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  1. yes, thats a list of all the bugs i have moved, but there is no way to tell if they've seen any action since i've touched it. it only shows the date i saw it. i sort them by "last log" on the "list all travelbugs" page. i'd just like the coins included in that. ben
  2. I like the new trackable tab, but I agree that a "view all logs" button would be nice in the travel bug page. Also, there is a feature I've been waiting for and I am surprised hasn't been implemented with this update.... Can we have a "view all trackables" link similar to the "view all finds" link for caches? I like keeping track of travelbugs and coins I've seen and passed on, but right now I have to open separate pages for each coin and jeep travel bugs. ben
  3. i think it is widely accepted that geocachers are responsible for their own actions when attempted caches, but so many people are involved in the hobby that undoubtably a lawsuit will be filed eventually. and i think they would win. sadly. ben
  4. also, this is the one question i haven't gotten answered yet... what is the entry level gps (mostly garmin, but i could consider magellan too) that supports autorouting along the streets? ben
  5. have you heard of any working metroguide copies floating around... you know.... so i can evaluate?
  6. well, first off that is illegal. that being said i personally couldn't figure it out and just bought it instead. ben
  7. what advantages does it have in the woods besides terrain info? what kind of trails does it contain? ben
  8. This may have been discussed before. I own a Garmin Etrex Legend and would like to get a more complete road map. Are the roads with the US Topo software complete? From what I've gathered it doesn't have street names, or something... but I don't think that'd matter too much if the actual streets are still there on the map. What are the advantages of Topo vs. Metroguide outside of the car? I thought maybe I would want Metroguide, but it seems that the autorouting will only set up routes intersection to interestion, not along the road, with the Legend, which is kind of a bummer... If this is true what is the entry level gpsr that supports routing along the roads? Also, are there any limitations on the Topo software I purchased? eg. it will only work for a certain region without buying more unlock codes or whatever.. I already have Topo in my possession but can still take it back to the store. I think that is all. Thanks. ben
  9. benji55545

    Pretty Stars

    a suggestion: Can you extend the blue bar at the top past the GC waypoint name and make the text white or something? there really isn't any purpose except to make it more visually appealing (to me, anyway). it just seems awkward and out of place right now. that was the first thing that i thought when i saw it. then i thought, yes that is handy and convienient. ben
  10. Middletown, Ohio is also placing sponsoring caches, and providing them with all kinds of Middletown themed swag. Middletown postcards, pins, books, photos... Sheesh, and all this for a steel town named for being between Dayton and Cincinnati! ben
  11. i don't mind caching alone, and it is probably how i have found 80% of my finds, but i prefer to cache with friends. but they usually get tired of caching pretty quickly, when i wouldn't mind spending the entire day driving around and hiking, so i don't ask people all that much anymore. ben
  12. The fuel crunch is really limiting my driving. I am a student that works very limited hours, and making 50 mile runs to grab a Jeep TB is no longer viable. Gas is at $3.09 here in Southwest Ohio, supposedly because of Katrina. I think a little bit of price fixing might be in effect as well.... ben
  13. the <p> code does not work like <br> when used consecutively. <p> only creates enough space for a new paragraph, and will not add extra space if used again. i always just use <br> line breaks, since its easier to manipulate. ben
  14. I've been wondering this myself. I've also been thinking about placing a multi along the trail. Oh, and the trail should extend all the way to Milford now where the little Miami runs into the East Fork. ben
  15. this is used in DIY fish tanks. i thought it was available at most hardware stores, but maybe not. benji
  16. haha wow. i'd be afraid to go out to these caches, who knows if they're still there. the caches in ontario are the closest to me. ben
  17. someone from michigan leaves miniture leather sandles made in some forgeign land in the caches he visits. i've seen them in a couple of local ohio caches, and i was almost tempted to take more than one. hah. ben
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