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  1. WUTC shut this one down. Kind of bummed. Maybe they'll get all their ducks in a row for next year & can restart this great service??!! But it sounds unlikely. Guess we'll all have to go back to using our own shuttles...
  2. Following this link immediately crashes my browser - both FF and IE. What is PICLENS Cooliris? Does anybody else have problems with the site? What is the website doing for those who can open it? The page opens fine with Safari on my Mac, but on my Windows XP laptop with Firefox the page opens but the text is misaligned and overlapping. I am still trying to figure out how having it on Geocaching.com is a good thing. The addition doesn't add any formatting content the page. It's only an RSS link in the <head /> section. So if you're having formatting issues, it has nothing to do with PicLens. No problem on my end - with FF
  3. Yep - just didn't want to post it. I knew I'd possibly get an answer from someone who knew which site I was talking about.
  4. I just received this when I went to my home page..."This account has been suspended - please contact our billing department". Ouch. I've used this as my jump off point for geocaching stuff for 2+ years. Anyone else who uses this - have any ideas as to what happened?
  5. The event wasn't too long ago. Part of it was to introduce geocaching to non-cachers. Temp caches were set up for the newbies to locate during the event. I can't remember much else...
  6. Lizzy

    Skagit County

    One of my favorites! I've used it to give me ideas for caches. There's lots of old abandoned RR lines shown on the Snohomish County one. Lots of them you wouldn't even know about (check out South Marysville near the Soccer Fields) and lots of abandoned lines in the Home Acres area south of the trestle. Interesting stuff.
  7. Just read an article in Everett Herald about a shuttle service that is offered for the Iron Horse Trail now. Here's the link to the Shuttle Service website: Shuttle Service The Herald Article is: here
  8. Does anyone have the link to the past geocaching event that was held in Tennessee (geofest or something like that name)? I'm looking at the info so that we can possibly put on a similar event up here in WA next year for people that are new to geocaching/to introduce them to geocaching.
  9. Anything in the works yet Flutey? This is one I've been looking forward to. I've got an idea for an event in September (not a Pokey Plodder) that I'm thinking about & don't want to pick a conflicting date. I also remember something was spoken about a CITO event possibly that month too?
  10. Every time I saw you at an event, I'd grin & my spirits would lift. There is such an accepting, warm & caring "something" about you that everyone felt. In this world full of predatory people, it is so wonderful to meet & call friend someone like you. You will be missed down here, but I know you will quickly find new friendships in Whatcom County. Now, I'll have to expand my event radius to include lots from up north!!!
  11. Bummer - not for September travel. Maybe by the end of August, they'll extend the promotion into September.
  12. 3 or 4 nights ago, I think I heard mentioned on the news how some of the places in Victoria are throwing around the idea of paying for ferry tickets for people who come stay at their hotels. Did anyone else hear that? I'd love to find out who/where...
  13. Not happy that my "visited" links colors and my "unvisited" links colors are either the same now or very, very similar. Not sure if that is a function of my browser or what - but it is now impossible to pick out new caches I have not looked at (for bookmark purposes, etc.). I am bummed about this... Having to manually override the colors in my browser so that I can pick them out now. This in turn causes part of the pages to blank out - notably the links on the left side for "My Account", "Forums" etc. A real pain to change my browser options back & forth now.
  14. Extortion? Are you people serious? I do not condone the actions of these groups. But, even if you could identify them, I challenge you to successfully bring theft charges against them. No theft, no extortion. Law enforcement would see it as the removal of abandoned property, not punishable by law. We are at the mercy of any group or individual that chooses to interfere with our game. Extortion is an interesting word, but so is Hysterics. I don't think I'd quite call it "abandoned" property.
  15. I had a similar experience with my Lundeen cache. I nicely emailed the new cacher & let them know that part of the challenge was physically logging the cache without being detected by muggles. I don't believe they rectified things - but I did change the wording on the cache page.
  16. "In the United States, extortion may also be committed as a federal crime across a computer system...". Not sure if this is considered extortion, but maybe.
  17. Yeah, who is that guy? The King?? Happy Congrats, Dave!! Wow! 8000 - Won't be too long & he'll be #1 is the US?!!
  18. Deleted the Whitehorse Trial bookmark list - all are included on the Mountain Loop Bookmark List
  19. How cute!!! That was fun & thanks Pye - we had a great time. We never got tired of hearing "Awwww, how cute" from passers-by about Karma in his special bike basket.
  20. Wow! Harriet!!! Love the pictures. I never remember to bring a camera & these came out awesome! I was still shocked to see that the temp was 91 at the end. It didn't feel that hot, really. What a great bunch of people we rode with. You were a lifesaver with the extra water. I was so short on brain-power this a.m., I was lucky to have remembered my name.... Can't wait for the next one!!
  21. Looks like perfect weather for this!!!
  22. A list of incidents happened to prevent me from going to this PP event. I should've stayed in bed Saturday. Looks like everyone had lotsa fun though - congrats to teperky on a successful event!
  23. Oh....oh wow. And I thought I'd get off my computer early today. Cool site.
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