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  1. we had real neat business cards made up and I make beaded charms and attache to the card people must really like them cause they take them all the time out of caches! I think you should go with the coin we love to take them my daughters fav is M&M hunters wooden coin!
  2. we made the cache for our daughter bobpants so we put it under her profile bobpants the cache is called HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBPANTS so if your close have fun visiting it
  3. We put a new cache out in my daughters name for her birthday the first one dissapeared, so we archived it and moved it started it up 2 weeks ago and only 2or 3 people have found or even got it, whats up the first one we did got hammered-is it the gas prices- where's all the cachers
  4. I am from van wert county real close to indania border
  5. there is a picture of signal and it says geocaching is down for maintanience and you can visit Groundspeak foriums or the store
  7. hello i am from ohio GO BUCKEYES!!!!!
  8. that sounds very scary!! We went caching in texas a couple of months ago went for a cache that was in the midde of nowhere, well anyways, I looked and looked for it and finally found it in a tree i went to reach for it and noticed that there was something on it, I took a closer look and it was a huge HORNET nest so I calmly turned around and backed up and then ran!!! I guess that no one had hit it in a while, I hope they sprayed it or something!!!
  9. took advice arcived old entered new THANKS
  10. We placed a cache under a bridge(GCND3N), now we want to move it to N 40 51.306 W 084 41.375 It is about a mile away in a tree the grounds keeper said no problem and he will keep an eye on it with us, we only live one and a half miles away. the grounds keeper might even try out this new sport he already has a gps for farming. we had to move it because someone destroyed it and olny left us the lid in the mud in the creek HOW DO WE GO ABOUT CHANGING OUR CORDINATES IF IT SAYS ITS TO FAR AWAY
  11. how would I go about making a cache traveling cache to cache????
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