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  1. What time is that in California? I knew someone would ask! That would be 2:30pm LewisClan77 time 7:30am Greenish time 5:30pm Azure Sky time :lol: :lol:
  2. Does 9:30am Keewee time work for your Craig? Liz should be up by then too!
  3. Additionally, if it is your sale and you need the tracking numbers smudged out for you, I would be happy to do this for you if you don't have the software to do so. If you like, just email it to me, I'll smudge it and send it back through email. I am a Groundspeak Approved Vendor, so your tracking numbers are safe with me if you choose to send me the photos.
  4. OMG... since posting about the presale yesterday, I have been bombarded with PMs and emails to secure a set of these coins... Let me make it clear that I am going to be keeping this fair for everyone, so I will NOT be setting aside any sets for anyone - rather, all will be listed in my webstore when the presale goes active. Therefore, you must (if you're not already) have a member login in my store. This is the only way to work it to not show any kind of favoritism to anyone. I truly appreciate all the interest and excitement for these gorgeous coins. They will be spectacular!
  5. Okay - so this is how I have decided to do this coin sale. 1. I am going to do a presale. I just don't know when yet, but it will be announced. 2. I am going to release 5 versions: Purple, Green, Lakota, Blue & Red. 3. I am only going to sell 25 sets - BUT, EACH set will contain an otherwise unreleased/unpublished 6th version (its a mystery, eh?). So, you will receive 6 coins per set. 4. Art posted in post #1 (if you haven't figured out the color scheme yet) will be available on eBay only. 5. I will be making 2 other versions for me. 6. Distributors will be carrying color schemes unique to their respective stores. As it stands right now, I'm looking at a first run of 875 coins, but that's not firm yet. Just thought I would keep everyone in the know.
  6. I don't mean to sound rash, but wouldn't it have been easier to ask Bryan (or Annie now) since they have had to approve any such design? I'm just sayin. Circle of Four has *most* of Oceania on the front, but its not PI themed. Annie has blueprint art on that. Edit: spelling
  7. It turned out great, Mark... Tks for showing me the mint art last week
  8. Jim, I totally understand... I put a lot of coins into the wild and too many end up in peoples caching bags... Eartha actually marked one of my travelers missing this week... so I guess its time to put that "Stolen Geocoin" banner on its trackable page. Feeling your pain!!
  9. Actually, the tracking numbers were purchased in bulk, and they are engraved by the mint randomly, so there is really no way to tell which came off the production line first, but the 'possibility' always exists. Good luck with your auctions!
  10. I struggled with that choice, but in the end, I chose to include the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. New Zealand is a lot less volitile of a region. I was enjoying some kiwi fruit while I was putting the design together though... does that count?
  11. ...and for those who are fans of Red, you may now rejoice! Enjoy!
  12. No.. The Americas were on the first, and I put "Tassie" on this one on purpose. Its been like that from the beginning... This one shows Oceania, Asia, India, Australia and a sliver of Africa and Antartica. Edit: Forgot to mention Australia
  13. I wanted to explain the color choices up there ^^ so you all know what I was thinking The black, yellow, red & white colors were based on the colors of the Lakota tribal nation. The Lakota people viewed these colors as the basis of the human family representing the 4 original colors of man. I thought that was kinda cool. The red, blue, orange & green are the logo colors of eBay, and that's where this one will end up because I'm only making a few of them... prolly 30 or less... Then there are the blue, green and purple versions and I'm working on red....
  14. For those who are fans of Blue... (keep in mind that this version is only 2 colors. They tend to change the overlay color when applied atop of greys) Enjoy!
  15. This will be sure to please Dr. Neal and "Greenish" I was feeling a little greenish myself while colorizing this one! Enjoy!
  16. Here are the first color versions... I'm not sure why the red did not change into transparency, but you get the gist. The wedged wheel is still there. I'll figure it out sometime today and replace the pic. Enjoy!
  17. I will be showing all the color combos in this thread. I sat down at Chipotle today and chose colors for 6 versions. I just need to put those colors on the art. As far as cost, I haven't heard back from the mint yet, but once I do, it will be posted here as well.
  18. While there is a pending legal dispute in place over copyright and naming rights this thread is being closed at my request. A new thread under the title heading "Circle of Four" has been opened on this geocoin design.
  19. Circle of Four Presale Announcement It is my pleasure to announce the presale of "Circle of Four", which made its debut last week. I am truly overwhelmed by the responses and comments received on this coin, for the design is simply amazing. Thank you all who have made this coin a success. Circle of Four is a multi level coin (3 levels actually). It will contain a number of textures and will be filled with Translucent Hard Enamels. I am just in love with this design. The obverse design features symbols of the Zodiac, symbolic of everything on this planet revolving in a never-ending circle. The center motif shall be filled with translucent enamel leaving the west coast of Africa, Asia, Oceania and Australia (along with its sidekick, Tasmania) in raised metal. Of course, all the metal borders are beautifully crafted florals along with the four compass headings. The reverse design is centered around a beautiful quote I felt appropriate for this design. It reads: "Forests, lakes, and rivers, clouds and winds, stars and flowers, stupendous glaciers and crystal snowflakes - every form of animate and inanimate existence, leaves its impress upon the soul of man." The first time I read that, I was truly floored and thought "This is the one". According to the medicine wheel, the circle of the four explains alot on the elements, which surround this quote. Energy, Matter, Time and Space are representative of the four elements Air, Earth, Fire & Water. Circle of Four will go on presale Saturday, August 6th at 2:30pm Pacific Standard Time. Presales will close either when there are no more, or 5 days - whichever comes first. I created 9 versions of Circle of Four for the first production run. There will be 5 regular versions available in the presale: Purple, Red, Blue, Green and Lakota. I created 1 version specifically for eBay and 2 Artist Editions for me to gift out and/or place in caches at my own disposal. I also designed one version that will ONLY be available in set purchases. These coins are limited to 25 sets and the color scheme is a surprise! Therefore, the 25 sets that will be available will be shipped with a 6th Circle of Four coin. I am not going to divulge the color scheme prior to the presale. So, there it is. Production of Circle of Four will take place immediately following the close of presales and will be available around the middle of September. Oh, one other thing. Distributors of Geocoin Design geocoins who choose to carry Circle of Four in their stores will also have unique color versions specifically for their store. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you NEXT weekend at 2:30pm Pacific time.
  20. I was sooo hoping you would notice, Liz It is a bit 'greenish' isn't it.. LOL
  21. Updated fonts, added compass headings... Enjoy!
  22. Geocoin Design is proud to announce.... Tranquility II ------------------ As I announce this coin, please keep in mind that minor details are going to be added to both the front and back of the coin. Textures have yet to be determined as well, but overall, its pretty much finished. I will 'attempt' to explain the design in greater length and detail as this thread progresses, but for now - enjoy the art. Yes, there will be compass headings I just haven't put them in yet.. Enjoy!! ~J Edit: Added a space.
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