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  1. Hello folks. My newsletter subscribers got the heads up on these a couple of weeks ago, and now its time to show them off to the world! Geo-Pendants have arrived at Geocoin Design and are now available here. These lovely trackables are fashioned after a medieval castle door and are simply beautiful. The door is secured by magnet. Suitable for use as a locket. The tracking numbers are filled with RED ENAMEL for easier reading, and each pendant comes with either an 18" gold or nickel necklace. Additionally, each Geo-Pendant is packaged in a velveteen pouch. Pendant stats: Size: 1.25" x 1" x 3/16" (32mm x 26mm x 5mm) Unique Icon: Yes Trackable: Yes Available in the following platings: Polished Gold, Polished Nickel, Antique Gold, Antique Nickel Geo-Pendants are available at the link above today, and some versions will be available through my distributors, WorldCaching.com and UKGeocachers.co.uk soon! Enjoy!
  2. These coins are so pretty! Is it possible to see photos of all versions? I have gone through the topic, it seems that some old links are broken. As a newbie I'm having a hard time separating the different versions, especially the gold/white ones. I have also heard about a glow version...? Thank you for the compliments. I will post photos of all versions (including their minting numbers) sometime today and provide the link here in this thread.
  3. LOL - Well, I don't know about that... There is a plethora of animals in our kingdom. As far as land mammals though, I'm not sure if a Panda would be a good fit here. The only bear I have grown fond of in the past couple of years has been a 3-Toed Sloth bear with very large nostrils I'm not counting out the Panda for the future, just not for 2011. Don't worry though.. I'm sure the next Carousel series coin won't disappoint
  4. Thanks so much for the nice comments - Sometimes things just happen.. we don't know why it happens.. it just does. I'm happy to hear that your coins arrived to you. As far as the design, that credit must go to my OUTSTANDING artist, Kyndrid. She put together a superb looking coin and then we refined it for 2 months prior to production. As far as customer service goes - I have "ALWAYS" righted the wronged
  5. All order for the 2010 Christmas coin have been shipped. Remaining coins are listed in my webstore. Merry Christmas!
  6. The Carousel Tigers are now SOLD OUT!! THANK YOU! I might make more, I might not... ------------ Side note... I absolutely HATE this 'new' forum format -
  7. @ Laval: Thank you. Yeah, sometimes its a pain.. sometimes things just happen... but its beyond my control after the final art is submitted. We are at the mercy of the mint to meet the timeline. Sometimes they make it, sometimes they don't. @GBG: EVERY mint plates the coins FIRST. I read that same thread, but the info provided that stated that procedure was NOT correct. Platings are done first. It depends on the alloy composition percentages (whether it be brass or zinc alloy) as to whether or not the plating will properly 'stick'. If the mint blends the raw materials inconsistently at the molten stage (to produce the planchettes), this anomaly occurs. Once IHE sets, the coins are ground down and buffed out level. @LB: Well, I have my fingers crossed. I can't give a firm date as to when they will be in my hand if I don't receive shipping info from the mint. What I can say is that they are 2 weeks late... and I'm hoping I'll have them NLT Tuesday.
  8. Okay... first of all, let me say this: The mint has had the artwork for this coin finished since late October, which is more than long enough for a timely production. The fact that they accepted the order from me leads me to believe that they would produce the coins to my specifications as well. I am not in the habit of accepting nor delivering coins to my customers that I myself wouldn't be happy with. Yes, it's been a long time - The final art was approved on Nov 1st to begin production. On Nov 23rd, I received an email from the mint telling me that the plating was not adhering to the metal. Now, for those of you who know me, you know I had a problem with that on the OCB coins... and I was not, under any circumstances going to allow the mint to send me coins where the plating is going to come off. The next day I asked for a photo and this is what they sent me: Not only was this not acceptable, time was running short on my delivery deadline of Dec 6th. I explained to them that if they could not produce a Two-Toned coin the way I wanted it, and how it was explained in detail, then they shouldn't have accepted the order in the first place. So... a few days pass and I hear nothing so I inquire about the status... I get a photo response: Not only is the enamel not adhering to the edge of the coin....the PLATING is still flaking on the edges and the FLIPPIN' GLITTER is the WRONG COLOR! (Look at bluebrint in post #1 - They made the glitter PINK like the blueprint instead of utilizing the pink to designate RAINBOW glitter). I immediately send the pics to Kyndrid - and I got a mouthful there.. LOL and out to the mint when the following email: The Igloo and the Penguin are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PINK - The production department is using GLITTER IS5 - and that is NOT CORRECT. Look at the color on the glitter chart and look at the coin - Is what is circled on the color chart, on the coin? My artist said "NO NO NO" Are you serious?.... This is not a good sign of attention to detail. So sorry, but I am SOooo detail oriented ... FIX THE COIN. Here we go, waiting again... Dec 8th. I get an email back saying they will fix the glitter. I hear nothing for a week... finally get a response to my email requesting a status (Dec 14): ---------------- Dear Jim I'm sorry for bothering you but you have to make a decision Since the 2010 christmas coin you asked for black nickel/gold two tone plating, the back ground of the coin is black nickel, so whatever method we try, we'll see the black background under the glitter. I know you'll talk with me about the (coin name removed) one, that one is gold plating, so it doesn't have the problem I'd like to say that we've really tried times but failed. So in view of the coming holidays and you need them before the holidays, we have 2 options here: One is that we can make the same effect as the previous samples, as attached The other one is the glitter above the black nickel, ugly look one Please kindly confirm urgently which one you prefer, so we can go ahead continue production, thanks I understand you must be angry, however sometimes it's really difficult on production manufacturing, I'd appreciate your understanding, thanks. ---------------- So - Yes.. those of you who have inquired about these coins to my email had been responded to, but not to the extent here. Unfortunately, when something I can't control takes place, it has to be responded to by email and a response always seems like forever when you are waiting on something positive to happen. Ya know.. like when time stands still I can't help it.. I'm a complainer.. I like perfection .. but I believe that sending out 'sub-par' coins is wrong. So I send back an email stating ABSOLUTELY NO PINK now that they have the plating figured out - I told them that if they had to go heavy on the RAINBOW glitter ... go ahead and do that.. Here are the photos of the die plates - with the glitter on them as they will look... but.... ... the photos really don't do the coin justice without the other colors filled in... ... the coins will actually look like this: I surely hope I have explained this well.. it's a scrambled mess inside my head. Just another reason that minting coins with all the heartache and frustration that is entailed in it... its just not for everybody. I will have these out the same day they arrive to me.
  9. I've got a very detailed response. I will post exactly what is going on with this coin, but I need to re-size some photos first.. which I will do now. ZUJ (Standby)
  10. I didn't ship yours with the 'regular' invoices because they were sold to you outside the store, for which you have no order number. I noted your invoice had been paid on 10/31 on my Excel sheet. I'd be happy to put them in the post to you today before Noon, Pacific time (when my PO closes); or I can post them with the Xmas coins.. your choice
  11. For those of you who have been waiting... The Carousel Tigers have arrived and paid orders have shipped. Those who have outstanding balances have been invoiced. All extras are now available here. Photos: Polished Gold Satin Nickel Polished Copper Satin Gold Black Nickel and the ever popular AE Enjoy! Edit: added link.
  12. Let the drooling begin.... This is the Artist Edition - Two Tone - Black Nickel + Polished Gold Estimated delivery date is Dec 06. Enjoy!
  13. Yes I asked an either or question: Let me try this again... Do you take money up front for orders? Do you take resevations? If the answer is yes to both what is teh advantage for those who pay up front? Guaranteed lower price
  14. When you say pre-sales... do you take money up front or just take reservations? Yes
  15. Some teaser photos... The "Brass Ring" is now 3.5mm wide to facilitate latching them onto ATMouse's Wooden Carousels. It looks a little funky in the pics, but doesn't take away from the true art of the design. The pictures below are of the LE version (Polished Gold) and the Copper regular version. The gemstones have not yet been inserted, nor have the tracking numbers been engraved... Enjoy! Polished Gold - Right side Polished Gold - Left side Polished Copper - Right side Polished Copper - Left side
  16. These are still available for presale. See post #5 for the link. LadeBear, your invoice has been sent. Thanks!
  17. The coin is in sampling phase now, and I would like to have them completed by Dec 1st. The price on the coin will be $8.50 and I have opened Presales for the coin here. Thanks for the compliments on the coin!!
  18. Its getting to be that time of year to bring good cheer and happiness... Geocoin Design is proud to present our 2010 Christmas Geocoin Coin stats: Size: 1.75" Plating: Two-toned Black Nickel + Polished Gold Fill: Imitation Hard Enamel + Glitters Trackable on GC.com: Yes Unique Icon: Yes (No, that's not pink... it's Rainbow Glitter. We had to differentiate the Glitter from the White)
  19. The Tigers are in production. The mint has assured me the holes will be 3.5mm. There will be extras on the website (to be linked later, since the pre-order link is no longer valid) when they are in hand.
  20. The holes in the Carousel post will have an inner dimension of 3.5mm
  21. Activation codes at GeocoinDesign.com/activate
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