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  1. I just did it off of the geocaching.com/BP page. It may because I had already logged them before I tried to get the gpx file. I just tried again and I still get the same file. Thanks Terrible Ts I downloaded the GPX after completing them today and it came through just fine... I got all 7 of them and then reworked the code and cache-type so it fit in with everything else in GSAK. -TWT
  2. Additionally, If you are a premium member, here is a link to a bookmark list (Courtesy of the WSGA!). From that list, you can create a PQ of all the caches in the GeoTour... -TWT
  3. Been wanting to do this hike for a while, but not sure if we'll make it.. Not sure we can get out of the house early enough...
  4. Thanks... I'm not sure how much time I'll have, so I'll have to see if I can make it down there... If I make the trip, Tarryall will be priority #1, followed by the GPS Maze and the Railroad Museum in (I think) Golden..... -TWT
  5. Hey All, I may be in the area in April and was wondering about the availability of Tarryall? (Snow, ect) I'll be in a Rental Car and it looks like a dirt road, how is the road? Also, how much is the hike? Looks like it's pretty close to the road, so I'm guessing the climb isn't too bad, but I've spent all my life at sea-level in the PNW.... Any other suggestions for can't miss caches? Thanks. -TWT
  6. The "Owyhee Uplands Byway" looks to be a standard power trail with better scenery than XXX miles of generic blacktop. 725+ caches along a 100+ mile stretch of road in E.Oregon/SW.Idaho. Southwest of the GeoArt projects. Never done it myself.
  7. You say you don't have Internet outside... If I recall correctly, the "Wireless Only" version of the iPad2 doesn't have a GPS. You need the 3G version to get a GPS. -TWT
  8. Looks like they have lost their URL/Website.. I'd try their Facebook Page.. http://www.facebook.com/OregonSaga
  9. Thanks for the HOTM today! Yes, it was wet, but still had a great time and met some cachers I hadn't before! -TWT
  10. Looks like 2/3rds of the Trio will not make this one... They have been fighting colds all week, so it will just be me. (I've eluded the bugs so far...) -TWT
  11. This is a hike I've wanted to do for a long time, just never got around to it... There will probably be three of us coming along, but will know for sure as the time gets closer... -TWT
  12. Yes, Once it's been published, it will appear in the PQ I receive the next Saturday morning. The PQ is set to grab all active events in the Northwest Region and BC. At that point a GSAK macro will update the Cities/Counties/URLs and create the ICS files that I upload to Google. (Probably Saturday as well). -Stephen
  13. Hi All, I just added a few URLs to each Event page that will open GZ in Google Maps or Apple Maps on an IOS device. yuo could then have it give you directions if you need them... I checked it with my iPhone and in Outlook and they seem to work for me. I don't have an Android device to test. -S
  14. The WSGA has put out a number of coins specific to Washington state. They are done in limited runs, so there may not be any left for sale, but you can check the website, or maybe someone "in the know" will respond. -TWT
  15. If big events like these are being planned well in advance of the publish, I'm happy to add in a placeholder event in the database. I'll just need to remember to delete it when the real event is published.. I have added the 4 from your profile (through Sep 2013) that have dates into the Calendar. {EDIT} To add on to this, even if your just planning a hike/paddle with a big bunch of people (like the one to GCD a while back) and have no intention of publishing an official "Event", I can add it to the calendar maunally. If you are going to publish an event that you want up beforehand and you have an Unplulished GC Code for it, I woule like to have it.. While the URL Link won't work, if I add it to the calendar with the proper GC code, it "should" automatically update the information once it is published. -TWT
  16. Hi All, First Off, thanks to Shop99er for all his manual labor for the last 6 years working on the calendar... Below is a link to a Google Calendar that has all the published events for the states that this forum supports, as well as British Columbia (since it's only an hour away from me, I wanted to see them as well. ) It has little different look than the previous calendar, mainly because this is an automated script that pulls what it can out of the PocketQuery and I'm too lazy to do any per-event customization. A link to the actual cache page is provided if you open the full details of the calendar event. My goal is to update the calendar weekly (sometime during the weekend since thats when the PQ runs), but I'm sure things will get in the way on occasion... Google Calendar If you want to load these events into your PC/Phone/?? yourself, below is a link to all the ICS files (per state and all together). I've used these in Outlook 2007 and my iPhone with no problems. Have not tested anything else, so YMMV. ICS files Lastly, if you want to create any of these on your own (other regions, only the events you care about, ect), please contact me off list. I'd be happy to provide the scripts... -Stephen/TheWinterTrio
  17. It would be great to meet up and hit a couple caches together, but we're not planning this as a real caching trip so we may only get a couple for the weekend. Blasphemy, I know, but we often find ourselves at the mercy of a six year old who can be a reluctant cacher, so we try to be flexible and may end up spending most of the weekend playing in the sand somewhere... -TWT
  18. Thanks, That is where we are going to try out. They are having a special for October and November so the pricing looks pretty good, plus, the chef at the attached bistro will accomodate my (extensive) list of food allergies... -TWT
  19. Hi All, We're looking at heading up for a weekend sometime in the near future and not finding any great informaiton on where to stay. It's the last County we need for that challenge. We're looking at Orcas Island (want to go after the Top 10 Challenge Cache) and/or San Juan Island. Not looking to spend a fortune as the ferry trip is already a good chunk of change.. Recomendations? Thanks. -TWT
  20. Lizzy, Thanks for keeping this one going as long as you did.. I made it goal to finish this year and I AM going to make it! If the adoption falls through I may need to make an emergency trip to the San Juans to grab that last county before the end of October! -TWT
  21. Hey All, Recently we found a 7th Cache type that had over 20 points and I realized that my macro wasn't counting correctly. It would include that 7th Cache type instead of another cache that had more points. (ie. I have a WebCam with 20 pts that was my 7th Cache type. But since you only need 6, I was getting shorted about 60 pts since I have another cache at 80 that should have been used instead.) So, if you have 7 or more cache types that have 20+ Fav Points, you should update to the latest version... After our trip to the Tubulars today, we're now at 5647... -TWT/Stephen
  22. _Shaddow_ & Moun10Bike, Thanks for the quick responces, and that's great.. Makes it so much easier to update.. Now if it was only quicker. I write it directly to a flash card in my laptop instead of the GPS, but still takes a while... Thanks! -TWT/Stephen
  23. Thanks the great maps! I do have a question, but not related to the maps themselves... I use Garmin MapSource to load the maps into my 60csx. I just downloaded the updates and they are now in MapSource. Can I just bring up the saved profile from last time I selected maps and resend it? Will it automatically grab the images from the newer version, or do I need to remove the old maps from the list and re-add them? (Or start over) Thanks! -TWT/Stephen
  24. The corners of those polygons don't meet in perfect crosses because the Thomas Guide's only list the coordiantes of the top of the page and they are not perfect North-South Lines, so the bottom corners (and the page below) don't line up properly. I asked the CO when I created the Macro if he wanted me to fix that, but he wanted to keep it like it was since that's how the Challenge had been verified since it was created. On the FSG maps I created it was easier to draw perfect corners, so I did, but the polygons that fill the userdata field do not have perfect corners. The King, Pierce and Island county polygons all have perfect corners. I think Snohomish does as well, but I can't remember 100% -S
  25. I have had to convert the coords into a couple differnt formats. My "WATG_Poly" macro and the "Challenge.gsk" use different formatting... How do you need them to look? WaTG_Poly: #SnoWaTG-435 47.89750 -122.34500 47.89889 -122.24806 47.84833 -122.24639 47.84694 -122.34306 47.89750 -122.34500 Challenge: ,,,,398,398,48.00306 -122.05583;48.00417 -121.95861;47.95361 -121.95861;47.95250 -122.05583;48.00306 -122.05583 -Stephen
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