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  1. BTW, Bryan is aware of everything, and yes, KeeWee hit it on the head. ~J
  2. Here is a crappy picture of the entire set: Yes, coins are shipping out.
  3. Hello Just so you all get an update, Circle of Four was delivered Jan 5. See below. I am currently sorting through each version and will be shipping as soon as I put orders together. I did not receive photos of the coins from the mint so I will post photos when I can. They are gorgeous. Those of you who won Artist Editions (Mamoreb, Azure Sky, Allied Oz, Pingos & KeeWee), they will be shipped separately. ~J
  4. Hey folks, For those of you waiting on Circle of Four, the status is that I have no status from the mint. The mint promised me a shipping date prior to the end of November, however, I have not received shipping data nor have I received any correspondence since verifying my shipping address on Dec 1st. My hands are pretty much tied until I receive the shipment from the mint (as sad as that sounds). These coins were paid for long ago. In fact, I sent the funds the same day I purchased the tracking numbers from Groundspeak. I am just as annoyed as most of you and these coins will be delivered just as soon as I receive them. ~J
  5. I like the art too! However, I think Feb 29 should be filled with red enamel. That would be my vote if I collaborated or if input was acceptable. ~J
  6. Hello everyone, Just wanted to share an email from the mint when questioned about production: "Hello JIM, The production are in processing, as it's peak season currently, all production lines are occupied and it will a bit time , especially for Circle of Four , there's many color have to fill in one color by one color . Estimate ready date will be late Nov. I has put these order in first priority , will keep eyes on and hurry up, I will keep you update once there's product photo . Thanks." As soon as I receive the photos, I will be sharing with all. Regards, ~J
  7. And there you have it.... I will be approving all artwork for production tomorrow evening for production!
  8. Hi folks ~ Wanted to let you all know where we are in the production... I had a hard time explaining some changes to the blueprint back at the mint, but they figured it out. Then I had to wait for the mint to send me the corrected blueprint - that took two weeks. So, what you see below is Worldcaching's unique version - which will be available in the WorldCaching.com webstore only. Also, the blueprints in which our "Name the version" contest winner has selected. As soon as KeeWee approves the color selections, we're making coins! Enjoy the blueprints! WORLDCACHING VERSION Polished Copper w/Epoxy KeeWee's "Atmospheres" Version Black Nickel KeeWee's "Kanterbury" Version Satin Nickel Enjoy!
  9. I might have some lurking about in a box somewhere.... I'll look.
  10. Alright people... let's not hijack the thread...
  11. Okay - So far, the following have scored themselves an Artist Edition (1 of 20) Circle of Four geocoin: Mamoreb Azure Sky KeeWee AlliedOz Pingos I'm thinking I will be a 'nice guy' and also allow KeeWee a complimentary "AE" for the C4 color schemes he has chosen in his "Name your Edition" cointest win (That's only fair, right? He won a cointest, got to choose the colors & name the edition; so he should receive one, right? Okay - so, we're agreed.) I have decided to run another cointest... I'm just not sure what to do quite yet... maybe a challenge/puzzle cointest?? Muhahahaha
  12. This too struck my funny bone... because I went to a cache in Tempe while visiting my sissy (I took her with me) and it turned out to be a HUGE cache on their front porch. I retrieved 12 TBs and Coins, and of those, I can help about half on their given goals. Relating to this story, that geocache also held a 'ready made' cache, which I also took and placed the 12 TBs/coins in. It was sitting on my front passenger seat, in plain view - but he never questioned me about it.
  13. Ya know... it's funny you should mention that, Craig... I wasn't speeding, but I GOT PULLED OVER!! It seems the Arizona Highway Patrol have nothing better to do than to 'run' your out of state plates. So, here I am, out in the middle of the desert... with a cop behind me for 10 miles at a distance of about 3 car lengths. I had my cruise control on, so I was doing 63mph in a 65 zone, so I wasn't worried about that. Then, the overhead lights come on... so I pull over. He comes to my passenger side window and asked for my license, registration and insurance. I comply. Then he asks me if I had anything illegal (like I would admit to that), so I promptly pointed out my shoulder mounted rocket launchers I use as a car frame, my crystal meth headlamps and my hemp seat covers.. LOL Really though, I drive a Buick Century - like the least intimidating car ever ('cept for a Prius). He asks me to step out of my vehicle and come to the front of his car and then proceeds to tell me that my plate came back as a 'motorhome'. I QUICKLY told him to re-run my plate, because he MISSED 2 digits. Apparently, Arizona HP did not recognize my Disabled Veteran license plates - so he just had to compare with the registration.. wallah... it matched! So, he re-runs my plate and all was cool - so he said 'my mistake' and let me continue on. Now I'm paranoid about speeding for the next 2 hours of my drive... so I got home about 530pm. Just thought I would share this funny story.
  14. Oh... I just wanted to say that I have taken Presales down from my website now that the art is close to being complete so I can get a list of "Version/Qty" to the mint for production.
  15. Version 5 blueprints: Ver A Ver B Ver C Ver D Ver E Ver F Now, I have to wait on the 3 color versions that they didn't send to me so I can approve the art for production. I'm getting excited now... :grin:
  16. Hi everyone! Here is the art that was sent to me this morning. This version is correct in all aspects, however, 3 versions were incorrect & 3 more were missing altogether. So, having said that.. here is V04 artwork: Enjoy!
  17. Try contacting Dorkfish... I think she has crabs Seriously though... she made them and might have a personal stash she would be willing to dip into.
  18. The background designs still look reversed in color to me. Since the coin is multi level, you have to pay attention to the key at the top of the blueprint to fully understand what color represents what. The mint cannot use the same color in the key to represent both the level and color, so they change one or more on multi level coins. This is one of the things that takes so long in reviewing blueprints, every little thing must be checked.
  19. Keewee is actually correct - The only change made on the v3 art is that the Red Sea and the 2 big lakes were put back on the Asian continent. Oh, and Tasmania was put back on (from the v1 art - I didn't post that). The problem with the mint is that you have to take them by the hand 1 step at a time. When they fix one thing, they 'usually' screw something else up. I'm not so much concerned about the "N" on the red, because that is 'raised metal', and if it shows on another version, it will be on the die, and ultimately the rest of the versions. This is the portion of making coins that is really frustrating sometimes - I just can't understand why they have to change the art during translation. Because it just seems to me they eventually end up right back where we started in the first place. Of course, after my tired eyes pick apart every little detail!!!
  20. Round 3 Blueprints: Ver A Ver B Ver C Ver D Ver E Ver F Who can spot the changes from the V2 art?
  21. I'm still waiting on the rest of them, Craig - I did receive the AE blueprints, but not going to post those.
  22. Not too shabby... Ver A Ver B Ver C Ver D Ver E Ver F I like 'em thus far...
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