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  1. My son and I put a cache in the Columbia River at Columbia Park (We have met you...we are on the geocoin challenge committee for the Tri-Cities). It was about two to three feet down near the Edison St boat launch in Columbia Park. It was muggled three times and one time they emptied the cache on the bank and took the container. We would be happy to help you put one out.
  2. That did the trick. I uninstalled both programs and it worked both ways you described. I never had a problem before loading PQ's. I recharged my batteries and hooked it up to the pc and Garmin installed a new update. That is when everything stopped working. Thanks for the assist.
  3. I am using Windows 10. I used " Send To Garmin". It was sent to my gps but they were not unzipped. It shows the file is there but the gps says no caches are loaded. I also tried the extract as Garyo1954 suggested and it shows Extract and when I click on it all the options area shaded out and not available.
  4. I have tried using the My lists section to download my pocket query to my GPS62stc. When I try to send the PC to my Garmin I get a message from WinZip that I need to purchase their program as my trial edition has expired. What unzip program do you use? I used easygps to send the list to my gps but when I try to look at the caches it says that there is none. My gps shows the file from easygps like it always has. Any suggestions?
  5. A buddy of mine was a newbie cacher back in 2011. He went to Tennessee in 2011 for training. He cached long enough to pick up his only TB. When he got back to Washington State he found a couple of caches and stopped caching. Fast forward 5 years and he finds the TB in his house somewhere. He knows I am a cacher and gave it to me to move along. Anybody know someone who kept a TB longer. We did the same thing back in 2010 when we found on our first day of caching and didn't know what to do with it. I was not seen it again for almost a year. I felt really bad when we found it again. The TB's owner had quit caching back in 2008 so I guess they really didn't miss it.
  6. #56 Is mine. It has been replaced (Should be GC5KZV4). It looks like #73 has also been replaced.
  7. The only way to get these caches removed is to tell us where you are and where your land is. Without that info we have no way of contacting the geocache owners.
  8. I wonder if the OP is looking at the geocache map page and notices that his smiley is gone and a new unfound cache is in the same spot. I use the map page to see what caches I have not found yet in my area. I would wonder why my smiley is gone.
  9. Garmin's have a filter setting to limit the displays and listing according to your preferences. By default, the filter is set to show only unfound caches. If you change that to Show All, your found caches will show up again. I have not changed any settings or options on my gps so I would think nothing should have changed. I went to my geocache list and decided to FIND a cache I had recently found. I then went to my recent finds screen and it is now there. No other caches are listed though. Must have been a glitch?
  10. I have already logged my caches but I will try the field note route when next I cache.
  11. I have a 62stc and I found about a dozen caches recently. When I got home I tried to find them (to log them) in my recently found caches folder. That folder was empty. I restarted the gps several times with no better results. I hooked up the gps to my pc and was able to find them by going thru all the folders via the pc. Any ideas why they will not show up?
  12. My son and I put an ammo can in the Columbia River. The ammo can was about half full of pebbles with a small Lock n Lock. It was placed in a cement culvert (partial piece) about 10 feet out in the river. It was in there and quite dry until the water level was lowered due to lack of snow. It was muggled. We are looking at putting another one out and placing it amongst some boulders so it will be harder to find if the water goes lower again. I saw a video of a smaller Lock n Lock that was placed inside a larger one with concrete inside the larger one to weigh it down and keep the smaller cache in place.
  13. Would love to get these!!! Very nice.
  14. In my case it is the best of both worlds. I am volunteering at our Mega Event in June which happens to be in a State park. It has a cache already and probably have a couple more put out for the event. We used to go to Beverly Beach State Park on the Oregon Coast quite a bit. I think we will have to stay there again soon now that we are cachers so we can get their caches.
  15. My son is looking at placing a cache in the Columbia River. We have a pelican case with a waterproof bag in it. My question is does anybody have better cache ideas? I saw a video (I cannot find it now) where someone had a large lock n lock, filled with concrete, with a smaller lock n lock inside it. I am not sure if it is better to weigh it down or anchor it somehow.
  16. A very nice coin. Anybody know how many different mystery coins there are???
  17. That is different kind of Cache, with a different kind of Swag...... While doing our local geocoin challenge (Mega this year) last year I found a well used "pipe" in the cache. In the decription it said this park was a great place to relax. I guess somebody wanted to provide a means to relax. Of course the "pipe" was properly tossed way.
  18. Does anybody know where I could get one?
  19. While looking at the Groundspeak shop site I noticed their International Geocaching Day Geocoin is displayed with the code. I did a search and found it was activated and people are virtually logging it. Does anybody know if this was intentional by Groundspeak? So far it has been discovered virtualy 126 times. It was placed in an event in Texas.
  20. The accuracy of gz can depend on the weather conditions, accuracy of the hiders gps (Phone vs gps unit), terrain, and other factors at the time they get their readings. I put a cache out and switched two numbers by accident. Lucky for me I double checked my gps units coordinates and the location on the map before I sent it to the reviewer.
  21. Where did you get the wolf coin??? We have a wolf sanctuary in Washington State and it is a very nice place to visit. It is called Wolfhaven.
  22. While doing our Geocoin challenge I found a "pipe", well used, in the cache. Needless to say I removed and disposed of the offending item.
  23. I saw a post somewhere that you can get all 81 in the vicinity of Hood River Oregon. I have not checked that area out yet but with all the caches on both sides of the Columbia river there I can see how it could be done. If there is a bookmark of the 81 in a small area that would be worth planning a vacation trip around it.
  24. The new Tri-Cities 2014 Geocoin Challenge (Washington State) has been posted. It starts in June.
  25. When I tried to load some caches using my new computer it would not SEE the Garmin plug in. I called Garmin and they said that Windows 8.1 does not like plug-ins. They said to use Chrome. Long story short...Have Windows 8.1 Use Chrome for loading geocaches on your gps.
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