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  1. That was the Missus, so now that I've got the full scoop, I should put my 2 cents in here too. To answer the original question, risk is risk, regardless of location or situation. So yes, I think climbing a tree is the same as putting yourself at any risk. If I am heading to a cache, and I see a cliff or other hazard that I feel uncomfortable passing, I turn around. It's just a smiley, I'll live without it. Now as for the neighborhood in question, I never felt threatened or in danger. Did I know that I was entering a part of the city that could be low income? Yep. Did I also realize that it seemed to be a mainly Hispanic area? Of course. Have I went after caches in different parts of the same city that made me feel much more uncomfortable? Absolutely! If I see liquor stores, and pawn shops make up the majority of the businesses , and crack dealers are smacking hookers into traffic, I'm probably not even going to tap the brakes for the P&G in front of the adult book store, let alone let my daughter wander around in syringes and used condoms trying to find it. Now as for the matter of adults getting caught trespassing, when you knew you were trespassing, lying about it and blaming it on another adult...well, it's preposterous. But then to actually drag the entire geocaching sport through the mud, by trying to get yourselves out of trouble? That's not very christianlike, or moral.

  2. This thread was not created to discuss the pros and cons of cache placement. It was created to breed contempt. There is a full scale witch hunt happening now in Central Ohio!!!!! All the people having hissy fits over this cache series are RIDICULOUS! The solution is very simple, put your big boy panties on and get over yourselves.


    Admittedly, I have only looked for (and found) one of the caches but at no time did I feel unsafe. Why, you ask? Because I have a brain in my head and I went with a group of people in broad daylight.


    You whine that there is trash around the caches. Isn't caching all about CITO? Aren't caches often hidden in litter ridden areas to attract cachers who will help clean it up? From the photos I've seen that is exactly what has happened, the areas have been cleaned up. Intentionally or not, the CO did some good.


    You whine about bad neighborhoods. You should be ashamed of yourself to say that a park that is good enough for (possibly) low income children or children of a different ethnicity is not good enough for you and yours. If you don't like a location, feel free to move on to a light pole in a Walmart parking lot. Personally, I find Walmart much more scary. No one can force any of you to seek a cache that makes you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, how do you think you have the right to force someone to only hide caches that make you feel comfortable? So much self centered ignorance happening.


    You whine about high crime areas. I live in a high crime area, you aren't complaining about my caches. There are 100's of caches in the Columbus that are in what would be considered high crime areas. Why is it you are only offended by these 5 caches? I cannot believe someone actually created a bookmark list for this series warning of danger. If the intention was truly to warn people of dangerous locations, where are the rest of the caches that are in dangerous locations? That's right, you don't care about the rest of them, you just have a problem with TheHiddenHand and you are using childish maneuvers to cause problems. If you don't like the CO or their hides, take your butt back to your couch!


    You whine about this cache owner that you don't know and that ladies and gentlemen is the problem in a nutshell. There is something that these busy bodies don't know and they can't stand it! No one needs your approval to create an account. No one needs your approval to hide a cache. Perhaps this person hides their identity because of all the whining and complaining that goes on in this area. Phone a friend runs rampant and not everyone agrees with that. Perhaps they (like I) don't want their phone and email exploding with cachers demanding hints. The fact that some of you cheat (yes IMHO phone a friend is cheating), does not mean that everyone approves, nor does everyone have to participate. Also, perhaps they don't want to hear the whining because Lord knows you are all worse than my kids! There is a definite sick sense of smiley entitlement in this community.


    Someone has created the alter ego for TheHiddenHand called TheSeekingEye. Could you possibly show your ignorance and immaturity any more blatantly? No one cares!!!!! The fact that you care so much tells me you have no life.


    The world does not revolve around any of you. Stop trying to force others to live by your standards and your rules. SHUT IT ALREADY!!!!!


    p.s. Hats off to TheHiddenHand, don't know who you are and hope you aren't someone I already dislike for the very reasons I've stated above, but I like your style! Get em all riled up and set em loose, they'll show their true colors eventually. Don't worry, you have support from those of us who have been victim to this same mentality.

  3. A true 4.5 terrain rated cache is the hardest possible. While a 5 requires special gear, that same gear makes the terrain much easier to conquer. I've done tree climbs that would more than likely would've killed me had I fallen. I also knew the ratings before I left, and was prepared for anything. I typically rate free climbing tree caches on height and branch spacing. If it's more than 6-7 feet between branches, or if the climb is higher than 30 feet, I rate it 4.5 terrain. I agree with the post above me, list it as a 4, and wait for feedback. CLIMB TREES!

  4. Thank you acknowledging my feelings everyone. I've known the guy for 17 years, I've tried to sell him on caching for 3. If this was one person doing something out of character one time, I would've ignored it, like I have done many times since I started caching. This event was the proverbial straw on the camels back. Things like this and worse have been going on with this person for over a year. I realize that some of you would never make a snap decision in the heat of the moment. I also realize that caching is right above washing the driveway on some of your list of important things in life. Myself and countless others have tried to ignore it, but it affects so many in so many ways. If I thought I wouldn't catch flak from GS, I would've started a post with the persons cache name in it, asking cachers to post stories about how their caching experience was negatively affected by this one person. It would be quite a read. However, it seems that most cachers I've talked to about the forums, never realized there was a midwest section for Ohio. I came here thinking that someone out there has or has had similar problems with a similar animal, and might have worthwhile input or advice. Trying to change my mind, is simply wasting bandwidth.

  5. The help I have been looking for is where the line is drawn for logging a cache. If there is no definite line, then why is there a rule at all. The cache owner does care. He's also only been caching for a month, and I introduced him to it. He has 100 finds already and has hidden a dozen. So a week after he buys a premium membership, he gets to see first hand, cachers who don't care about him or any of the effort he's put into such an ambitious cache one month after he started. He was livid, so he deleted their logs. Then he gets a very rude snotty email from GS, about deleting logs. Then he gets personal emails from cachers he's never met, talking smack because they're friends with the so and so that started this mess. Then a warning from GS that he needed to remove any notes from his cache page within 24 hours, or the cache would be archived by GS. He has already mentioned forgetting all about caching, and deleting his account. GS has him made him feel like he can't say anything, and he doesn't know how to deal with it. So to say that he doesn't care is ludicrous. I think I'll keep playing the game my way, while steering clear of the trolls, because honesty is a much better trait than deception. Keep rolling over and letting the few who don't care ruin it for the rest of us, that seems to be the new hip thing to do.

  6. So basically, I can start logging all the caches my friends find if I have them sign my name? I can't believe that so many of you care so little, but then again, that's what's wrong with most of the world nowadays. No one cares, it's not their problem, they don't have time, it's not important. How many of you who don't see a problem with this, have quality hides? Something that you spent longer than one day to create? A cache that everyone finds something to like about, one that you put your heart and soul into? Any of you? I do it on every one I hide. I take pride in the location, the container, and any challenge I can work into it. If someone feels the need to steal a smiley for their greedy little numbers infatuation by having someone sign their name in my logbook, I will delete it, and it will stay deleted. I have done it in the past, and I have sent messages along asking them to put my caches on their ignore list. If you have no respect for me and my caches, I don't want you looking for them, let alone finding them. By the way, one of a couple ways I know that one person signed for two people. 2 people drove 70 miles on a FTF run. One was dropped off, and entered the woods at a night cache at 10:30 am(both online logs note the time)and took 4 1/2 hours to complete it. The other was trying for FTFs on three of my own caches. A friend of mine called me to say that two cachers were looking for my new cache at 11:10am on the same day.(the cache is across the street from her house) The DNF log that one cacher left, states that she met the cacher in question at this cache. She also confirmed the time. I also know the cheating cachers physical abilities. I have done this night cache twice myself, and confidently say, there's no way the cheating cacher made it through the terrain involved in this cache. Someone once told me "You'll get nowhere by looking for help on the forums." I'm beginning to believe them.

  7. Of the 30 listings I put together I'd say I have 300 or more hours invested in the writing and development of my ECs...someone who cheats a log is essentially slapping me in the face in addition to disrespecting all the people (their peers) who made a legitimate find.


    And that goes for any cache that the owner has put some sort of challenge into. Finders who put more work into finding "the easy way" to get their name in a logbook, rather than do what the owner originally intended, ruin it for those of us who find as much joy in placing a good hide as finding one. Those people should just stick to LPCs, because obviously it's all about the numbers to them, and not the quality of the cache. I for one am all about placing quality caches, and several other names on this post are too. Please show your local hiders some respect, because when you run them off, you'll be doomed to cruise parking lots for your 1/1 sign only logs.


    The reviewers have nothing to do with this, so don't go dragging them through the mud. This is between the lackeys at Groundspeak and the people involved.


    Groundspeak and most cache owners don't tolerate forum type posting in cache logs. If they are more than a couple deleting them is the right thing to do.


    But the explanaitions are a bit short on what is going on. The facts, the true facts will never be posted. Nor should they. Life happens, time to move along. Some folks play baseball, some play Calvin ball.

    As far as dragging my reviewer through anything, I would never do that. My reviewer is fair and consistant. There are no surprises, there is no nitpicking. I purposely decided not to involve my reviewer when this all came up.


    The cache owner was fine with the whole discussion, because he feels wronged...twice.


    The facts, the true fact were posted, as they should've been, although the last paragraph doesn't make much sense to me.

  9. I guess I should've said, "I would like someone who is "in the know", to explain how to remedy this. Again, this is not about FTF, and not about doing night caches during the day. This is about logging caches that you do not sign. I was trying to give a tiny bit of background on this cacher. I could go on with pages of stories about this cacher and their bad caching habits, from cachers all over Ohio. Many cachers have been negatively affected by them, and several have quit caching all together, because of one cacher. So what is the rule? And why is it so nonspecific? Does the official rule say that you claim smilies for signing the logbook, or does it say that you claim a smiley for getting your name in the logbook? It seems stupid to waste the time to make rules, with loopholes for cheaters.

  10. No, this isn't a post for drama. I WANT the reviewers to explain how this happens. Someone cheats, and the ones trying to help a brand new cacher get it resolved are the ones who are being threatened with banishment? Granted, it didn't happen in the most elegant of ways, but the intentions were always about fairness and sportsmanship, nothing else.

  11. I will only post facts here. No arguing, no bickering, no degrading of character, only facts. A night cache was listed, and a single cacher went after FTF during the day. That cacher signed their usual caching partners name in the log, while they were 10 miles away, trying for other FTFs. The owner of the cache deleted the logs of both, because he wanted it to be done at night, like intended by the noctournal listing title. He's new, and didn't know about ALRs, so GS sent him an email, and told him of his error. The FTF logs returned. When the topic of cheating showed up on the cache listing, lots of people had something to say. Most of it was from the caching community who is local to the cache, and a few others who agreed. The only ones opposed, live 80 miles away from the cache, and the only reason they became involved, is because they ones who cheated, contacted them and involved them. After sending private emails berating all the local cachers for having an opinion on how the game is played, they posted mean spirited notes on the cache page. They deleted them almost immediately. When a factual response was given on the cache page, they contacted GS, and reported everyone who posted notes. GS sent out emails warning everyone to edit the bickering out of their logs, so that's what happened. Today, the owner of the cache received an email from GS, informing them that if they didn't delete every note from their cache page, GS would archive it. The last word from GS said that anyone who posted a note is being watched, and will be banned if anything is ever mentioned in another log. Why is GS so gung ho to let certain people cheat, just because they lie well?

  12. OK, since the Groundspeak rep told me to hash this out on the forums, here I am. In a nutshell, we have a FTF chaser that breaks all the rules. Cemeteries after dark, cussing in logs, berating other cachers, and logging caches that they weren't present to sign . These are all justification for log deletion according to the rules published on the website. This cacher also provokes human responses when asked about such matters, but then privately contacts friends to attack those asking. Once they get everyone involved upset about what they did, they delete their logs and contact Groundspeak to report them for abuse. What gives?

  13. Groundspeak's search function limitation (and work-around) really needs to be a sticky at the top of every forum here.


    Get thee to Google and type in your search phrase, and add...




    ...to the end of the search phrase.


    Sorry I don't know the answer to your real question though. Maybe you could Google it <_<

    Thanks for that, I've always wondered. It is definately the dumbest limitation I've ever seen in any forum online. I could see possibly 3 letter limitation, but 5? It's preposterous.

  14. Based on the possibility that the location is something spiritual to someone, I think I would move my cache. Obviously there is no way to know for sure, but I would hate to be a contributing factor to the disturbance of something that might have a lot of meaning to someone. Sure, nobody likes to give up a cache spot that they really like, but there are plenty of other great places to hide caches.


    While it may be religious in nature, i'm thinking it's something more criminal. I really have no idea how or why, but is it possible that this is somehow drug related? A "get high with Buddha" idea that someone came up with? Why hide this stuff under a rock? :rolleyes:


    I might move my cache but, until i found out for sure, it wouldn't be because of religion... :P

    That's a terrible assumption to make, especially with what few and unrelated clues you were given.

  15. In setting up new geocaches (not micros) I'm looking for containers that are not too expensive or heavy but that are water tight and durable. Any suggestions? :rolleyes:

    Lock-n-locks. For example, this set.

    Costco sells a set of Lock-n-Lock clones called "Snap Ware" that I've had pretty good luck with. Some have been in the field for more than three years and are doing fine.


    I guess it depends on what "field" they are placed in. Last Sunday, I found about six of these that had been placed in the Mojave Desert, last January. All had lost their snaps and a few of them were shattered. All suffered leakage because of the broken snaps. They seem to become very brittle when exposed to the desert sun for a single summer.

    Why would anyone place or replace one in the open with no cover or camo? UV kills plastic, almost all of it.

  16. I've managed to not have any problems with them leaking. Baggies actually lead to them leaking. I've seen several times on other caches using the black and gray ones, if they're wet inside with a ziplock in them, it's because the zip part of the baggies was closed at least once in the lid, and bent the seal out of round. It also helps to hide it upright, instead of using a hiding spot big enough for the container to be thrown carelessly into. Matchsafes are $.88 at wally world, or most any chain store that sells camping supplies, but there's nothing wrong with free filmcans either. I always try to remember this while hiding. The less effort you put into your container, the more you have to put into the hide. It's always relevant. I have custom nano containers that I know I'll never be able to seal, so I bought some rite in rain paper.

  17. I carry a Leatherman Wave on my belt at all times (except when flying or visiting government buildings). Its served me well for years.

    Me too. Mine came with a nylon pouch and an attachment for my AAA mini Maglight. The best Xmas gift my brother ever gave me. Got it in 2002. I was impressed right away by being able to open the two outside blades with one-hand - a common feature today, but saw it first in the Wave.


    I keep a 20-yr old Victorinox Swiss Army Champion Plus in my backpack as a backup.


    For night hikes, I include my 4.5" Benchmade Nimravus fixed blade (140SBK). My wife got me this for Xmas three years ago.


    What should I ask for next? :rolleyes:

    My wife and I had been caching the day away, when the trail jumped onto the road for a ways. Some recent dozer tracks revealed a freshly placed drainage pipe along our route. In those muddy tracks was something shiny, demanding that I investigate. What I pulled from the mud was a Leatherman Wave. This served as my caching tool, until one day when one of the locks broke off. This was a first gen. Wave. I wrote to Leatherman, telling them of my everyday use, and sent the tool along for repair. They sent me the new model, with sheath, 5 days later. It rarely leaves my hip, and is used on a daily basis, either at work or at play. It's well balanced with it's selection of tools for anyone, and has proved useful in all aspects of Geocaching as well. From placing to finding, retrieving logs from nanos, removing cactus thorns, carving walking sticks, repairing caches, and building them. It's all around a great tool, and from a company with great customer service.

  18. I recently found an acorn in a pine tree!

    I glued a plastic tube into an old leg bone from a deer.I havent placed it yet as I havent found the right spot.

    I tried it, and after replacing it 4 times(the last actually tethering it)the local wildlife will find it, and they will have their way with it.

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