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  1. So, what, exactly, is multipath? Is the implication that the unit is simultaneously plotting itself into more than one location?
  2. no According to Garmin tech support: " ... it appears ... that either the unit lost reception or you may have experienced what we call multipath where these units being High Sensitive GPS devices are continually trying to update the satellite information may have picked up a satellite bouncing off something as small as a leaf, a hill, a tree, a path or sidewalk, whatever it has hit."
  3. That sure looks like degrees - minutes - seconds to me Try switching to that format - entering the data in that format - then switch back to degrees - minutes - decimal minutes. When you make the conversion, I'm guessing that it will look something like: N36 17.175 W115 38.774
  4. Probably the easiest way to tell is that you will have lost all of your user entered data except the data on the welcome page and the maps and other data that are stored on the card. If you made any changes in page sequences, page setups, etc., you will have to do all of those again. You also will have to re-enter stored waypoints. By the way, I tried the hard reset trick and it did not fix the problem. I did a walk in the neighborhood and plotted the track. The log recorded a "drift" - clearly the same issue as shown in the track log that one of the other people posted - although not as extreme.
  5. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to find chipset 2.40, 2.50 and 2.60?
  6. Add some terrain and a little more overhead cover, both of which would restrict the view of the sky, and variable terrain sufficient to to periodically slow your pace and I'm guessing that both the trip computer and the track log would have a lot more error in them.
  7. Go to the Garmin site and download a pdf file for the Legend C. The functions are the same except that the Legend C does not have a memory card. The user manual for the discontinued model is more comprehensive.
  8. You might check the faq's at the following link: http://www8.garmin.com/products/communicator/faq.jsp Note, especially, the following: Q. Does the Communicator work with all Garmin devices? A. No, the Communicator works best with devices that connect to a computer via USB cable. While some devices that connect to a computer via serial cable or serial-USB adapter will work with the Communicator, they are not officially supported and we cannot guarantee compatibility or provide customer support.
  9. Is there something in communicator that you have to select so that the program and your computer "know" that you are working through a serial port rather than usb port? If you can't get communicator to work, download a copy of Easygps. It requires an extra step to download the coordinates to Easygps and then send then to your gps, but it's still a much better option than manually entering the waypoints. It's been awhile since I have worked with my eTrex, but I seem to recall that Easygps has the capability of communicating through either a serial port or through a usb port.
  10. It let's you do this: i.e. make an image of the information from garmin gps screen so that you can share it with others. I don't think that program consumes much disk space. I agree with the other poster who suggested getting a new hard drive or an external hard drive. In fact, you should have an external hard drive, anyway, to back up all the stuff that's on your hard drive now that you don't want to loose.
  11. I'll second that motion. And, although I have some level of agreement with those who suggest that the question can't be answered without also knowing something about intended use and budget, I'd note that the Venture HC will do (and do well) everything that a person has a right to expect from a consumer grade gpsr. Other units might have more bells and whistles, but they won't do what a Venture HC does any better than the Venture HC does it.
  12. http://www.bizrate.com/ratings_guide/cust_...id--171774.html I also think it is suspicious that I was unable to find a physical address for the place on their website.
  13. Try running WebUpdater, again. You should have Firmware version 2.60 and GPS software version 2.60. I assume that GPS software version 0.0 means that you don't have any software installed for the chipset. The link that you used for the manual install does the firmware. I don't know how to manually install the chipset software unless someone from Garmin emails it to you. Maybe someone here who knows how to navigate the Garmin website knows how to retrieve the chipset software, but I've never been able to find it. However, if it functions correctly, WebUpdater should check for the chipset software after it checks the firmware.
  14. Something from the Garmin H series, with your final choice based on your preference for features and price. Unless you are content with a very basic model, I'd recommend against the eTrexH. There is nothing wrong with the unit, but the cable is an extra and the cable attaches to a serial port rather than USB.
  15. When I have run WebUpdater, it updates the firmware all by itself, once I have entered the command. After checking for updates to the firmware, it will then look for updates to the chipset (which it should do even if you choose to update to or reinstall the current firmware). I don't think it is possible with WebUpdater to revert to an earlier version. If you want to manually update the firmware, you have to download it yourself from Garmin's website and then install it. I don't think is possible to manually install the updates to the chipset (i.e. you have to use WebUpdater) unless you contact Garmin and ask them to email you the update.
  16. Open the waypoint page and press the "menu" button. One of the options on the menu is "delete". Select that option and, on the next page, you will have the option to delete all waypoints or to selectively delete waypoints, by symbol. Each time you download to MapSource you open another instance of MapSource. Not a problem, really. Leave the first instance open (i.e. the first waypoint that you downloaded). Download the second waypoint and right click/copy the second waypoint from the waypoint list. Close the second instance of MapSource and switch to the first instance of MapSource and past the second waypoint into the waypoint list. etc. Do a "save as", give the file a name and save it in whatever folder you use for such things (I keep a folder called "my garmin" inside the "my documents" folder where I save my various files of waypoints and tracks).
  17. I think you have answered your problem twice in this thread. You said that garmin communicator found a "removable disk" and you said that you were in USB Mass Storage Mode when you attempted to transfer the waypoint. It sounds to me like you are writing the waypoint to the card not to your internal memory - waypoints are stored in internal memory. Turn the unit off. Turn it back on again and don't switch to mass storage mode. Now, when you attempt to use communicator, it should see your gps (it will say that it found a Vista HCx and show the serial # for your device). One other suggestion, make sure that you have your unit set up so that the geocache symbol is associated with caches. Otherwise, the caches will show up on the waypoint list, but they will not show up in the geocache subset of waypoints.
  18. I don't know that particular unit, but I think every Garmin gps with a barometric altimeter has a hole in the case - the altimeter won't work without it.
  19. What's your privacy worth? Now the sponsors of mygpsdeal.com can pay for the Nuvi that they "gave" you by selling your contact information to a bunch of telemarketers who can now call you without being in violation of the "do not call" legislation.
  20. If you download the waypoint to MapSource (the program that came with your Legend), you can then edit the properties of the waypoint. Add/save information to the comment field. This information will then be stored with the waypoint when you send it to your gps. One word of caution - The comment field in MapSource is larger than the note that you can store with the waypoint on your gps. Use shorthand!
  21. You wouldn't need a card to do the wilderness unless, by the wilderness, you mean the entire continental divide trail. I can get all of Topo 2008 for Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks and most of the country in between on my old Legend C, which has the 24 mb internal memory.
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