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  1. i think i would be Conservative long walks and nice views as long as there isnt a micro at the end of it!!! lmn
  2. my advice if u meet a muggle dont mention caching on the first date they think ur strange straight away lol have to break them in gently. lmn
  3. my good friends andys101 and mrs redfrock sadly dont have the time to cache as much anymore and are unable to maintain one of there caches. as it was the first cache they places (and an enjoyable one) they would like to put it up for adoption. gc number GCR2k4 if anyone lives close to here and would like to adopt this one please pm me and i will sort out sending the adoption forms. lmn
  4. Marvellous I may have to get the TKC's back on the bike awwww i miss my bike byway caches used to be my fav lmn
  5. Walk is a little over 2 miles and all flat, only one that might cause you a problem is #4 but if you have somebody with you it should be easy due to the nice bright dry spell we have had. {think there might just be a hint in there} thanks ill give them ago on sat lmn
  6. thay look good, roughly how long is the walk as im 6 months pregnant so can only manage a few miles. lmn
  7. only there for the day will be at the leasure center pm me if u have a hour or so on sat afternoon. lmn
  8. im in windsor sat if thats close ish too u could bag a few caches lmn
  9. but we already have south east caching and forums and chat room including t-shirts and merchandice which has been around for the last few years lmn
  10. omg people like this make me so annoyed if ur going to play the game u should play fair how does he get away with it!!!!!!! lmn
  11. yes this can be done u need an adoption form. thanks to mrsb here it is http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/ lmn
  12. i enjoy these caches and dont see y it would be a prob eg tb hotel pecs is one of my fav caches and i know its safe to leave bugs coins ect as its behind the bar in a pub. i dont see y n e one would find this a prob as u are not obliged to buy a drink when u do the cache though i must admitt most of the time its nice to chill with a coffee whilst filling out the log book.
  13. i have two caches with pub car parking though other places are avilable. but in both pages i mentioned going in to the pub for a drink of dinner i dont see y this would be a prob as it encorages more buissness to them. and free advatisement. i have been on many caching events were we go out for the day and find a cache in the pub car park then we all end up havng lunch there. so i dont see how it can be a bad thing. lmn
  14. i got the oregan 550t from santa this year and its the best thing ever does everything but im sure the 300 ect do just as well i wouldnt do with out it now. when i go caching i achaly use my gps instead of following everyone else lol. lmn
  15. im from kent any time you wanna go caching let me know i live in ashford maby we could meet somewere and bag a few email me through my profile and let me know. im free most of the week now and satdays. lmn
  16. u need to download gsak its free also thing to make a pocket queary u need to be a prieam member. expencive start but worth it trust me lmn
  17. i was looking for a micro along the beach which was hidden under a bench but as always all the benches are empty apart from the one with the cach hidden on it. i was hanging round waiting for the 5 of them to finish there ice creams which with 3 young kids was taking some time. eventualy i got fed up and asked them if they had seen a ring as i think i had dropped it near the bench earlier. the man said he hadnt seen it and moved is family and ice creams to the next bench along so i could look lol lmn
  18. i only got my membership this year i wasnt intrested in it before as i cached with my eterx and just loaded it by hand. now i have my oreagon and i pre load cache load routes ect i wouldnt go back for the small amount it costs if u have a gps u can load its well worth it as i can go any were just turn on the gps and go to the closest cache. its fab. lmn
  19. most of the campsites i go to have nice toilets i say most (tdw) lmn
  20. Please please use cation when following a map, and driving down what is indicated on it as a byway. We've already had one member, who using a older OS map drove down a byway indicated on his map. Which had been re-classified, the signage indicating that it was closed to Motor Vehicles being removed by persons unknown [suspected by the Council to be renegade 4x4 Drivers]. This person got stuck and cause some visible damage where his vehicle had been stuck. This was brought to the attention of the local council, who at one point were talking about pressing charges against this person. Only after discussions between myself, the person involved and the council official. Was the intention to press charges dropped, as it was a genuine mistake. Please do not presume that just because a map shows a BOAT, that it is still so designated. And be aware that the legally required signage, could have been illegally removed by unknown persons. It's not a situation I wish toe see anyone else, in nor do I ever wish to be involved again in such a situation. Responsible 4xx4 Drivers are not the issue, it is the small number of Renegade 4x4 Drivers who ruin it for the rest. Deci anyone who goes off roading should know to always walk the lane first to spot any dangers ect and always go in twos as if something happens you can be pulled out or rescued ect. and a days route takes a few hours to plan comparing diffrent maps i used to use memory map and an os map plus the gps and if the by way has a restriction on it not to use it as every so often they are closed to let the land recover if they are a well used track. i agree the people who do not follow the main rules should not be allowed to ruin the experiance for others an should stick to the man made corces. lmn
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