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  1. deleted dubble post - my internet is going crazy
  2. 37 It really was a gorgeous day. Sorry, I did not get back to you yet on your sig item. You'll hear from me soon []
  3. I am thankful for the support of my loving family.
  4. Mine just arrived 5 minutes ago :-) They are absolutely beautiful. Thanks tsun!
  5. What a beautiful sig item They look great...wish I had something to trade. Germany isn't really a place to find these things, at least I can't remember having seen one before.
  6. Thanks for the update tsun I am excitedly waiting for this one
  7. Email sent :-) I hope I am not too late
  8. Happy Birthday tsun Congrats to the lucky winners!
  9. Ette KCH Quite afraid I might be too late, I am having some trouble with the time conversion right now ;-). Enjoy your lunch!
  10. I'll try the old fashion way : stamps
  11. So, my caching company had his new picture taken on Sunday. Here is Nero at In der Kreithecke (GCX58J) he treated himself to a nice piece of wood after the find. He really loves TB's and even more Geocoins. This is a picture of him at 9 months old with TB Bernhard And two more recent ones with PAWPAW's Hound Geocoin#3 on his paw Thank you for having this contest. I really enjoy looking at all these nice pics and beautiful dogs.
  12. This is so cute! I would definately have to get one or two. Turtles are my favorites, even though my collection is a lot smaller than the one from ByrnedFish, but I am getting there ;-).
  13. You've got another mail from Germany. It would be an honor to help you.
  14. I'll definitely be looking for these. Chrome sounds awesome.
  15. Thanks for the update, I am so excited .
  16. One last post from my side to support the newly set goal. Congrats to all the other winners @ TokyoBlossom: It is raining here finally after more than 7 weeks. Good luck to all of you for the resuming contest.
  17. Yes... you did make it! Congrat's. Email me you name/address and I will send you out one of my keewee sig items!! Right, I'm outta here for a little bit... but I will be back soon. You've got mail Thank you so much!
  18. Good morning everyone! (10.38 am in Germany ) Have a great day. Did I make it???
  19. Congrats to the winner and thanks a lot for this contest. This ist my last try before going to bed after a long day. Have a nice evening everyone.
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