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  1. I'd like to echo Too Tall John's original statement. I don't understand the argument about hiding archived caches that were in forbidden areas. Wouldn't it make more sense to show those archived caches so others don't make the same mistake? I don't think the argument that the ability to view archived listings will increase traffic to those forbidden places is valid at all. The number of people viewing archived listings is small and, as evidenced by this thread, focused on scouting potential new hides. True, archived caches are usually just missing, but doesn't the simple existence of archived geo-litter reason enough to allow viewing them? I thought we were pro conservation here! There are a LOT of lazy cachers around that will not bother to check to see if a hide is truly gone after a couple DNFs that express concern that it is missing. I suppose the reviewers have an easy way of seeing archived caches and we don't? If so, that's pretty lame.
  2. I was going to go out and place a cache today. I know there was a cache in this park a couple years ago, I saw it on the old geocaching.com maps awhile ago. Well, I wanted to check in it again to see why it was archived and what do you know there's no way of finding it! To say that I can browse area cacher's find logs is a JOKE when I don't even know what the cache name was. I used this feature and want it back. This is very frustrating. I found a cache that had been abandoned since 2004 earlier this summer and reactivated it because of the ability to see archived caches in the area. This is very, very disappointing.
  3. I can to place the cache in Ohio... either in the Dayton area (birthplace of aviation...) or Cincinnati. Any comments? ben@weezed.com ben
  4. alright i got it to work, i wasn't outputting a gpx 1.1 file... thanks. ben
  5. Yes I'm using the route tool haha. The route works fine... I tried saving a garmin database file and a gpx file. The I closed the program and opened them up again. The garmin file still had the route but the gpx was just a straight line between the waypoints. I tried converting the garmin file using gpsbabel but it won't output a valid GPX file. Is GPX XML the proper output type? ben
  6. This is more of a mapsource issue than a GC issue. I'm trying to save my routes in mapsource as a gpx file but it seems that this is not possible. It just saves a route that would be as the crow flies. If I save it as a mapsource file the entire route is saved. I guess its just inexperience on my part since you said it was possible to use mapsource. I have the latest version... but I don't really use Google Earth because it runs too slow on my comp. ben
  7. Are you looking for challenging caches or sure finds? If you want a challenge try to find anything by weeds19. I think First NFL Game, Yo Yo, and Duncan are close. If you're up for climbing tall trees try Lane Change or Can't Be Empty by bennet. Strength or Ingenuity is a good one that doesn't require climbing but will require ingenuity instead. Flightscape and Colonel Deeds are nice easy micros at Riverscape, which is a cool place to be. There's also a virtual at Flightscape. Will you be downtown the whole time or in a suburb? ben
  8. or maybe they signed names other than their own... you know... to get them in trouble. who would do that ben
  9. try clicking the "recalculate distance" option under travel bug owner properties on the right side of the page. ben
  10. maybe i'm wrong and this coin will be worth thousands of dollars in the future. but then again, maybe it will be worth nothing... the rarest beanie babies would have sold for $750 ten years ago, and they aren't worth a fraction of that now. there's also a difference from buying $5 action figures and a $850 coin... i don't think inflation's been THAT bad. i doubt most people bidding on this coin want it for an investment. so if they want to spend a grand on two inches of metal just so they can have it, fine. i'm sure they can afford it. i guess i'm just caught up in the real coins you could buy with $850. heh. ben
  11. i can't believe people will pay for $850 for a coin that they won't even officially own. now if a group of 50 people all decided to pay $20 and they pass it around at events... that would be cool. i just can't see how a person can justify dropping a grand on a coin with no monetary value. ben
  12. full time student, part time slacker. or was it the other way around? ben
  13. i'd like something to dick's sports. even if someone didn't have a dick's in the area, the gift card is still good on their online store. ben
  14. sorry to bring back the dead thread... i get it, but wouldn't that be offset by me leaving the good items in the cache and only taking a travelbug in return? not the same cache, but the reciprocity seems logical to me. ben
  15. it seems like here in southwest ohio treating travelbugs as trade items is pretty status-quo. i've never actually talked to anyone about it, but it just seems like thats how its always been. i almost always leave something when i take a travelbug and take something when i leave one. i hope i do not regret saying that here... anyway, i've actually always viewed travelbugs as a higher end trade item. most of the time i'm happier finding a travelbug rather than something i'd normally keep for myself. as the sheets say "this is no ordinary trade item!" ben
  16. honestly, most anyone who participates in geocaching will speak some english. if they use this site it means they are internet savvy, and since a majority of the webpages are in english (though japanese or something is catching up) you can assume they will at least understand travel bug goals. kind of a typical american way of thinking, no? i don't need to learn another language, everyone else needs to learn mine! ben
  17. got my coin today and i must say it looks fantastic. one of the best looking coins i've seen, yet. ben
  18. wouldn't work, because people could just log a find and the puzzle would automatically be solved for them. then they could just delete their log and actually find the physical cache without actually solving anything at all. ben
  19. i can see how batteries could leak and get nasty, but if it happens because the cache gets wet hot or frozen wouldn't the cache's contents be ruined anyway without the battery? i've never had or seen a problem with leaky batteries in caches, myself. ben
  20. sweet design, i'll probably end up getting one of these. ben
  21. cute idea, but why would Groundspeak give away memberships when all these people are rushing to get make their coins trackable without any incentive at all? ben
  22. i usually use my 1998 honda CRV. it has just enough 4wd to get me through the mud and snow. i just hit 100,000 miles today geocaching. my mom was looking at SUVs this summer. i made her look at jeep libertys and NISSAN XTERRAs. the nissan was a beast, but she thought it was too much of a mans car. the liberty didn't come in a standard transmission 4WD (!!!!) she ended up getting a bmw x3, which is supposed to be great in the snow, but its not something i would dare bring out in the mud. regardless, that thing can MOVE on the asphalt. ben
  23. i have just read this entire thread. i personally find it hilarious and a good lesson in common politics (and why i have no desire to go into it). this issue is so stupid, i can't believe so much time has been devoted to arguing over an coffee can. get over it, the policies are Groundspeak's to make and everyone will deal with it or make their own free geocaching service. ben
  24. they edited it, it was originally the tracking number i think ben
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