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  1. oregone's slinger91's [This message was edited by Bodoni on March 11, 2003 at 02:52 PM.]
  2. quote:Originally posted by dasein:5{nally posted by Team JOYSON: Before Slinger logged in, Dr. I said "one more to the north (that'd be Slinger) one more in PDX (Soup) and one to the South. (And that's is I have my locations straight.) Not quite, that would be soup to the South, and Bodoni in PDX. Sorry to post so late, but I have the sixth piece. I'll upload pix of both sides of the tag. My card says -- and I quote -- Greetings Bodoni, You, and five others, have each received a key. All six keys will be needed to open a lock. To find the lock, you must compile the information found on all six key-tags. It is only then that the door will finally be opened, and you will be granted access. But, it is necessary that you bring one more item to see everything in just the right light. Here's your hint: The visible spectrum does not matter. Infra-red is much too low. It's the other end of this ladder. That gives the words their glow. Please share your information on the forums so that I can monitor your progress. I suggest an event cache for the unlocking ceremony. Thinking of you always, Dr. Isotope And the card has this link Broken-Arrow I'd like to see the other keymasters post pix of both sides of their key tags so that others can help solve the puzzle. I can't make a meeting tonight, but I'm game any other time. If some of you meet this afternoon and need my key I'll have it with me at work (downtown PDX). But an event cache for the actual unlocking sounds like fun! And about that light spectrum thing. I don't suppose we need an x-ray generator, or a nuke to generate some gamma rays, so I'll have to go with ultraviolet. Does anyone have a black light lamp we can borrow? Here are the pix [This message was edited by Bodoni on March 11, 2003 at 07:02 AM.]
  3. Yes, that WAS fun! This time we didn't have the place to ourselves, but that made for an interesting sideshow while we cooled off between races. All except for Scuff (or whatever his name was) who spanked us all. What's up with that?! The next race will be on a Sunday, and from on- and off-line feedback, I think it'll be late in the day. Give us all a chance to get some caches in and then race to our doom! Bwahahahahaaaa! Oh, and I never got around to asking fractal -- where did you get that shirt? I think you should post a picture . . .
  4. quote:Originally posted by Mr. Snazz:here's the article on the oregonlive site: http://www.oregonlive.com/search/index.ssf?/base/living/104617815494540.xml?oregonian But you don't get to see his sexy picture (which is a spoiler).
  5. How does he do it? He managed to get PBR and ex-girlfriends in the article!
  6. Just a reminder -- we race this Wednesday. We'll do it at 8pm and will try to come up with someplace that stays open later for afterwards. Our next race will be on a Sunday to accomodate folks who can't race on a weeknight. Sound cool? Day or night? I prefer night or afternoon . . .
  7. What are you doing at home! Fly! Fly like the wind!
  8. Gee, I guess we were thinking the same thing.
  9. But did anyone call the number? I can't call 900 numbers from work So what's at these coords? N 45° 24.887 W 122° 44.786? I still don't get the LNP, but hey, I'm not the one driving around the countryside either . . .
  10. Would someone please do Urban Cache: Plagiarized? [This message was edited by Bodoni on February 19, 2003 at 02:25 PM.]
  11. Hmm. The date seems problematic. Postpone a week to the 26th? Will that work better? And how about the time -- is 7:30 good, or is 8 better?
  12. It's been way too long -- we need to vent some frustrations on the race track. The next race is 2/19 at 7:30pm at HotTrack. Save that payday cash and Remember that Wednesday is half price for "Ladies"! If you haven't seen fractal's helmet/goggle psychedelic combo -- if you haven't been shunted off the track by The Tungsten Jihad! kart of doom -- if you just c a n ' t get enough petrol fumes in your daily commute -- you must bring ~$30 to HotTrack! I'll see if I can find a nearby watering hole that's open later than 10pm. Any suggestions oregone?
  13. I volunteer to do the waypoints I already know the answers to . . .
  14. Wow, and I thought I was going to post first. So I'll have to one-up you with a link. And they wish they had that view!
  15. I have the neoprene case that MacBWizard201 shows in the picture and have attached my lanyard to the metal loop on the case. Reception seems unhindered by the case, but I do take it out and hold it when fighting for sat lock. I also use the belt hook to hook onto my backpack strap while I hike. Fractal snapped his attachment point off and glued it back on there somehow and I've seen him with his eTrex hanging from his neck on many an occasion. It's definitely on there!
  16. I use Hotmail and have not had a delivery problem. I've never missed a log entry on one of my caches and I've done the PopIt! thing on the Northwest forum and to my knowledge have never missed a posting on there. Are you sure you're not flirting with your mailbox size limit on Hotmail? You're only allowed 2MB, so if you're at the limit new mail will be rejected. I pay the $19.95/year (or whatever it is) for the increased mailbox size.
  17. Bodoni

    And then...

    oregone, oregone, where for art thou pix? You got some great ones, so where are they? And we need one of your famous logs, of course . . .
  18. Bodoni

    And then...

    Warn me up front so I can order pitchers instead of pints.
  19. quote:Originally posted by oregone:Am i the only one with a pair of hipboots in my car? Am I the only one with a car too small for hipboots?
  20. quote:Originally posted by wadel:Bodoni: How did you find the link to the support pages? Interesting. I don't see a link to this set of FAQs either. I submitted a request for an enhancement to the private topic feature and received an automated response assigning my request a tracking number. The request had a link to the Groundspeak knowledgebase. I'd never seen a KB on the site and checked it out. While there I saw the FAQs and saw the answer to your question. I noticed that the FAQs had a different format but didn't realize there was no link to this support site from the main Geocaching site.
  21. The FAQs say to: Contact us at contact@Groundspeak.com and indicate the username you wish to transfer the cache to, and the waypoint name of the cache (GCXXXX). We will transfer the cache as soon as we can.
  22. Like I said, I had to guess. Now I've looked it up and it wasn't in 12 Monkeys, it was in Sneakers. I never said I was a movie database! I'm surprised I even remembered it was in a movie. I caught the tail end of 12 Monkeys on TV last night, so that's a strange coincidence. I wonder if Dr. Isotope walks around with a sure-would've-had-me-fooled disguise like Bruce Willis does in the airport. But anyway, I think you're right. It's no more diabolical than too many secrets.
  23. quote:Originally posted by dasein:(Bodoni, where are you?) Why do you ask? Because you want to know what Setec Astronomy is all about? I'd have to guess it's a reference to the movie 12 Monkeys. Although there is one other possibility . . .
  24. quote:Originally posted by Team JOYSON:It's $14 per 5 min session + a $10 membership if you've never been before. Is there anything else that we need to know/bring? Not quite. It's $16 per 8 minute session, or $14 per 8 minute if you're a member. You do not need to be a member. Memberships are $10 per year, so if you race 5 times it pays off. You also need to pay $1 once to buy a helmet liner if you're going to use their helmets. Members get one free. If you have a helmet, bring it. I also bring non-gel bicycle gloves so I look cooler. Nobody looks as cool as fractal in his kickin' helmet and goggles though! That's it for the costs. Not cheap, but a lot of fun. See you there with your race face on!
  25. quote:Originally posted by The Quantum Mechanic:One of fractals was much farther apart I think. Especially if you take the route I took to find it! No one says you have to do it all in one day anyway.
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