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  1. 3 hours ago, kunarion said:


    If you check your cache and nothing changed, it's up to you whether to make a log.  If instead you change something that may affect Finders, it's good to make a log.  For example, there are a couple of Cache Owners near where I live that will repair a container, or move it to its spot after it was found in the wrong place, or even activate a cache and place the container later.  All of those actions will affect other cachers' decisions on when to hunt that cache.


    There are times when it may be not so good an idea to make an Owner log.  When I place something cool into a cache, I usually make a log about it, but tend to be non-specific about what I placed :anicute: (except of course, Trackables).  And if someone has tried a couple of times and failed to find my cache, I might check on it, but I don't make a point to log that "it's still there".  Because I hate when Cache Owners do that when I can't find their cache.  But I do often write to the cacher to offer a hint.


    It also depends on the cache.  A couple of my caches tend to be found by new cachers and muggles, and are therefore high maintenance.  I could check the cache after every Find and have something to work on, and especially when there's been a suspiciously quiet few weeks (it became misplaced? Nobody mentioned it).  A lot of "Micros" develop progressively wetter log sheets that you could replace after every rainstorm and still get NM logs.   Like others, I try not to fill up the online log with a mass of my Maintenance logs.  There's a balance.




    Thank you!

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Max and 99 said:

    I personally would not log every time I add swag. 

    No but if I am logging actual maintenance and add it I will. I had to unbury it today because leaves have started to fall and it's an accessible cache so I needed to clean up the debris and added swag. So I said I cleaned up the debris and added swag. But I'm not going to log just when I add something. But I'll add it on if I do something that I also left something.

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  3. 1 hour ago, barefootjeff said:

    My caches don't get many finds relative to my visits so I generally only post an OM log if I've actually fixed something, otherwise the cache page just fills up with my logs. I noticed this on a cache a few years back when, over an eighteen month period, the only logs were my OMs which all pretty much said the same thing, that I'd cleared away the leaf litter from around the first waypoint:



    I'm mindful that anyone using PQs only gets to see the five most recent logs and I don't want them all to be OMs from me saying everything's fine.


    Thank you! That's very helpful! I will do that! Only do the log if I've done or added anything to it like a new log. Like today I added swag and cleared up some brush to the cache. So I'll log that but then other weeks when I just check don't log that.

  4. 2 hours ago, Mermaid.Man said:

    Every other week seems excessive. I like to check my caches every 6 months and I'll post an owner maintenance log when I do. 


    My caches are in heavily muggled areas where others have vanished. Two of them are super special containers and I don't expect them not to get walked off with at some point. 


    24 minutes ago, cerberus1 said:


    Are your containers so fragile that they need that much maintenance ?  If they're quality containers, you should be good for a while.  

    If you're going to continue this maintenance plan, at 5-14 logs, your Owner Maintenance logs could end up more than finds.  :)

    If you're okay with that, cool I guess...

    I have two left that my yearly Temp Disable/Enable logs for a busy hunting season outnumber all finds (of maybe one or two a year).   



    Not fragile but they get gushes about 'oh it's such a neat container!' And I've had neat containers wander off. And I won't log the maintenance log every time we go but I was thinking doing it periodically.  They are in locations we're at every other week so we're like might as well check them and make sure they've not been stolen and stick some swag in there.

  5. 32 minutes ago, TeamRabbitRun said:


    Yes, and yes. I'd trade for those.


    Maybe put them in a baggie with a note encouraging a TRADE, not just a TAKE.

    Great idea! Thank you! I do have very small bags so I'll do a note with them!

  6. Sorry for bumping an old thread. But would small ceramic stars I've made and 3d printed personalized coins be something you all think people would be interested in swag wise? I've been thinking about making our own swag to leave in caches .

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  7. 1 hour ago, TeamRabbitRun said:


    Of course, the use of magnetic electrical plates and birdhouses trains the geocaching public to attempt to dismantle actual electrical equipment and real birdhouses.


    Perhaps there are less, um, 'consequential' real-life objects that can be spoofed to appear as everyday items.



    I've never attempted to move one that was a real electrical plate. The magnetic ones are very easy to remove and to spot around here tbh. And the birdhouses are obviously not real as the hole is plugged up by black fabric or sometimes wood. Some of them have no holes. 


    If you are going to worry about consequential items. Then the entire game could be seen as bad and I've seen it said as such by conservationists because humans are traipsing into the underbrush to go after what is essentially plastic often times hidden in the wood. Wouldn't that be seen as a kind of littering? The entire game could be seen as consequential if you start going down this path

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  8. Do people not do this anymore? I do. Just released the one above with a tag. But none of the new ones I see have this. I think it at least keeps newbie cachers from unknowingly pocketing the bugs.


    You are "people" so at least someone does! That's a good idea! Of the 17 trackables I have found, only one had such a tag. I was not originally impressed by the idea because the info tag was in horrible shape and barely readable. The trackable was only about a year old. I suppose that depends a lot on how big the add-on tag is and how it is laminated. For those really concerned about their trackables and want them to stay moving as long as possible, this can only help. I may try this next time!


    From what I've seen of my TB released in 2010 it's info sheet laminated with those laminating sheets is still in good condition! I was sent a pic of it recently!

  9. The last few travel bugs I've moved along (including the one I have picked up yesterday) none of them have their info on a laminated tag, like their name and goal and most specifically 'I AM NOT A COLLECTIBLE'. Back when these first started we'd do a tag like this






    Do people not do this anymore? I do. Just released the one above with a tag. But none of the new ones I see have this. I think it at least keeps newbie cachers from unknowingly pocketing the bugs.

  10. You are very sweet and kind to worry about tbs that aren't yours! That's how it should be! For me? I look for long standing caches. I've got two TBS in my possession that I am taking to Virginia Beach with me. There's a nice cache there that has never been muggled and I watch it's contents to see if things don't get logged lol

  11. Here's another example of a cache I found recently, but I picked a photo that I found on the web that illustrates this cache hide.

    This one is questionable. I would love to hear from reviewers if this is a guideline breaker or not.




    The bison tube is under the cemetery's numbered marker, the numbered marker is located below the gravestone. You have to lift the numbered marker to get the bison tube (actually no longer a bison tube but only a baggie with a scrap of paper -- but I digress).


    Is it a guideline breaker?


    If yes, what if the numbered brick is at the gravesite of a geocacher's father?


    On another tangent, what if the marker were in a pet cemetery? Does it matter if it's a pet marker that's being lifted versus a human marker?


    Unless the family of the gravesite have put it there it's SUPER disrespectful.


    A few years ago I realized that people were suddenly tearing up my daughter's gravesite decorations. Her flowered were being rifled through and someone had DUG by her grave and crushed some of her statues. I was suspicious and did a search. Someone had hid a cache at MY child's gravesite. Well this is my family's graveyard and I posted a new rule 'NO GEOCACHING IN THE CEMETERY' people were being so distructive

  12. I've never checked my profile before! LOL I have 7!!


    So whenever I find a cache in another state I'll get a souvenir? That's cool! I'll get WV and Virginia soon then :)


    I guess I got one yesterday too! Get outdoors day!


    I was traveling all day Saturday so I didn't get the Get outdoors day but I got one for Dublin, Ireland yesterday.


    Ohhh!! Dublin is exciting!! Way to go!

  13. There are a lot of TBs around these parts. Stuff going missing it part of a game unfortuantely. Caches get muggled too. The tbs that I watch that seems to be the logest lived are ones in memory of someone or something

    It may be a reality of the game, but it certainly isn't a sanctioned part of the game. If it were a recognized part of the game like infractions in football, then there would be penalties for those infractions. "Holding TB too long on TheAuthorityFigures! 5 smiley penalty!" "Retrieving TB from cache without loging, mesillywoohoo, 10 Smiley penalty!" "Giving in to Childs demand to keep TB, FamilyTryingThisGameOutForTheFirstTime, automiatic game ejection!" :laughing:


    Of course it's not a sanctioned part of the game. But this is real life and people suck and you've got to accept reality and stop being bitter about it. Your TB disappears. Release a new one. They aren't super expensive. Or make a replacement for the lost one. It's not hard.


    The fact is a lot of people start geocaching but don't keep with it. They get bored or burnt out and just never do it again. Or they die. My friend's tb ended up with a lady who got hit by a car and killed. She knows because the lady's brother found the tb and contacted her. It's unfortunate but that happens. Then if you have a cache somewhere where it floods and your tb was in there? It's lost.


    They might turn up years from now they might not just like any buried treasure which is what this game is about. Finding things hidden.

    looks like someone read my post the wrong way. This ( :laughing: ) was suppose to clue you in on the nature of the post. It was in jest.


    What is supposed to clue me in that it was a jest? Is it an emote? They aren't working on my tablet for some reason. They show as a box with an X


    I'm glad you were jesting. I've heard people truly get upset and suggest points and such if people did something 'wrong'

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