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  1. i though as a family we were well equipt but i now see wrong just ordering MCP a camo g-sac hopefully it will make caching that little bit easer for him lmao lmn
  2. check the events there is a monthly one at one of the pubs there are plenty of cachers in the area. lmn
  3. if you want to cache with the i pad you would need the new one with the internet on it or a bluetooth internet dongol for the old one.for paper free caching . i wouldnt cache with mine as its to big and bulky to carry round the woods with me then when u find the cache u have to find somewere to put it down thats safe not to damage it and if i left it behind i would lose everything not just my gps all my programs ect personal info would be lost for some one to find. it could be used as i have the apps ect for it to but i personaly wouldnt take mine out walking/caching with me. the i phone does the same thing and is much easier to use as its more hand held. but in my opinion its best to have a gps unit. lmn
  4. we invested in this one city mini hoping it will be good also styles should be do able fingers crossed let you all know in a few weeks when we have road tested it. lmn
  5. lmao we did go for an all terrain buggy as much as money would allow though it seem all the caches like that near me i did whils pregnent and on my own lol and was at a camping event at 34 weeks gone followed by a day of bagging 18 caches lol. he wont stop me from caching he will just have to get used to being dragged through muddy feilds lol. lmn
  6. e trex yellow can pick up second hand ones from ebay for bout 50 quid or about £100 new lmn
  7. welcome to our mad world of tupperware. try and check out local events get to meet other cachers good for any advice and storie swapping. lmn
  8. nope sorry i thik the first maby two would be readable but after that i think u would struggle to fill the pages and how would you distribuit it pay monthly then post it to every one across the country. would it be feesable?? lmn
  9. i have an oregon 550t can go any were just turn it on and it showes the closest caches with discription longs and hints plus maps the other oregon modles do pretty much the same thing but are cheeper. lmn
  10. just say im working for the council and checking for tree snails they have to be counted every year you see lmn
  11. after a long debate with mcp we decided that it would be more senciable not to come we were both really looking forward to this event this year and had concidered comming up for one night. we attened the sussex event a few weeks ago but tbh it was hard work. gutted we are missing this one but book us in for next year +1 lol lmn
  12. welcome hope you know what ur letting ur self in for never mind with the reviewing its all the partying at the events u have to keep up with too lmn
  13. dsnt that kinda give the location of the cache away??? lmn
  14. were do they want to go to also might be a good idea to email the owners and let them know they might say they dont want them posted or to hang on to them for a bit more. if they wanna go south i can help with that. lmn
  15. my car is a tb though i dont log it in to everything lol. see TB197Q6 lmn
  16. Easier to find when there's a cachers trail more like J ok lol u got me
  17. unless eventing with a car full i dont bother with ftf. more goodies if u wait till its been found a few times lmn
  18. this months kent cachers meet is in medway GC273W6 lmn
  19. i think south east is the new reviers location. good luck n e way lmn
  20. ha ha ha cryptic's you needto travel further south and as for ur superdry brad jacket i couldnt coment
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