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  1. i started the cache with my own coins and that is all i ever put in there peolple love this cache and tommy trojin even sold me a coin for being a good sitter for his coin while they are there I take them out and get there pictures taken and if they are there for more that three weeks I move them and replace them with my own!! I hope people dont think this is a prision!!
  2. I wish that the geocoin fairy would pay our cache a visit! GCVW9T there are alot of coins in it and a special prize for the next cacher we LOVE coins and I hope we get to meet her lovely coin!!
  3. I took a pic of my daughter geocacing on a tree that looked like a chair when I got the pic back there were two fuzzy faces behind her really scary now that i looked at them will not be back to those caches!! I will have to post pic!!
  4. thanks for having us we didn't stay long but we had fun and bobpants got her 200th cache (geos cache) will have to go back to pokagon soon never been there before it was great!! lots of chipmunks they were so much fun to watch run around! thanks
  5. It was really weird to get our sept coin so early but very cool to get it on sept 11 great coin and neat velvet bag!!
  6. I got an email form geoswag the other day and now they are starting to send you a copy coin with your regular coin I got them yesterday and sure enough i got my regular coin and a copy that looks just like it with engraving on the edge that says copy please keep moving cache to cache!! cool!!
  7. I got a hole in my caching shirt too!! 2 days after I got it, I was sweeping behind my washer and dryer and got it caught on the corner of the dryer-crap- I wasn't very happy!!!
  8. http://www.vanwertcountyfair.com/index.htm has any one checked this place out? There is fishing really close by the hospital is across the street, the buildings(commercial and JR. fair buildings are airconditioned theres lots of showers and bathrooms hotels just down the road food places all over and Ice right across the street! theres 800 spots for campers and has a septic dump spot. It is a 4h fairground so I bet 4-H would work with consessions!! and it is really easy to get to!!!
  9. What about here? http://www.vanwertcountyfair.com/index.htm The fair grounds is large and has alot of indoor buildings,lotsof camping spots w/electric and I think they have septic for campers too, theres already wireless internet there and it has alot of caches really nearby you can cache in three states all in one day, Indiania is 12 miles away and michigan is only about an hour away!! and it is really easy to get to it is right on 127! Just an idea.
  10. I have so many to say thanks to for moving my little travlers, first MAX B (you rock) lost scouts (you always move them quick and geopigs (we met you at the MWGB, your little piggies are sooo cute and you always end up with our bugs) and last but not least Wolverine warriors, you guys give a bug/coin a great place to stay and give them a good freshing up!!!! You all work real hard to get bugs traveling-- YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!!!! Keep upthe good work!!!!
  11. Awsome maybe I will do that hopefully I can get them before geobash in MI
  12. hi everyone I was wondering what you guys tought about this geocoin design I maled to geoswag do you think they will even consider it or does it suck I love greatful dead and the dancing bears so I put All I want to do is cache cache cache instead of dance dance dance I think it is so cute I am thinking about making coins like this if they dont choose it for a monthly design does anyone have any idea on how they decide on a design or if they email you back or what!?!? we itried to put the pic on here but cant figure out how to on the front is a blu dancing bear and on the back it says All I want to do is cache cache cache I wish I could get the pic up it took me a couple of hours to draw up and design on the computer!!
  13. finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my may geoswag coins!!!!
  14. great!! I love texas were going to hemphill in July on the toledo bend resevoir!! thanks
  15. Has anyone recieved their may geoswag coin yet???? I hope I get it before I go on vacation!!
  16. nothing for awhile still waiting for geoswag coin for may!!!!
  17. I just activatied it and named it Delaware Geocoin Thanks Che K I hope everyone will Keep it moving I placed it in our cache geocoin trader GCVW9T hope to see you there (its in our yard)
  18. I found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i found who made the coins he emailed the guy who bought the coin and he said if the other guy can get me the coin activaion code that would be great thanks team shydog for your coin and mikeogg for the help!! and thanks to Che K for placing coin in our cache we will choose a special name for it in your honor and send it on its travels!!
  19. well I just got an email from the one who placed the coin and she says she got it as a door prize at a geopicnic and didn't know how to get activated w/o code sooooo where can I get the code she said maybe I can find out more about the coin!! help me please I hate to let such a cool coin have no mission!
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