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  1. im sure we can make a jr shirt have to have a think on that one though still waiting for prices on a set of these ones. lmn
  2. no though might have something on the back like.... geobabes get thier boxes out in the woods or geobabes get thier ammo-cheasts out in the woods (sorry hazel pinched ur idea) lmn
  3. http://img.geocaching.com/user/bca325e5-72...825872c0511.jpg if this pic comes out it could be the design unless anyone has any better designs lmn
  4. well geobabes were discovered in the chat room but i guess that if u cache an ur a babe then that makes you a geo babe. though you should cheak out the chat room. lmn
  5. wow i didnt no how populer this thread would be the final design will be posted soon if anyone has any ideas please post them, though do bear in mind that i dont have a final price yet as was just seeing if there would be an intreast. lmn
  6. if events are so boring why do i drive half way across the contrey on my own to stay in a tent in the rain an the gail force winds. events are to meet new ppl an have a good old giggle. lmn
  7. calling all geobabes. if u r a babe please reply im doing a count of the geobabes from the chat room. please let me no as im trying to get some t-shirts made an need to no how many to get made an weather it will be affordable. lmn
  8. have cached with many of the geobabes an the geomen would like to cache with the so solid crew as i love there caches an they have some intresting logs, also the philys as they are so lovley!!! lmn
  9. aww wizzie love tha parking. though u nearly missed the hog roast lol lmn
  10. i have one says NAUGHTY PERSON ON BOARD. lmn
  11. i must addmit that when it comes to stella i do like to have a few but not to much that it will spoil the next days caching. its nice to let your hair down some people do it though drink others like yourself may have another way of doing it. i find that im more realxed an gives me chance to chill out. though at shrops i did have 1 early night due to a funny tummy though it wasnt the drink (ask sparticus). so wether you drink or not an event is to relax away from the working life an most of all enjoy yourself however you do best!!! lmn
  12. eww camping that means being outside an sleeping in a tent with bugs an stuff..... count me in lmn
  13. mr an mrs pp i have the dress an helen in musturd land has the hat. if you send me ur address i will kindly mail it back to you as im not sure the next event i will be able to attend. lmn
  14. wow that was soooooo funny thanks to house of boo an lordelf lmn
  15. it seams that i have misplaced a blue whitches hat with stars on it. it was borrowed from the lovley purple pinapples along with the rest of the costume wich i still have. if anyone has seen it can they please returne it as im sure they would like it back. i will also returne the rest of the costume. lmn
  16. i think that a majoraty of people who use to post now use the chat room wich gets rid of most of the off topic threads. only reacently has the foram been filled with these word games, though i must say it was nice to have a read of the goings on's wilst trying to franticly search the answer to one of ther questions. one word game on the page was fine an a bit of fun but now it seams that everybody wants to have thier own word game an its takinig over. i dont think the off topic foram will work unless there is a link to it. but for all the others who wish to play silly games can i sugest the hokesters chat room as its always really friendly an a good laugh also sometimes we do answer serious caching related questions to. keep up the good work guys. lmn
  17. oh 69 now wot association can i make with that mmmmm, the archies had thier one hit wonder with suger suger lmn
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