DSL and wouldn't trade it for anything! I have a Garmin Geko 301 that I got on a fire sale that I found out about in this forum. It is small and very easy to use. I still can't figure out how to interface with the computer and enter all of my WP's manually and this unit is very easy to do that with. I just got a new G60CSX and hope to figure out how to use it with the computer, but I can tell you this...it is a lot harder to enter the coordinates manually; you have to manipulate it much more than my little Geko. I been caching for almost 3 years and have made 1350 finds just with that unit and manually inputting everything! I know I could be more efficient which is why I bought the new one, but I will continue to use my Geko. I think it is ideal for kids and techinically challenged folks like me; and it is very small and light; the size of a cell phone of today....not yesterday's.... like most of the other units. One problem with that it is very easy to lose, so if your kids are going to use it, get them a lanyard or something so that it never leaves their body. I have almost lost mine more times than I care to count. From the other threads it sounds like they are going for cheap on Ebay...good luck and have fun!
  21. I am also gay and not afraid to say so...especially here in Seattle; but the subject never comes up in geocaching...why would it? I don't think it is that no one will admit it, it is just that it doesn't matter what you are as long as you love to cache and are friendly. We share a common passion. The gay people I have met in geocaching is because we kind of guessed each other out! I love the geocaching community and have some great friends that I cache with..even straight ones! I would also welcome meeting some other gay geocachers just because it would be fun to hang out with family and cache; I do sometimes feel a bit left out when others are caching with their families, but most people let you join in the fun. Kids are great to cache with....they find the caches 'way before adults! At the campout last year, I had a blast hanging with 4FunCampers all day long; I went there alone and wanted to hook up with some others to go caching and they let me join in! Sugar Glider Sweatshop and I cache together whenever we can....and there are others, but it is theirs to comment. It is also sometimes easiest to go caching with others that live near you since you can gather at a moment's notice; and I haven't told them that I am gay, so they might now find out if they read the forums! I have a motorcycle and have gone caching several times on it, but I find it a bit dangerous as sometimes I am looking at my GPS when I should be looking at the road, so I am very careful. But it IS joining two of my favorite hobbies..... So come and join SGS and me sometime...and hey Brodie...you too!
  22. Wow..I would love to do this but the date is not good for me. I really liked the last one. I think you should consider doing some of the events on Sunday as there are several of us cachers who have to work most Saturdays. And Jcar...if you are still reading this thread, I would be happy to do this with you on Sunday...perhaps we could do a group caching on Sunday April 26th...just a thought....
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