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  1. I just received my Nuvi 755 yesterday and sent Garmin an email about the alert feature not working. Got an email back this morning saying I must have gotten a bad TourGuide map as it works fine. Tonight I created a neighborhood three cache file in GSAK to test it and loaded it into my Nuvi with your macro. They are correct, it works fine. I got an alert and then up popped the name of the cache that I was close too. Don't know if all the 7xx Nuvi's will work but the 755 will. So thanks for the great program that I plan to use tomorrow to find a few caches.

  2. All I can say is Wow! Thanks for taking the time to create this masterpiece. I just received my Nuvi 755 yesterday and am still trying to learn all of your macro's capability but it is so nice to have everything in one package. I will still cache with my old 60CS but trying to navigate on road with its small screen was dangerous when caching alone. Then I had to use my Palm to get caching information which was a bit slow and hard to read. Thanks again!

  3. Sure glad I read this forum as I had been thinking of replacing my old 60CS for one of these. The Garmin web site sure makes the 550 sound like the best of all worlds but ...

    Guess I'll do like someone mentioned and get an inexpensive Nuvi for the car and a new hand held for caching.

  4. Just moved to the Yokosuka area and was wondering if there were many cachers living nearby? There seems to be several caches in and around the Zushi area, but not as much in Yokosuka. So the poll is...Where to you live (no addresses, just cities/town/or general area please).


    I'll start it off by saying that I live on Yokosuka Naval Base.


    Happy Caching...

    A year or so ago there were several but muggles are really bad around Yokosuka. We lived on Negishi and I had several caches in the area but when we left no one wanted to adopt them so they are gone. I did a lot of caching by train but that is very expensive and hard to do without a Japanese friend. Here is my Caching in Japan web pages with the caches I found while there. http://www39.websamba.com/Tarron5475/Jcaching.html

    I haven't updated the archived caches in a while so they might not all still be available. Have fun.

  5. Hi there,


    I'm going to be in Japan for 6 days for a wedding, coming via Narita in Tokyo and going to Hanno, a few hours west of Tokyo. I'll be carrying a Canadian travel bug that is meant to go to Japan. Could anyone please recommend an easy cache, that I can access without a car, next to Narita or Hanno? Thanks!



    There are four geocaches located near Narita. The closest one is near the Holiday Inn about a 20 minute walk from Terminal 2. Here is the link - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f6-793dbc3d69da

    Have fun.

  6. We purchased a Garmin III+ to find our way around Japan while driving but when we went back to Colorado I just used it to find the car on hikes. One day my sister showed me an article in the local paper about geocaching and we went out and found a few but then had to return to Japan. There weren't many caches here in Japan at the time (still not a lot of them) but I found a few of the local ones. Last spring I returned to the states and really got into the sport. Bought a 60CS (my Vista was only B&W) and spent the summer caching a couple times a week. Can't wait to get back to Colorado for good next month (I hope) so I can get my 1,000th cache.

  7. I am also in Japan on deployment trying to find some cache's. Have you had many troubles finding some, or are there any quick ones you suggest since I have very limited free time?

    Where in Japan are you located? If you are in the Tokyo/Yokohama area I can give you a lot of them to find.

  8. If anyone has a MapSource CD that I could borrow, I sure would appreciate it!

    I'd like to help you out but I'm way up north near Yokohama. How long are you going to be there?

  9. I have The Peace Corps travel bug that is trying to get to the Philippines to visit two people working there. The people are only going to be there for a few more months so I don't think it will make it if I just put it in another cache. I plan on being at HANAMI 2006 so could meet you there. If not, I'll just put it in one of the Narita TB caches and hope for the best. Thanks.

  10. I enjoy going to places that I never would have if there wasn't a cache there. I make a yearly trip of 2,000 plus miles to visit friends and relatives and stopping to find caches along the way sure makes the trip more enjoyable. Not to mention that I have discovered that the names on all those interstate exit signs have interesting towns to go with them. I've visited small parks, walked along beautiful streams and rivers, seen unique buildings, and exercised my mind finding caches along the way. However, like others have said, Geocaching isn't for everyone and it may not be for you. Hope you can find something you enjoy as much we do Geocaching.

  11. If you have a Garmin, any of their Mapsource programs interfaces with Google Earth: don't know about any other brands. It would be easier to sort caches if you were a Premium member of Geocaching.com for only $30 a year. If not download GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) and use it to sort caches from your home coordinates. It is very handy to use and well worth the $20 one time registration fee. I see now that geocaching.com will also download a cache file that interfaces with Google earth but I haven't tried it. Good luck.

  12. The owner of the cache I want to adopt has also moved but still logs into the site and I think would let me adopt the cache if I asked. I just want to make it as easy as possible for him to do it.


    On another note, I tried to adopt a cache where the owner had left geocaching and the state admin said NO, and disabled it. Bummer, so I guess you have to get the owner to transfer it to you.

  13. I've tried to search for this information as I'm sure it has been covered before but it seems that search has been disabled. I want to adopt a cache and was wondering what the owner has to do to transfer ownership to me. Thanks.

  14. :lol: Just my opinion but I think they suck. At least with locationless caches you had to find something and then document that you were there. I logged two waymarks tonight and did not have to provide any evidence that I was really there. Some to the waymarks I looked at were very well documented but most were just thrown up with little or no information provided. Keep the locationless caches you have now as it’s better than this.
  15. Now who was it that was willing to climb up the butte with me to find that benchmark near Walsenburg, CO?

    When are you going to climb it? I might be back and ready to get back out hiking. Walsenburg is just down the road for me.

  16. Well it looks like it will have to be the week/weekend before Memorial Day or the week after as the campgrounds in Cimarron Canyon State Park are booked over Memorial Day. Guess I waited a little too long to try to make reservations. After living in Japan the past year I'm not sure I would want to deal with the Memorial Day crowds anyway. When I first read the post I was thinking of the solitude of being in the woods with a few fellow geocacher and benchmark hunters. Camping in an area labeled as a "high traffic area" wasn't in my plans. :laughing:

    I'll keep monitoring this post though and see what you others are going to do.

  17. Well then I guess the next question is ..... do we want to have an event or just show up at one of the campgrounds previously mentioned? Having never been to an event I don't know what is involved in setting one up or how structured they are. I have some free time the next 6 weeks while still here in Japan and could do any computer related stuff that might be needed for one. However, once I get back to Colorado there will just be time for a trip to Wisconsin before leaving for New Mexico.

  18. Maybe I'll join you.  I'm inclined to prefer Memorial weekend.  Other things going on in June.

    Great, it will give me a chance to learn Benchmark hunting from the master. I'll let you know how my plans go once I get back to the US.

  19. Don't know if June will work for me as my wife will be home for the summer and might have other plans. I've spent the last 6 hours reading about the Chile Line and looking up the caches along the way and I'm ready to go. I sure like babysitting a network on the weekends, lots of free time. :D Maybe I’ll just take a run down there after I get back from Wisconsin the end of May. Thanks everyone for all the good information.

  20. Make sure you search just before you leave for Japan as several caches have disappeared in the last couple of weeks. So many people make it hard to keep things hidden here.

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