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  1. Eat at you? Really? Why would it eat at you? Perhaps you're just jealous that those caches are getting more favorite votes than yours? I recently found a cache that was nailed to a tree. The cache owner got permission from the property owner to place the cache. I enjoyed the cache, I gave it a favorite vote. Now if you want to be the cache police, knock yourself out. Just don't expect to make a lot of friends in the geocaching community.
  2. Yeah, I don't think I've ever specifically thanked someone for a favorite vote. On a couple of occasions, I've thanked people for posting long and interesting logs that they obviously put some real effort into writing. But yeah, I certainly don't think there's a need to specifically thank someone. I've left plenty of favorite votes and have never expected to get anything back in return from the CO.
  3. I had a bizarre incident at the beginning of the month in the same reservation. I went to check on one of my fake animal caches there and found a dead blue jay literally right next to the cache. I didn't see any wounds on the bird, so I'm not sure how it died, but I thought it was strange that it was literally lying right next to my cache. While I certainly hope someone wouldn't place a dead bird next to the cache as a sick joke, you never really know with kids today. Anyways, I fortunately was able to dispose of the bird before another cacher had to make the sad and gruesome discovery. As for the X700, I found it at the beginning of the month and it was ok at the time. Not sure how a muggle would randomly stumble upon that cache. Personally, I wouldn't put out an ammo can there unless I knew the cache wasn't going to be muggled right away again. A cheap lock n lock might be the better route to go initially. And if lasts awhile, perhaps then switch it to an ammo can? Anyways, sorry to hear about the cache, and best of luck with the replacement.
  4. I probably wouldn't mind stumbling upon an attractive couple. A solo practitioner? Not so much...
  5. Prefer to cache alone. I can go at my own (fast) pace and do as many as I want. Plus, if it's a challenging cache, I feel a much greater sense of accomplishment if I can complete it by myself. Not to say I don't enjoy a lil socializing at geocaching events because I do, but yeah... it's nice just having a little bit of alone time when I'm actually out caching.
  6. On a cache with a one star difficulty rating... Very easy find!!!
  7. I send this short little response to the folks that leave me a TFTC log (or shorter) Ok, not really, but it has crossed my mind on an occasion or two.
  8. I'm still hoping to attend and event where I get to spin the wheel. Come on, big money!!!
  9. I have two premium caches. I made them premium because I had previous caches in the area muggled. The result? These new premium caches have not been muggled. The bottom line is almost no muggle is going to pay 30 bucks to go mess with caches. Indeed, it's tough enough to get a geocacher on here to pay the 30 bucks, much less a muggle! I must admit I do enjoy the audit log feature of premium caches. I really wish those logs were available for all caches, not just premium. But yeah, I think the premium cache option is a good thing.
  10. Hilarious jingle! Money back guarantee and they pay for return shipping? What do you got to lose? Give it a shot.
  11. Oh, I love ammo cans. You won't find a more durable cache. I had one wash away and travel 30 miles south down the river. When it was discovered many months later, it was still as dry as a bone inside. So, I decided to make it trackable, although I might re-hide it at some point. Here's a link to its tb page for those intrigued. Mobywv's Trusty Ammo Can
  12. That's interesting. I always felt it was kinda tacky to remove favorite votes that I've already awarded to active caches. If I'm short of favorite votes, I'll simply go grab some easy urban caches to replenish the ranks. Now I do think it's perfectly legitimate to remove favorite votes from archived caches. Indeed, I consider favorite votes to be more like recommendations than absolute favorites. And I don't see much point in recommending a cache that people can no longer do/get. Just my two cents...
  13. I really do wish folks would stop placing travel bugs in caches that are lucky to be visited once or twice a year. I've had a special travel bug of mine stuck in a puzzle cache for nearly 10 months now. It really stinks.
  14. From my experience, the neighborhood park caches and urban caches tend to degrade in swag quality pretty quickly. As a result, I usually put dollar store swag in these type of cache hides. I save the slightly better swag for the more isolated parks, where the swag tends to last a lot longer.
  15. I recently ran out of favorite votes. The problem was I kept making it a priority to visit highly rated caches and well, they were usually good! So, I ended up giving a lot of them favorite votes. The bottom line is if I really like a hide, I won't hesitate to favorite it. I just think folks that hide quality caches should be rewarded for doing so. Indeed, a happy hider will usually hide more caches! I do keep a separate bookmark list for hides that I think are SPECTACULAR! I only typically put a cache on the list if it's one I'd just love to go find a second time.
  16. I've helped out with some abandoned caches before. One was located in a park that no longer allowed new geocaches. I figured it would be nice to save the cache, especially since a a new one wouldn't get approved. So when the cache container went missing, I replaced it and it's been fine since then. The other case was when the first cache I found fell into serious disrepair. I replaced the cache container and it held up just fine. Since it was the first cache I found, I figured I would try to keep it going. Sentimental reasons, I suppose. I think a lot of it depends on where the cache is located and the quality. I don't necessarily mind performing maintenance on a great cache in a park that has been abandoned. On the other hand, I won't go out of my way to replace a leaky LPC.
  17. I don't have a problem with avatars in the logs, as long as it doesn't slow down the system.
  18. If the trail is in a park, typically the park authorities will have guidelines that restrict placing caches too close to private property. For example, around here one can't place a park cache within 50 feet of private property. That being said, if the cache isn't on park land, the cache owner likely has the right to place the cache where he did. This is assuming of course that he got permission to begin with. (always a BIG IF)
  19. I like her belt. But if she's way up in the tree, who took the picture?
  20. 1. Good container that doesn't leak 2. Interesting spot or gimmick 3. Nice hike 4. Logs that aren't full (micros)
  21. Saw this gem the other day: TFTC This entry was edited by *** on Tuesday, 19 July 2011 at 18:43:57 UTC.
  22. I consider "TFTC" logs to usually mean that you disliked the cache. If you liked it, you could at least say something else. Interesting trail! Nice hiding spot! Fun hike! Anything! I can usually come up with a few words for even a LPC or guard rail cache. And by all means, if you disliked the location, please tell me. TFTC tells me absolutely nothing. Want better hides? Don't be afraid to criticize.
  23. That's the main reason I despise them. You get these guys going on caching runs that will cut and paste one line logs. So, it's not uncommon for me to get six notifications on one day with this type of log: "Was driving through the county on a cache run! Hot day! TFTC!" You think cachers would be smart enough to look and see that the same fellow is hiding all the caches. Anyways... **grumble**
  24. I've left a FTF prize in a couple of my caches. One was a little geocoin and another a travel bug. I found it's easier and cheaper to just congratulate the FTF on the cache listing page. I'm actually surprised more people don't this.
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