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  1. Cachesense is no longer being developed. The domain is no longer registered, and the forum has been deleted.


    This I have just discovered, just before leaving on a long overseas trip.


    Importing a PQ seems to include the corrected coordinates, but the app no longer sets the corrected flag. You can filter by the label from the PQ import though, so have a PQ which includes all your caches with corrected coordinates.


    However, if you refresh the details, you go back to the original coordinates. This will happen if you view the cache details, so you essentially need to keep your phone offline.


    An awful bunch of workarounds. Essentially, is time to ditch the app.

  2. Thanks for fixing this problem.

    Both maps on cache page are now showing.

    Love the improvment to them as well.

    This Topic can now be closed.


    Yes, the main cache page is good now. Could the change also be rolled into the print friendly page?

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