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  1. I like the new look but have to agree - would like to see found caches on the map too. Feels like they have lost some capabilities in increasing others.
  2. Was out walking trails tonight with the 450 and noticed the WAAS finally locked on. Didn't seem to last though. Next I looked it was gone.
  3. Sitting along the runway road at Hanscom AFB, MA. Still not locking on 51. I used to get a lock while in southern NH. Can't explain why it won't find the bird now.
  4. Check your GPS mode under System>Setup>GPS my Oregon 300 was defaulted to Normal. Set it to WAAS/EGNOS and immediately pick up 51. Thanks, but that was the first thing I did for this and the previous beta. two hard resets later, I still don't have any WAAS. After the initial startup, it teased me a little looking like it was locking on 51 and then it gave up. I'll carry it with me tomorrow and see if it eventually comes up.
  5. Beta installed and still no hot WAAS love on my handheld.
  6. Well that was quick of them to drop another beta. Installed and still not getting a good WAAS lock yet though.
  7. Getting the same on my 450 - no WAAS for me. This update seems to revert WAAS back to "Normal". Like dfx suggests, turn it back on! I get it while sitting in my kitchen. Oh, yeah. I saw all those cautions before I tangled with the beta. Knew I would have to turn it back on - and did. Still no WAAS. Looking like Garmin is starting to ack that it is an issue. I'll wait and see when the next beta drops and try that one out too.
  8. Yeah, I will just scratch that one. Been over a week now and I am still limping from slipping on that attempt. When I got back my gf chewed my a** for even attempting to do things I shouldn't have.
  9. Just to add to this discussion, I was in NJ recently on a little business. I came on a cache on a billboard where I had to climb up a little to get it. I walked circles around the GZ and could see the cache. I have a torn ACL and in climbing up to make the grab, slipped and about passed out with pain. I didn't make another attempt to get up and grab it. I logged the attempt to do so at least and posted that I did not sign the log. I claimed a find on this one knowing it is very unlikely that I will be back this way once I am healed up. I'll leave it up to the CO to allow/deny my call. I will take a look at the terrain difficulty they set it as - it may be high since it isn't handicap accessable and involved a little climb.
  10. I've added routable NA street maps to my Oregon 450 and I can navigate on roads to the cache and switch to off-road mode once we are in the vicinity. I'm really happy with it!
  11. While I can laugh a little at the touch of evil that goes into a poop hide, some of us cache with ckildren and do we really want to encourage them to poke at waste? "Ooh! Daddy, I think I see it and... ewwwww!" LOL. Just sayin.. not all kids may use a stick first.
  12. I am new to this but have came across a few of these. Only reasonable hiding spots nearby are bushes, there are about 5, and it is in a high traffic area where you would look suspicious digging through them. A hint would be nice to at least start at the right bush! Oh, man.. This x 100. Trying to come back after dark only makes it worse. But thanks for reminding me of one really frustrating one I have to go back for. Think I will take my coffee and go right now.
  13. This one is 5 mins from my house and I was rather impressed by it:
  14. Check out Meetup.com. It's a good place to find others with similar interests, not just geocaching. If there isn't already a group in your area, you can create your own group. It unfortunately costs money to run a Meetup group, which you may or may not be okay with. I currently run a Meetup group and I got a 50% discount with a coupon they gave me because it took me so long to actually establish the group once I proposed it, haha. From what I remember, their cheapest deal is 72 bucks for 6-months of running a Meetup group. There are also 3-month and monthly options but those are more expensive (per month). Even sadder is that my Meetup group has nothing to do with Geocaching and there's no Geocaching Meetup near me. :/ Running a dedicated meetup group does cost some money. I wouldn't do it from scratch. What I have done is join a few of the interesting activity meetups in my area and became an assistant organizer. I am an avid kayaker, snowboarder, mountain biker.. I would post and host events for those all the time. Since becoming a cacher, I have now mixed that in on some activities. On kayaking trips, we will often plan on grabbing whatever water caches there are out there - introducing my fellow paddlers to the joys of tupperware questing. Same thing for biking on trails. I have started posting "Ride & Seek" events specifically to hit rail trails or other routes and find all the caches along the way. Weather has been a little cold, but response has been pretty good! If you don't mind taking the leadership role and making things happen, that's one sure way to go.. Provided you have an existing group to join. I'm pretty lucky here in NH. There are plenty of groups here with owners who are absolutely grateful to have someone volunteer to help organize.
  15. One of the things I's like to see is the Groundspeak searching through googlemaps taking advantage of the available toggle for using bike paths when creating routes.
  16. 200. Without exceeding the limit, I'm not sure what could have caused old geocaches to drop out, unless it is the proximity / # of geocaches shown issue (I'd give you the numbers, but apparently my memory is not entirely accurate ) So these geocaches don't show up even when you try to search by name? Made sure it wasn't the # of files limit that did me in. And nope, even a search by name wouldn't let me see the caches on my handheld. Only the most recently loaded ones appeared in the list. I hard reset the unit days ago now. Added PQs and a few single caches over the past few days. No noticable problems since. We'll keep trying to reproduce the bug though.
  17. Did you exceed the 20 GPX file limit? There are probably tools that will combine your old GPX files into one GPX file so that you stay under the limit. Heh.. Yes, I saw from the faq there is a limit and I made sure that isn't what knocked out older caches. Did a hard reset of the handheld lately and cleared the user memory. Hoping a fresh start fixes me up. Wiped all individual GPX files out and did a single PQ for the area I roam in. Happy to see caches everywhere on the gps once again.
  18. Glad I found this thread. Haven't been at this for as long as some of you folks, but over several firmware upgrades to my Oregon 450, I've noticed no improvement with the way it sometimes acts. I have less than 100 caches loaded into the main memory and as long as they are freshly loaded, they appear in the geocache list and are selectable. As I add more, older ones, though untouched, simply do not show up in the display anymore! This has been driving me nuts for weeks now. I'll try the touch method and see if it brings them all back. Likely, yes. Since it simulates a new load, which is what seems to work already. I hope there is a fix for this. I have old gpx files for caches all over that I mean to hit as targets of opportunity. This bug (?) stinks!
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