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  1. Thanks everyone for your votes! A lot of great pics out there. We should start a geocaching Jeep club lol.
  2. wow thanks everybody that has voted for me so far. Still lots of time left in the contest, keep voting
  3. Thanks for your donation kimba off track!!! Duane
  4. Thank you Tank Hounds and Wolfmaster for your contributions they are very much appreciated!! Just shows what a great community we have here. Duane
  5. Hey Tank Hounds ANY coin donation would be great. I am sure the winners would be happy with either
  6. Thank you WI Robin I appreciate your donation to this event!! Duane NOLEFAN9399
  7. Thank you Rockin Roddy for your donations they are very much appreciated!!!
  8. My wife is the event coodinator for OKIC (Ohio Kentucky Indiana Cachers) and asked me to help out by seeking for donations. I have contacted a lot of the local businesses asking for donations and then I thought I would ask here for some coins for door prizes and contest prizes. Please PM me or e-mail me for the address for donations. I thank you in advance. Here is the link to the cache page: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...17-21969e602041 Thanks Duane NOLEFAN9399
  9. Non trackables are great for personals I think. If I meet a cacher and they have their own coin I like to trade for it as a rememberence of meeting that cacher. In turn that coin goes into my coin collection binder to keep. So it would not matter if it was trackable or not to me, it will not go anywhere else after that.
  10. My feeling are hurt PengoFamily Just kidding. Very hard contest lots of great pics.. I vote for nolefan9399 if I can
  11. We actually hit our 2000th cache in Las Vegas while out there it was fun
  12. well my new coin will be coming out soon and it is wedding themed. Here is a pic. Landsharkz are doing this one and should be ready here in a few weeks. Duane
  14. I am looking for the white Jeep geocaching adventure coin ( I know I know and so is everyone else). I am offering one of my LE golds for one ( only 20 minted) Please let me know if you can help out Duane
  15. you know I am in. I am buying 2 transparent sets and 1 glitter set for my daughter Courtney who also has CF. Great looking coin, my daughter can't wait to get hers. Duane NOLEFAN9399
  16. This is a pic of my 2005 Jepp Rubicon Unlimited coming back from a cache, yes there is a cache behind the Jeep a bit, in the Osceola National Forest. My Jeep is a TB and is also on the front of my first geocoin. Duane NOLEFAN9399
  17. I do believe enough has been said and I would vote for this topic to be closed.
  18. Great looking coin Scouting, I hope you don't have one of my personals so we can make a trade. Duane NOLEFAN9399
  19. Glad to hear the money was raised and all is well now. Missed you in chat last night. Hope to chat soon. Take care guys Duane NOLEFAN9399
  20. Great looking coins I will be in for a set. How did you get GC.com to go with the Icon? It is so close to the one for their Jeep TB's. I am in the process of making a Jeep coin (at mint now) and was told that I probably wouldn't be able to use a Jeep front cause it was too close in similarity. Any chance on a white version?? lol That is the color of mine.
  21. I should have read the forums earlier. I hope everything is working out POS. I am also happy with this geocaching community always stepping in when someone needs a helping hand. You guys are awesome. POS don't hesitate to let me know if you need some more help I have a couple of coins I can dispose of for you.
  22. This kind of crap is what drove some geocoin collectors away. All of this negativity. There are a couple of cachers/ forum posters that if you look at 90% of their posts it is either something sarcastic or negative. If you don't like the coins coming out and are complaining about the cachers amounts of finds maybe you have too much time on your hands and need to go out caching yourself. Lets just end this nonsense and get back to caching and collecting coins. If you don't like it don't buy it. I myself think some coins are a waste of money and wonder why they were made but hey to each his own. I will never tell anyone their coin is not good enough to be in the system. Some opinions should be kept to ones self. I am stepping off of my soapbox now.
  23. Very sad to hear about but so awesome on the miracle that has happened. I will continue to pray and think of the family in this very hard time.
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