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  1. Placing caches is and should be considered a completely separate activity with it's own separate pleasures.


    "Giving back" is doing the grunt work of maintenance and monitoring.

    "Giving back" is going to meetings and hammering out land manager policies. "Giving back" is ensuring new caches meet the guidelines. It's the part of this activity no one really WANTS to do.


    Your continuing 'outrage' at finders that don't hide is noted. Next topic?

    Placing caches is and should be considered a completely separate activity with it's own separate pleasures. Ok, so you too must be a number hog who wont hide a cache for everyone else to enjoy. To me, that's selfish. :rolleyes:


    "Giving back" is doing the grunt work of maintenance and monitoring. Contradict yourself much? Maintenance and monitoring are the responsibility of the placer unless arrangements have been made beforehand, so to maintain and monitor, you must first place. :P


    "Giving back" is going to meetings and hammering out land manager policies. Why's that? I'm not a land manager, and I'm not interested in trying to change someones thoughts about how to manage their land. It's not my place to question or challenge someone about their property because I want to play a game, there are thousands of public acres out there. :lol:


    "Giving back" is ensuring new caches meet the guidelines. It's the part of this activity no one really WANTS to do. So are you saying that you're an approver, or that you dont like the rules? I dont like the rules sometimes. Like when I see a great spot for a cache, but it's somewhere I cant place. It's part of the game, all of mine meet the guidelines, they kinda have to to get published. B)


    Your continuing 'outrage' at finders that don't hide is noted. Next topic? I wouldn't say outrage, more like disapointed. I expect people to participate. It IS part of the game. Maybe we should all quit hiding and see how long it takes for the muggles and park rangers who ban to clear out every cache there is, how would you feel about your attitude then? Finally, this thread has been here for awhile, many people have commented, some helped, some not. Either way, I dont see how you have any authority to end topic, so if you dont like the topic, stop reading it. :D

  2. Well, snows here. Tell ya what, anyone who wants to come up and do Window to Mt. Hope, I'll go along. Since that's probably our most difficult and most rarely visited(cowinkydink?) it would be the perfect start to a tour. A couple of you have made it to our quickstops(BTW Maggiezoo, did you look up the story behind WHOA!) :huh: but have just scratched the surface of forgotten places around here. :huh:

  3. Can we have a category of "Fallen Heros" memorial? Related to any person that lost their life during a time of service. Example one I have in mind is a statue at our sheriffs office has a life size statue that was dedicated to the fallen sheriff officers of our county with the date of dedication and their names on a plaque.

    We have a micro honoring a young soldier who gave his life for our freedom. It's near a plaque erected in a war memorial park.

  4. True story: A friend of ours was driving home from work one evening and was stopped by the police in a small town. The cop told him the reason for the stop was a burned out license plate bulb. Knowing that he had replaced the bulb the day before, he told the cop he was wrong. The cop got angry and asked to search the car. The driver said "I'm trying to get home after working 14 hrs. I dont have time for a search and you had no right to pull me over." This infuriated the officer and he demanded the driver get out of the car. They walked to the rear of the vehicle where the license bulb was glowing brightly as it was when this all started. The driver said " See? I told you it was fine, is there anything else?" Yes, said the officer. "You seem to be hiding something because you wont let me search your car. What are you hiding in there?" Again the driver explained the long exhausting day and the desire to finish the second half of his 2hr. commute. So now the cop starts talking on the radio to another cop about how the driver that he pulled over for no good reason is refusing a search and he needs backup. (This is a good place to point out the law that says, if an officer makes a traffic stop and upon completion of that stop realizes that the stop was made in error, the stop is void and the driver must be let go) Now comes officer number 2, the big overbearing one. "What the hell is your problem?" says the new cop, What's in your car? "Nothing."states the driver, "I have the right to refuse a search and that's what I'm doing." "We'll tell you what you have the right to do here."says the new cop. "I say we have our K9 come over here and tear the seats out of your car for you, maybe let him piss in your back seat." "Do what you gotta do so I can go home." says the driver "But you'll pay for any damages to my car." "Fine, go get the dog." says one cop to the other. Do you honestly think that anyone on the road should be treated like this? Do you think that every cop in this country is honest, caring, and doing their job properly? If you do, you are naive, if you dont, make sure they do it right while you're around. Dont take this as I dont like cops, I have 2 in my immediate family, but they are good people helping others. They pride themselves in their work and keep it strictly by the book. Cops are fine, bad cops aren't. That's not the only freedom affecting us, it's just a drop in the bucket. :huh:

  5. Hiders are not the blessed event of geocaching.. .. Where would the finders be without them?


    There are hiders, there are seekers, there are hiders and seekers.

    The OP's frustration is a personal fault, not the fault of others.... The frustration is from a number hog who likes to critique everyone, but after a couple hundred finds, hasn't taken the time to place one cache to try and give back to the rest of the caching community. Boosting numbers on the hide or the seek side of the equation for their own sake is symptomatic of psychological pathology.... Good thing we dont do it on either side, A? Seek only the unfindable hide...

    We even hid one right down the street from their house hoping to influence them to hide, no luck. We found out that out of the two of them, only one actually finds them. The other goes back with directions just for the smiley, no hunting, just logging. IMHO that's CHEAP. It's not about the hide or hunt to these people, just the numbers. The follower of the pair met another team caching awhile back, and when he realized that the team he met wasn't going to tell him where it was, he left. Now, who doesn't think they need some ribbing? :huh:

  6. Electrical boxes (shoosh) with combo locks on them. Simplest solution. Stainless steel pipe straps to hold box to metal pole or screw to wood. Grab some mailbox number stickers to throw on it (waypoint?) to make it look official. Have also seen pics of one desguised as a geocaching reporting station with a fake antenna even. Make it out of something that can be put in plain view of muggles, but isn't easily opened. Check lids on fenceposts, it wouldn't be huge, but find one thats loose, fill the post with gravel, rocks till you have a depth you can work with and find a container to fit. A hat pin exchange, or swapbox for foriegn coins, something like that which each trade item is going to be small. Hope this helped a little.

  7. We are slowly giving up our freedom because of fear. They're doing their job, but cutting corners because they can. The general population doesn't know their rights or the importance of using them. I have nothing to hide is the first thing out of a good criminals mouth, havent you watched CSI? lol Would you let a cop walk up to your door and let him search your bedroom? You always have the right to say no. You always have the right to question their ability to do their job, they're human too, they make mistakes. Look at all the people freed after DNA evidence has become the norm. I'd say stick to caching like always, and if you get stopped, think before you act. Let them know what you're doing, show them your ID, if they want more, make them do their job. BTW, chances are, they wont get a warrant. At best, they will call for a canine unit to walk around your car before they let you go. I have said no, it psed him off, but........

    If we continue to follow the guidelines, we shouldn't have any problems.

  8. I've a couple ideas for categories.


    1. Relocated agregate. (ie. glacial deposits found in most northern states) Usually are giant boulders that have been used as landmarks by hunters and woodsmen for decades.

    2. Of course make sure the Native American trail marker trees makes it back on.

    3. Home of ___ signs found entering a town highlighting what person it is the home of.

    4. Beaver dams.

    5. Find an arrowhead, mark it, photograph it before it's picked up. (this one could be challenging and could take several tries, but could also be cheated)

    6. Pre 1900 graffitti. It's definately out there.

    7. A Guisinger gravestone.

    8. A train tunnel, with a train in it.

    9. A traffic camera.

    10. An intersection of more than 4 roads.


    I'm not sure if any of these are taken or not, and a few may not be interesting enough, but ideas all the same.


  9. As far as trail closed around here, it seems to always be open to foot travel because you can walk wherever you want off trail. If it's public property on both sides of the gate, I can walk. Usually it's mountain bikers, and horse people that have to wait on trail repairs. Emergency closures however ie. flooding, disaster....Well, I guess that would require a field tested answer, which I cant provide.

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