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  1. My first hide was on 1-21-2002. At the very bottom of the page I found this: Published By: erik88l-r
  2. http://www.photoshop.com/accounts/f651a34e...8afba391260d766 This was a short lived but very popular cache that I recently hid. About 20 people found it before it got archived. Most of them really enjoyed it. Short lived because it turns out you're not allowed to use a utility pole to hide a cache. So it's now archived but I'm looking for a new place to hide this container.
  3. I'm looking for a geocacher heading to Europe. I've just activated a Lackey's 2010 coin who's mission is to go to Berlin, Germany among other locations in Europe. The Lackey's at Groundspeak informed me these types of geocoins don't usually last long before ending up in somebody's personal collection . I want to help it along a little by making sure it at least makes it onto the European Landmass. Thanks Seattle Seekers
  4. Hi Dawn, I have a Magellan Triton 1500, with Accuterra maps of the entire U.S. on SD card, that I would be willing to trade or sell. It has a full-color touch screen, and not only can load pocket queries, it can load caches straight from GC.com to the GPS. And since you load gpx files to the gpsr, you get the whole listing, including hints, description, size, terrain/difficulty, etc. I would take $200 for it, or trade if you are interested. I would work with you on payments. What would you like to trade for a gps? If you wanted to purchase maps on your own, Magellan has downloadable maps of different sections of the United States as well. Without the maps, I can let the gps go for $150. I originally paid $399 for the gps, and the maps were an additional $100. The Triton 1500 is about 2 yrs old now. I have a Triton 2000, and I don't need two gpsrs, especially in this economy! P.S. If you have a blackberry, there are geocaching applications you can get for it. I have cacheberry on mine, and it works pretty well, and I think it's only $15.00 US. Just a thought. Joe Jeske I'll send you an email
  5. I've been getting re-aquainted with geocaching and have recently introduced a neighbor and her kids (EppZoo) to the hobby. However, my old GPS handheld is dead. I've been using my iphone geocaching app for local stuff, but if I'm out of range of a cell phone tower the app loses its signal as well. I can't afford to buy a gps unit right now because all my money this month is going towards my vacation to the Oregon coast. That brings me to my main point. I'd like to do some geocaching while on my trip to the coast and would like to borrow a gps unit if possible for the trip. It doesn't need to be anything fancy. An older model will do. I promise to take good care of it and if needed, I can give you something of value as collateral until your GPS is returned in good shape. I would need to pick up the gps no later than the 27th of July and would be back in town by August 5th at the latest. (more likely by the 2nd). NOTE: I'd actually like to purchase a used GPS and have posted something in the GPS garage sale thread. However, I can't afford to shell out alot of money at once. If somebody has a used gps unit they are willing to take bi-weekly payments on (I can afford about $40 every other week), that would be awesome. Thanks Dawn Seattle Seekers
  6. I'm trying to get back into geocaching but my old GPS no longer works. What I'm looking for is a used GPS that's modern enough to upload pocket queries and has some kind of mapping of the west coast area (I-5 cooridoor). I don't need all the other bells and whistles (although, I wouldn't turn them down). I'm on a very tight budget and have been having to cut back on alot of my expenses lately so I can't afford to spend much at the moment. What I can do is either trade for the GPS or make payments over a month or two for the cost. Thanks Dawn Seattle Seekers
  7. Due to everybody's replies, I modified my question in my origional post.
  8. I've been out of the geocaching loop for about two years now. I've still got my magellan meridian gold version gps. I'm sure that it's probably completely obsolete by now so any ideas on what type of gps I should replace it with would be appreciated. I can afford to spend around $250 or so. Please post your preferences here and describe your favorite features and it's price range. Thanks so much. --------------------------- OK.... Thanks to everybody who replied. I think I will stick with what I've got then. So I've got a new question. Instead of a new GPS, what are your opinions on Palm Pilot's for storing geocache info. Are they all that great to have and if so, what model would you get if your budget is in the $250 range. I'm planning a trip to California in August and it would be nice to have a palm pilot or something instead of a huge stack of printouts.
  9. I've never carried anything for protection. Most animals will not bother you unless provoked, cornered, or snuck up on. If the animal hears you coming, he will stay away. Hold a coversation with the person you are hiking with or, if alone, whistle or sing while your hiking. Then the animals will hear you long before you arrive, and they will avoid you.
  10. Well, I can see this from both points of view. I am a Security Officer (Site Supervisor) myself so I know a bit about where he's coming from. However, I have to take the jet20's most recent post in mind as well. Here's my take on both sides. I think that had zap handled it the way he claims he did, then I'd have to take his side. He is their to enfore the policies layed down by the client and if he advises somebody that they are trespassing and they refuse to leave, then he would be in violation of his companies policies by not calling the police. However.... Based on the statements made by jet20, I have to disagree with him in the way that he handled it. The geocacher's he incountered claim he was "very rude arrogant, verbally abusive and threatening completely outta line and unnecessary". Just because S/O's are enforcing the policies, does not mean they have to be rude and abusive. In fact, that is entirely counter productive. Another quote in jet20's post was... "HE wasn't asked permission to place it there so HE could control the situation ( I don't buy his "ask us" rhetoric for a second, like "us" i.e. him, has power to give that permission) Had he that power and being the sweet kind guy he was he woulda said oh I'm a cacher to I know how it is sure go ahead and keep it there and I will watch out for it while I'm on duty" Security Officers almost never have the authority to over-ride a clients policy regarding trespassing. He would not have had the authority to give permission for the cache to be placed.
  11. I wanted to let everybody know that I hid a cache while on a daytrip to Mowich Lake. I know it won't be showing up on your 5 mile radius searches and so thought I'd post a note about it. If you've never been to Mowich Lake before then this is the cache for you. It's a beautiful mountain lake which is glacier fed from Mt. Ranier. Their are incredible views of Mt. Ranier on the way up to the lake. The cache is called "Mowich Lake Baptism" (GCK9R7).
  12. I have temporarily disabled Seekers Bubbling Brook and Seekers Dog Walk Two per the fact that weyerehouser is having a shareholders meeting this week and are expecting protestors on their property. We dont want to be mistaken for protestors lurking around.
  13. I'm signed up to teach a year long (weekly) class on GPSR's to homeschoolers starting in the fall. I'm looking around in advance for GPS's at a bargain price hoping to save money so the kids wont have sticker shock on the class fee . I'm paying out of my own pocket for now which is very hard for me to do. I've been having to sell some of my own posessions on ebay to come up with the money, So please be easy on me . I'm looking for the basic version of the Magellan Meridian in "Like New" condition. I'm also looking for as many of these as I can find.
  14. Is the magellan meridian still available. Are you willing to go down in price to about $100.00. I'm going to be teaching a class on GPS to homeschool kids and am looking to get these as inexpensively as possible in order to keep the class fee down as low as possible for the families. Also, what condition is it in?
  15. I actually agree with Travisl. If they can't read the description before they go out then I'm sorry to say, too bad for them. I would definately email them with a nice note and then if no response within a reasonable time, the log would be deleted.
  16. I would like to send out a thanks to KDimmick of Tennessee for giving me a Magellan 310, free of charge, to use for my class.
  17. Guess I'd be a 2.5. I occasionally get asked for advice (although I dont really know why ). I've never been asked to be a mod (thankfully ). Big numbers? Depends on what you consider big numbers I guess (just over 300 finds and about 50 something hides). So far, no warning's. I'm squeaky clean in that respect . I'm still having tons of fun and don't see myself burning out at anytime in the future .
  18. We got our shrinky dink supplies at the local craft store. I hear Michael's carries them as well. As for using them in ink jet printers, it worked for us just fine. I dont know about color or not. I used the printer to do the outline of my logo. Then I colored them in using my own (non) water soluble pens. Then shrunk down without any problem. No smearing at all.
  19. Well I've tried taking a picture of it but it keeps coming out blurry . I'll keep trying. I guess I've got to be smarter than the camera huh?
  20. I've just put out about 4 more in and around Auburn/Kent area.
  21. I've finally gotten myself a signature item that I am completely happy with. I've allready placed my first two of them into my "Beneath Aurora" cache. I'll try and post a picture a little later.
  22. I figure I'll be coming up to my 300th find sometime in the next week or two or three depending on the weather. I'm looking for idea's on a good cache to make my 300th. My 100th was "Maud Lake Viewpoint" and my 200th was "...and a whimper". I'm looking for something with a nice hike leading to an excellent view. Not any more difficult in terrain than "...and a whimper" though because then I wont be able to get my kid to come with me.
  23. I'll see what I can do about showing up. Can't afford a booth fee though. I have a friend who owns a bed and breakfast in the area. If he's got room for me then I'll give it a go. I'll get back to ya.
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