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  1. The units came with warranties - but, I admit, I have not read mine carefully. If the new chipset was used to correct a flaw in the original chipset, the original units were defective when they left the factory. If that is the scenario - I have not yet confirmed that is the case - Garmin has a legal obligation, within the terms of the warranty, to correct the problem.
  2. The following is the email that I received from Garmin: Thank you for contacting Garmin International, the only version available would be what is on our website. If a different version is on a newer unit that version will become available when the engineers feel it is necessary. I cannot clarify your statement of " I understand that the new units come with Software Version 2.40 and GPS Version 2.40 installed." as I have no way to check a new unit. With Best Regards, Patricia E Software Support Specialist Software Team Garmin International 913-397-8200 800-800-1020 913-397-8282 (fax) Att: Patricia E www.garmin.com To that, here is my reply: Patricia - another person posted a slightly different reply to the same question from someone else at Garmin on the geocache.com bulletin board. I've pasted a copy of that reply below this message. My basic concern with all of this is that there is a know issue with a faulty trip computer in the VistaHCX. I have reported this issue - others have reported this issue - and, based on prior correspondence with Garmin, you (Garmin) also are aware of this issue. I am waiting patiently for a fix. However, if the fix is to use a different chip set, with different firmware and that fix is not available to those who purchased the older versions of the Vista HCX, I will be one very disappointed beta tester. Thanks.
  3. I also sent Garmin an inquiry on this issue. I'm wondering whether the new chip set is the solution to the trip computer issue. I intend to ask that question when I receive a reply from Garmin and I suggest that you and others, who also have inquired about the firmware 2.40 do the same.
  4. did they happen to explain why the new ones have gps sw version 2.40 but that it is not possible to update the older ones from 2.30 to 2.40.
  5. download a manual for the vistax or for the map 60csx. The units may be a little different, but the basic operations are the same and the manuals for the older models have a lot more detail.
  6. Step 1. Contact your credit card company and file a dispute on the charge for this purchase. Include a detailed explanation of your issue. Step 2. Return the item. You'll probably have to eat the return postage. Step 3. If the restocking charge appears on your credit card statement, dispute that one, too. Let the vendor fight with the credit card company. If the circumstances are as you described, I rather suspect that the only thing you will pay for is the return shipping.
  7. I'm a satisfied/biased Garmin user, so I'm not the best person to ask regarding other brands. The only significant issue that I'm aware of is the problem with the trip computer when hiking at slow speeds. It affects the readouts for the odometer and for moving time. If you need that information while in the woods, it's a problem - but there is an effective workaround because it does not affect the track logger and you can determine the distance you've hiked from the track log. Imho, the current firmware reduced the error but did not solve the problem. I'm still optimistic that Garmin will fix the problem, eventually - I wish I new how long "eventually" will take. I appreciate the greater sensitivity of the Vista HCx. Had I known the problem that I have experienced with the trip computer, I think I would still have purchased the unit.
  8. If you really want to save those track logs, I'd suggesting backing them by saving them in MapSource - if you have not done so already. That way you will still have them if you inadvertently delete them from your GPSr. You will also have the capability to upload the logs to a different GPSr.
  9. I have used both the usb and the serial ports with EasyGPS. You will have to add the USB connection to make it work, however. Go into preferences and on the mygps tab, select add gps. The, click on Add GPS. At that point you will get a menu of GPSr. That menu probably will not have the new H series units. But, if you select a gpsmap 60 csx, it should work.
  10. You can get a Garmin VistaHCx for $240 from Offroute.com. That is a lot of unit. You can get a card for it and by map software for it, but it will work fine for geocaching without the card and the maps. You could also get a Summit HCx from the same source for $195. The Summit is basically the same unit except that it has a fixed memory and doesn't accept the card. You could spend about half that amount and get an eTrexH. The latter really is a "beginner GPS". But, once you start, you will probably want more so, you might as well start with one that has the additional features, including the maps. Then, you can decide later whether you want to purchase anything more than the very basic map that comes with the unit.
  11. It is a function for managing waypoints that include the geocaching symbol in the waypoint description.
  12. Go to the main page, select set-up and then select units. There are several options for displaying distance.
  13. If you are going to do it, you might as well get an eTrexH...unless you can get a real bargain on the older unit, the costs are similar. One downside to my suggestion is the fact that the eTrex units connect to the computer via a serial port rather than a USB cable. The cable is an extra, not part of the package and if your computer does not have a compatible port, you would also have to purchase an adapter. This is a consideration only if you intend to transfer a lot of data between your computer and the GPSr.
  14. Yes. Look at the top of the track page. There is an option to turn tracking on/off. My suggestion would be to turn tracking off and save the current log (assuming that you want to keep it). Then, clear the log and turn tracking back on when you want to begin logging.
  15. This is an interesting explanation. However, if this is the case, the same problem should occur with the 60csx and the 76csx. Also, the odometer for an older unit should read a similar result because of the effect of dropping the signal. However, the reports posted in here indicate that the significant discrepancy between the odometer and the track log only occurs with the new units.
  16. Even if you give up service for rock-bottom price, it is unrealistic to expect the customer to pay for the vendor's mistake.
  17. If you used a credit card, dispute the charge with the card company - call them as soon as you get the statement, or sooner. If the purchase was as you described, the credit card will probably not bill you for it. Either way, you don't have to pay the charge while the credit card company is resolving the dispute. fwiw, I recently purchased a Vista HCx from Offroute.com and had excellent service.
  18. I think you can go to the entry that you logged and upload the photos from there.
  19. If you purchase a Vista HCx, I'd suggest going to the garmin website and downloading the user's manual for the Vista C. Many of the features on the two units will be the same and the user's manual for the older model is more comprehensive - including a better description of the geocache function.
  20. Realistically, you can get started for the price of the GPS. For recreational use, I have a bias for Garmin units. If you are going to make the plunge, you might as well get one of the units in the new H series because they are more accurate than the older models and the cost differential is very small. The basic eTrexH is sufficient. - in my opinion, that's probably the only one of the basic handheld Garmins to consider. But, if you get started with this, you will soon prefer more features. Also, the eTrex does not come with a cable and the cable requires a serial port or an adapter to convert it to use in a USB port. So, I'd suggest getting one of the mapping handhelds - they all come with a USB cable. You don't need a unit that takes a memory card unless you want to add a lot of map data. The map that comes with the mapping units is basic - very basic. But, for caching, you don't need an internal map. It's nice to be able to transfer cache locations directly from your computer to your GPSr, but you do not need to purchase additional software to do it. The software that comes with the mapping handhelds is sufficient to do it. MapSource also has a feature that allows you to view your waypoints in GoogleEarth You can also download EasyGPS - a piece of shareware. If you get the eTrexH, you would need that because it does not come with software. There is another piece of shareware that I like using - USAPhotoMaps. That program downloads maps and photos from the Terraserver website. You can't transfer that data to your GPSr, but you can move waypoints and tracks back and forth and visualize your GPS data on the maps and photos. There are several sources for purchasing GPS units online for discounted prices. I recently purchased one of the newer models from Offroute.com. They gave me good service. With the free shipping, it was within a handful of change the best price I was able to find on the web.
  21. Thanks for the explanation and, for an extended bush whacking trip, that's the logical way to use a GPSr, i.e. one of several tools to assist with plotting and maintaining a course.
  22. As you have described your trip - I noted that you have done it twice and both times using GPS for navigation - I can understand why you might not have needed the odometer. But, it sounds as though you had pre-programmed the route into your GPSr. Thus, had you needed to know how far you had traveled or how far you had to go to the next intermediate destination, you could easily have made that determination from your position, relative to your route.
  23. I did it, but it might be a few days before I have the time for a hike that would really put it to the test. I will post results when I do. I was hoping that someone else might try it as well.
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