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  1. It depends on the price. It's a very basic unit, old technology. You can get a cable for it and download from it and upload to it. If it's priced right I'd go for it. I've found over 500 caches with mine. Jim
  2. When we started geocaching a couple of years ago I searched these forums for quite awhile before I decided on a gps. I figured there must be a good reason why 99 percent of the cachers seem to use either Garmins or Magellans. Now we own both. My wife wouldn't trade her yellow eTrex for anything except maybe a new 60c.
  3. GeoCalc will do it and a few other calculations that come in handy for geocaching.
  4. My question would be does it have a data cable for uploading waypoints and firmware upgrades and are programs like EasyGPS able to communicate with it? Is it water proof or water-resistant? I believe the eTrex line of GPS' are water proof to a specifed depth for 30 min. I hope the unit serves you well, heck there are some people who use just a topo map and compass to geocache.
  5. Copy the original GPX file to your PPC, open GPXSONAR, you should be able to see the file now tap the file, you should see it now. Don't use a GPX file thats been saved by EasyGPS, I think it modifies the file.
  6. Click on "View" at the bottom of the page, turn on "Show Images".
  7. After reading your post I realized we had done this cache. I looked it up and sure enough we logged it as our 100th find. We hope you have as much fun and meet as many nice people as we have.
  8. We don't do them for many of the same reasons others don't. We passed one by just today for that very reason. The cache description didn't even say they owned the property. Someone told us at a recent get-together that they stood on the porch of their trailer and watched us look , that made us feel kind of creepy. We didn't do their cache to provide them with a laugh and will have second thoughts about doing any more of theirs. We have passed on urban caches where the owner said it was placed so that it could be observed from their office. Again that creepy feeling of being watched kept us away. We enjoy placing caches for others to have fun searching not to have a laugh at their expense. Jim & Deb
  9. My son-in-law says the GPXSonar and Mapopolis set up makes it too easy. He says it's cheating.
  10. You may need some software like Stumbler to locate and log on to open WiFi networks. Do a google on wardriving. Jim
  11. We had a similar experience with Garmin. We were 6 months out of warranty and it was replaced within a week. I think people should consider support and service when buying a GPS.
  12. The baud rates match and the com ports match. the two units actually work together for a few minutes and then quit. Only the yellow eTrex keeps working as it should.
  13. As it turns out that didn't solve the problem so once again, any suggestions?
  14. As usual I'll struggle with a problem for a couple of days and when I seem to be against a wall I'll post the question on a forum. Then I'll figure it out. Such seems to be the case this time. I needed to turn active sync off. What was throwing me was the fact that it worked with the yellow etrex and not the others. My guess is because the yellow etrex only has NMEA out and the others have NMEA out/in.
  15. As the subject line says I'm using an e755 running Mapopolis hooked up to an etrex using a Supplynet cable. It works fine with the yellow etrex but the Legend and the Vista I tried it with will only work for a minute or two before it stops getting input from the GPSr. All GPSr's are set to NMEA in/out except the yellow etrex it is only NMEA out. Any ideas as to what’s going on?
  16. In ActiveSync go to File>Connection Settings Uncheck "Allow serial cable or infrared connection to this Com port" That worked for me.
  17. Looks great and runs faster. Well done folks! Jim
  18. They just fixed my Legend at no charge and it was six months out of warranty. It had the click stick problem and the lines on the screen. Actually they replaced it with a rebuilt one newer looking then the one I sent in. It took one week to get it back. Call and find out! Jim
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