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  1. www.geotees.com its run by well known cachers
  2. oh i do love to read you posts drsolly always gives me a giggle thankyou xxxxx lmn
  3. id check out ur local events and meet a few of them they might even have a trip planned u can go along with. lmn
  4. im happy with a reasanble circuler walk, i dont go out and spend all day driving around i prefer a nice stroll maby 3 miles or so bag a few and back for lunch. even better if they are child and buggy friendly lmn
  5. lol i cant stand these calls we get a lot of them if im in the mood ill waste there time for a bit
  6. i once found an xbox with controlers ps3 a bedroom lamp and a whole lot of other household items hidden were a cache should of been i just took a photo and showed it to the police along with the location, must of been stolen from somewere and reasently to as they werent wet or damaged. quite a shock though when thats not what ur looking for also to be gone before who ever comes back. lmn
  7. that is MeerRescue's area drop him an email and he might be able to help. lmn
  8. sometimes it happens i do try and follow the missions but if your away with out internet and pick up a tb when u get home u could of taken it in the wrong direction compleatly or even out of the country i have done it many a time by accident but then my tbs are spread all over the world and have had many detours. personaly i would rather my tb moved than stay in a cache untill the right person can move it. lmn
  9. would be 23rd-25th sept as hubby has to go on a cource and will cost us the same to camp as it would the fuel there and back each day can i have the list of campsites need to be the closes to rh11 9bq postal code if poss. lmn
  10. looks like we might be going to crawley for a camping weekend can anyone sugest a good campsite for a family with a geo hound also a few caches if we find a nice site i was thinking of making it an event would nayone be intrested? lmn
  11. id rather a safe route also have a dog and young child and buggy can make things hard work if i have to watch the traffic and navigate roads aswell. lmn
  12. might get something fron www.geotees.co.uk i know they do stickers ect if not could always make your own lmn
  13. or a garmin etrex yellow can pick up a good condition second hand one for about £50 lmn
  14. hi i live in ashford your best bet is to go to one of the kent meets the next one is in thannet but secone weekend of sept is a camping event in the isle of sheppy if u can get there, or they contacting windy miller as he lives and works up that way. if you are able to stop and do my drive of your life cache you might bump in to him as he works in the french car garage:) lmn
  15. we have our kent event on a sat lunch time at a pub maby you could ask ur 'rents to go to ur local for lunch and set up the event there too we normaly start ours at 12 and ppl start to leave about 3 but some stay later. just find a place that u can get to either walking or from a lift and talk to the owners (unless is its a park or something) then just write ur page of were to go and what day and ppl will come lmn
  16. i wasnt going to get involved in this topic as i dont go to the mega events, but i do know how much work mollyjak have put in to these events and others. for anyone to do this much hard work (not just the fund raising but organising ect) and not ask for anything in return other than a bit of respect and maby a thanks is that so much to ask! yes others may have contrubuted and sold more or collected more money for the events ect but this event was not arranged by just one person everyone who helped to organise it should be getting the same amount of thanks as if they didnt all work together there wouldnt be a mega event. when you join a committee you are part of a team and you raise together that team should stick together and be there to help each other. remember there is no I in team. keep up the good work lilian we all love you xxxxx lmn
  17. lol nothing againts smart phone usere just feel there will be more people doing it as a one off and muggling/not hiding properly or taking trackables never to be seen again. it was more fun when not so many ppl had hered of it.
  18. i just thought as a newbiew reading it it dosnt give out much info about caching itself other than download an app and go find one. i think there has been to much adavatisement latley with the bbc one show then the one on the news, and they havent said whos in the pic or team names or n e thing seems a bit odd, lmn
  19. after a mega pirate weekend i cam home to find this artical in my local free mag, personaly i feel its very badly written and tells everyone exactly how to find a local cache to them with out them knowing the rules gidelines of the game i feel this is putting my caches at risk of muggles, is there n e way of stopping this also they have used the geocaching logo is this allowed? http://issuu.com/tvdp/docs/aug-charing1?mode=embed&layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Fcolor%2Flayout.xml&backgroundColor=FFFFFF&showFlipBtn=true hope my link works opinuons please
  20. oh im so excited i cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yet to aquire my pirate gear but ill get there.
  21. I dont agree if you want to hide a cache it should be up to the op, but i think they should wait until a good amount of finds before they start hiding, besides what chance do they have when people who have only been caching a few months throw out lodes of them in a short space of time? if everyone was to do that we wouldnt be able to move. so people like yourself make up for those who dont hide. its a matter of opinion and how often/able you are to find/hide and maintain the caches id rather someone not hide a cache than not maintain it. lmn
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