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  1. I'm usually geocaching with my six-year-old son. Usually I'll let him pick what we are going to take from the cache. It keeps him interested in the hunt and minimizes the whining. One time I was writing in the log when I looked over and he was blowing up a toy balloon someone had left. Once he had put his mouth on it, I felt obligated to take it. Ended up leaving a brand-new Swiss Army Knife in its place. On the one hand, he really liked the balloon. On the other hand, I felt kind of cheated. I guess I could have taken something else as well, but it didn't seem right at the time to take two items and only leave one. Just keep repeating to yourself: "It's the hunt, not the items. . . It's the hunt, not the items..."
  2. As was suggested, I added a note to the cache page warning people about the sign. Thanks for the advice.
  3. I'm posting in reference to a question on a virtual cache I placed: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=14505 If you are thinking of doing this cache, there are spoilers below. The virtual cache involves reading an inscription on a tombstone behind a church. There is a picture of the church here: http://www.civilwaralbum.com/vicksburg/rodney.htm Although you can't see it in the photos, on the gate leading onto the church property is a sign that says "No trespassing/Proceed at own risk". When I was there, there were about a half-dozen tourists reading the historical markers around the church and walking up the bluff to the old cemetary. Everyone appeared to be treating the property with respect. I recently received a polite e-mail from a geocacher who brought up the point of the "No trespassing" sign in front of the church. He was a bit concerned over geocaching on the property. While I felt it would be inappropriate to leave a physical cache, at the time I felt that a virtual cache would be okay. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the appropriateness of this cache?
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