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  1. humm dont no about ruined but every time i go shopping an get even remotly near a tuperware container have developed this really bad twitch wich dosnt go away untill the tupperware is in the trolly. lmn
  2. i saw your lovley sun screan at Carry on Camping but didnt realise it was a tb. my car is a tb 2 though i have had trouble with things like the sunscreans as they dont seam to like my tinted windows. which is a shame other wise i would have one. i have a rear window sticker but cant really see it, so i had to have the tb details in vinal on the back of the car. lmn
  3. im not usual a fan of tb hotels but since i have to collect some one from heathrow airpot i figgered that i might as well visit one. only trouble is i can find any. now i no that at a big place like that there has to be a tb hotel some were close by. but the search function on the caching site will only bring up caches about 1 mile away from the airport. i have also thryed the keyword search but i could be call anythig an i have tryed all the obvious. please help me thanks lmn
  4. would any one be intrested in a camping event in the ashford kent area. lmn
  5. can maby try an get the activation code from www.geocoinclub.com lmn
  6. i was introduced by netwalker | me | andys101 and mrs redfrock -simon-sydney- ben and lou | the herons | little waltons sadly i dont think netwalker caches any more lmn
  7. i have a big box in the boot of my car made to look like a cache with the official geocache stickers/logos were i keep my walking boots/emergancy cache an all the little bit that usualy get forgotton then i use a camel pack(backpack for bickers) when i go in search of the cache. lmn
  8. hello does any one have an old gos that they would like to sell as im am in need of one. im am after an e trex but would be intrested in others. please let me know as the side affects of not being able to cache are already starting. (twitch) thanks lmn
  9. they are size 275 r16 have pics but they are on a mobile as unable to transfer them to the computer lmn
  10. i no this is not wot the forams are for but i have a set of 5 extream mud tryes which i have to get rid off. they have only done aprox 1000 miles they are all bronco diamond backs an in very good condition. i no longer have a vechicle to put them on an my boss is fed up with tripping over them. if any one is intrested please let me no an i will send some pic's an sizes. thanks lmn
  11. 131 within 25 miles from ct6 8hd we need more!!!!!! lmn
  12. my tb king aurthers mission is to visit castles he is currently n holland an i think nearly everyone who has had him has taken a pic at a castle with him. its really nice to no that people will go that extra mile to forfill the mission. i think it adds a extra bit of fun after the find of the tb. lmn
  13. im in may 5th an 1986 only a few weeks of being a teenager left lmn
  14. can any on please tell me were i might be able to get a screw......... coin that is lmn
  15. it was only the fact i had not hered of navicache until i found this bit of paper in side a cache saying there was another one 9ooft away. lmn
  16. my beta max still works fine. also all the classics are on beta max. LMN
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