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  1. Hey its your lie and you can tell it any way you want to
  2. Here is one that has me pulling what little hair I have left out.Fletcher Covered Bridge I even had a hand in building the bridge Its split all most 50/50 on found it and DNF. I can't tell if its a very clever hide or bad coordinates or both. Errrr
  3. Are sat maps dead on actuate no you can find all kinds of errors. But they can still be use to find caches. Are you limited to the kind of caches you can find yes. So long as the person is having fun who cares how there finding them.
  4. Congrats sounds like you having fun. Just on the safe side if you can barrow a GPS for new hides please do so. This way your not limited to clear sat map views you mite want to hide in some tree cover and here is were you will need a GPS
  5. Don't do it run away run away wile there is still time. When it becomes a habit there no know cure. Good luck
  6. Delon Congrats on your first finds and welcome. There's and old saying ,Even a blind squirrel can find a acorn every so often. Depending on sat maps your like a blind squirrel to lessen frustration and to increase your fun a hand held GPS device is a must. For finding and placing.
  7. I have been wondering my self just how many caches can one person reasonably maintain ?
  8. I am not picking on any one. I don't like logs reading like spam. Here's one form one of my hides (Found and logged with my new android incredible using the c:geo app. This is a pretty good free app for geocaching) There are places to discuss the gear you are using so there is no need to do so in the logs No matter what you are using.
  9. The state that blows me away is New York. Some excerpts: Geocaches may not be placed directly on mountain summits or right at an overlook. No caches may be placed above the tree line. All caches must be clearly marked "GEOCACHE". All caches must be labeled with the cache owners real name and address as per NYS DEC Part 190.w.1. New York State Parks: Caches may be placed on State Parks managed by New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. A geocaching permit is required and may be obtained from the park office. Please indicate your permit number on the cache page. And, of course, the famous "No Climbing Trees" rule in NYC. Ummm, we were discussing tresspass laws. There are lots of other laws and regs that stipulate where caches cannot be placed. And this is why you should not assume any thing until you check things out in your neck of the woods.
  10. Good advice regarding checking the law. However, I don't see anything particularly unusual about the Ohio code. Probable nothing unusual but they can very and I wasn't about to assume for other states. I just looked up the law for my home state .
  11. Well never assume any thing here is the law on trespassing for the state of Ohio Criminal trespass They can very some what from state to state. Google you state to be sure.
  12. +1 I could care less about there thingamajig 5000. It makes the log look like spam.
  13. What happens when some one with evil intent brings there own chirps to a multicache. And places them high in a tree to increase there line of site range . Any one picking it up could then be sent on a wild goose chase. Then the DNFs and has gone missing logs will show up. And the evil doer sits back and laughs. Waits a few months retrieves them and moves on. Sooner or later this will happen if these things catch on.
  14. Well it looks like that log is still open but somethings are gone now .
  15. Pardon me but what's this thread doing in this hand basket and were is it going ?
  16. I guess that you missed MissJenn's post just a few before yours: Obviously, aouvis will be released world-wide and many will be made retroactive. Why can't people be a little patient? And what miss out on a opportunity to wring ones hands and whine. What are you thinking
  17. Not for what I was planing . The dumpster is behind a historic building with a strip park in front. And there is only one place to put a small. Moving .1 mile ether way would be just another micro. The site could also would have been good for a multiply but some one botched the whole works by placing a micro were they did. Ether they weren't thinking or just lazy. take you pick
  18. And lets not leave out the other extreme a CO of a micro hid in a back ally next to a stinking dumpster. Who wants a five page found it log on how good the hide was. For each find.
  19. Oh I hear you I had a great site scoped out with a nice view and local history. Than I find its locked up by a magnetic nano in a back alley . That's been there for three years. I have 5 hide out there that folks seem to like I just went with what I would like find. I only had 20 finds when I put them out.
  20. There is this one line that got me (you do need to be patient). Good luck with that
  21. If you want to keep track of were it is Check this out The ISS is here And there is readily available real time tracking soft ware. I am a Ham operator and I mite try to log a contact with one of the Hams on board this winter. If I can should I ask them to check on the geocache ?
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