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  1. Everything in life is so much simpler with a dog...you can blame it all on them. edited to attempt to add photo!
  2. I apologize for everything. CYBret is a wonderful person who would never abuse his moderator powers. I have been so wrong about him. Also he does NOT smell bad. That was JUST WRONG! Perfect example of why I started this thread! You think you are SO amazing! That's fine, those who know you know the truth, that you really do have a strange odor! hey...no need to edit!
  3. I apologize for everything. CYBret is a wonderful person who would never abuse his moderator powers. I have been so wrong about him. Also he does NOT smell bad.
  4. That's cuz I am better than you! DEAL!
  5. Well, at least it isn't a personal threat in a pm! ---I have witnesses in here! (hey...100!!!!!)
  6. Since so many people have made this game about the numbers, I thought, well, I am 2 posts away from 100. (one post now) So why not celebrate with a question...so, here goes... Do you ever feel moderators abuse their "powers?"
  7. Our TB "Potty Break" has been sitting in GCMPDM since Feb. and I was wondering if someone near Chicago would be willing to go see if it is still there. If so, would you PLEASE move it along for us??? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hey Shiloh... Great job on the coin! It is a VERY unique design, and very well done! I would be interested in one, definatly! See you in September...I hope!
  9. We haven't had a run in with the police yet, though I strongly feel we should have a few times!
  10. We are raffling off coins at our event...as far as how we will give out the phone package...we are only allowing one entry per team so that all teams have equal chances to win. It wouldn't be fair of a team with 6 members to get 6 entries while a team with only 1 would only get 1 entry!
  11. Our beagle "Geo" wears hers EVERY time she caches. She knows, soon as we reach for it that we are going caching. (this is her second, she lost her first one running around the woods) We haven't gotten one for her new little sister "Dakota" yet, because she is just to small to wear one.
  12. We ordered something from them, and tracked the package process with the UPS link they gave us. UPS claimed the item was delivered to our front door, and it wasn't. I immediatly contacted Groundspeak/Sunrise about it, and though it did take a couple days for a response, they were VERY quick to send out replacement items! We live far from the road and when we recently ordered something new, posted a message in our order about a specific place to leave the package to assure we didn't have the same issue. Package arrived exactly where we wanted it put, and...there was a HUGE bold print, hand written note right on the box with our delivery instructions!!! I was impressed!
  13. Hope this will help clarify... The account holder for Pokagon Nature Center is actually a member of our team (who just happens to work at the nature center, is in charge of all that state parks geocaching permits, activities, etc. hence the account) The event is being hosted by us..."The Herd" with help from the Pokagon Nature Center, as they are donating the shelter we will use as homebase, the garbage bags, and other things. There are 6 members in our team total, us and our 4 kids. It was our team that won the Trimble Contest.
  14. Why didn't you just reapply, like other state park caches that have been permitted for a while? It definately is affected by what the park manager has on his plate. Budgets are tight, and they aren't checking to make sure geocachers are getting their permits in. Spring Mill is in turmoil right now. The manager is a major pain in the rear, and the full-time interpreter finally was able to get transferred to a better park, after years not being able to do things that other interpreters do everyday in their job.
  15. In our house, we call the broken, useless ones "toilet toys!"
  16. This is a silly question, I am sure, but I have REALLY been wanting an answer to this...What do you guys use for cache containers over there?
  17. ---if you adopt a new dog from the shelter, and you take him caching before you take him to meet your wife...(CYBret!!!)
  18. So, where is the bright orange bandana, the collapsable bowl??? And, don't forget the doggy mount for your GPSr!!! and just a quick f.y.i., between Geo and the new puppy Dakota, I have PLENTY of poo to clean up around here!!! Glad I could help out...and you have fun, you look like you ewre made for each other!
  19. CYBret went and saved a new doggy from the shelter today!!! Now, everyone bug him for pics!!! (I'll let him give the details)
  20. You have a dog named Geo, a cat named cache, a puppy you wanted to name Garmin, and a boyfriend who wouldn't let you!
  21. ---Then you just Google Earth cache for awhile!
  22. If it's just the two of us, it is the 2000 Pontiac Grand Am Gt (amazing where that thing can go!) And if we have the herdlettes with us, it is the 1996 Pontiac TranSport. Which, by the way, is great for meeting other cachers...when you have to pull them off the trail to help you get unstuck from deep mud...hence them naming our van the "herd-mobile" Does that mean that I use my van to pick up cachers???
  23. So far we have 4 in Indiana, including the one we are hosting!
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