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  1. Did you know that there actually is a book called Geocaching for Dummies? Well anyway, I liked the challenge of adding a book to the elephants hands and this is what I came up with. Hope you like it. I do like it. It is exactly what I pictured in my head. Thanks for the help with it! I would like to see some other "elephant" ideas that others may come up with as well.
  2. Hopefully this wont confuse anyone...but...when I posted the above post, I didn't realize that my boyfriend had signed on under his work account. The "Pokagon Nature Center" post is actually mine. The link is to my profile. Sorry about that!
  3. You are already thinking of ways that you can dress your new geo-pet up as an ammocan next Halloween.
  4. Wilson's Warbler, you bet. You had a mourning dove in hand? Schweet! No, my bad. I meant Mourning Warbler. Beautiful male too.
  5. Blurry, but I'd say Wilson's. Got the same pose last spring with a Mourning
  6. There was one cache we did in western Indiana this spring that was this high cliff, lover's leap, sort of cache where we had a Bald Eagle fly by us almost at eye level as we stopped to have dinner up there. One of my personal favorites was this fern covered pine stand cache just south of Hartwick Pines State Park in Michigan. We were literally surrounded by the flute playing of Hermit Thrushes, as well as all the Black-throated Green Warblers, Nashville Warblers, and Ovenbirds. Our hands were also full of low bush blueberries that we had picked when we got back to the Herd mobile.
  7. This is why it was titled "Multi QUESTION" and not "Multi QUESTIONS!"
  8. Thanks for the fast replies...got some work to do tomorrow!
  9. We are actually just thinking of doing something around town to take cachers to interesting places. There is by no means an overabundance of urban micros here, so thought this would be a neat way to get them seen and enjoyed!
  10. I was wondering...(hope this makes sense!) Is there a maximum distance that two stages of a multi can be placed?
  11. Oh, I have SOO been there!! This happened to me in my first few days of caching...and I was, hmm...well...TICKED!!! I had my 4 kids with me, all under the age of 11, it was COLD, SNOWING, WET and ICY!!! Let it be noted that the walk from the parking lot of this cache, to the cache itself was nearly 2 miles, and it was all hills, steep hills, that were covered with ice. We were not dressed for the occasion. But, as mad as I was, I will never forget it! Here is my post for it... "March 20 by The Herd (156 found) This one was my least favorite! Not because of the cache itself, only the experiance! Went in once, with the 4 kids in tow. Loved the hike, even though the entire trail was ice, which made hills lottsa fun! Got all the way back to the van, halfway home, realized my cell phone was gone. Went back to the cache site with no luck in the pursuit of the phone. Went back to the van, head hung in saddness, only to find it under my seat!!! I felt like such a dork!!!"
  12. http://www.bridgetonmill.com/ It was actually Bridgeton Mill Covered Bridge, burnt down by arson in April 2005. They have been collecting money, and are planning to rebuild it. Narrows is still in tact...we tubed under it this summer...nice trip!
  13. Scott was found early this morning/late last night. He was alive, but dazed and confused. Thank you to anyone who said a prayer!
  14. I know that many cachers travel many miles to seek out caches. The following link is to a poster of a man from our area that is missing. He came up missing November 1, 2005 in Texas. While he wasn't a geocacher, I just thought that while some of you Texas cachers were out and about, you could keep you eyes open! Please visit the link!!! http://www.cynthiasplace.com/scott.htm THANK YOU!!!
  15. Just saw this thread and had to share. We have a 2 year old Beagle that we rescued from the shelter. She is our caching buddy, though more interested in everything around the cache and how it smells, than she is the cache itself. We have even made her a TB...and fittingly named her Geo. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=181255 p.s. recently got a kitten and named it...Cache! Gosh I am cheesy...lol.
  16. Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all who attended our event "Pokagon Cacher's Campout." It was a big success, with over 30 teams making up 128 geocachers in attendance!!! For my first time...I was IMPRESSED!!! Many of them even roughed it out in the cold by tent camping (us included.) Thank you so much EVERYONE for your support, and I llok forward to seeing you again next year!
  17. Sorry to hear you can't make it...there is always next year. If there is a big enough interest, I would like to hold one in the spring as well...we will see. You are welcome for the answer...Brad, fortunantly has been working hard to convince other IDNR employees that geocachers are not the enemy. Pokagon is actually helping a lot with this event. My hope is that other parks will see what is being done at Pokagon, and catch on.
  18. Ok, went to the source for this one...this is a quote from a member of the IDNR: "Paranoia was chosen because of the over reaction by some cachers to the permitting and policy making in parks regarding geocaching. Several geocachers that have provided feedback to permitting policies feel that this is the beginning of the end of the sport we all love...geocaching. The IDNR is working very hard to accomodate the activity of geocaching into state owned properties. Unfortunately this means that there does need to be a few guidlines to protect the natural resources that they are charged with protecting. I will be going over our need for the policy as well as explaining the policy step by step. I will also compare the IDNR's policy with the surrounding states policies." I guess the main reason for the word is that it sums up a lot of the reactions that this division of the IDNR has received since incorporating their policy. While I do understand that this is not the reaction of ALL geocachers, this program is designed for those that DO have this reaction, which has been a large percentage of what they have been hearing. It also allows those that do have a grasp of what the IDNR is trying to do get a better understanding. And besides, it fit well with the rest of the title for the program!!!
  19. "Geocaching Permits, Policies & Paranoia!" ?? Mrs. Car54 Just a short informative talk on the IDNR policies and how they compare and relate to other states.
  20. The Herd

    Cache Routes

    Forgive me forum, for I am blonde!!! I just saw the sticky at the top of the page regarding this issue...now, if only I could understand it all!!!
  21. The Herd

    Cache Routes

    We just recently became premium members. I am wondering...if I know that I am going to be going to, lets say, location B from my home at location A, is there a way to search caches along that route without having to enter each individual zip code? I know I can map it and then just pan the map over till I reach my destination, but is there another way that may be easier?
  22. The Herd

    Ignore Lists

    Forgive me if this has already been posted...but I sent Groundspeak an email, and they told me to post here. We have a series of caches here that have grown into the hundreds. While I have enjoyed some of them, I just don't personally have a big interest in them. The problem is that when I run a search on nearby caches, 75% of them are this series. Is there a way to ignore mass geocaches without having to open each individual one? It just wouldn't be practical to do that with the amount of these that there are. I was thinking something along the lines of what you do to delete emails in your inbox...eg. when you run the search, click the box next to each one, and have a box on the bottom of the page that says "ignore checked items."
  23. You may also try checking your local craft store. I know I have seen them at Michaels. The way they do them now, they try to convince you that you have to buy the "oven" for them to work. You should be ok just buying a refill pack. They never had the oven when I was a kid, and just sticking them in our regular oven worked fine. I don't know if they give you directions for doing them this way, so you may need to trial and error with a few to get the temp/cook time right. Just keep a close eye on them, and make sure you buy some extras. Man, you brought up some memories...I just may need to get some!!!
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