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  1. Thanks! I've never really done any geocaching without the cell phone in hand. I guess I need to brush up on my map and compass skills?


    The GPS will still work, but you won't have any live maps or live cache info, so you need to have the cache data and map tiles preloaded.. (easy or hard, depending on the app you use...)

  2. There is also the drawback that Groundspeak can see when messages are read and can see the messages at any time they wish, including reviewers I guess. That's not acceptable for me. There is no way to delete messages from the system.


    Since the "Send Email" link is also a GC.com form, they already have the ability to store and read those email messages as well...

  3. 1.What do you like most about challenge caches?


    They give us a goal or something to work towards.


    2.What do you not like about challenge caches?


    The paperwork required to prove you qualify for some of them.


    3.What would you like to see changed about challenge caches?


    I would like to see a MANDATORY attribute. A different icon would be nice, but that's probably going to cause more trouble than it's worth. Drop all found/placed before/after date requirements on all challenges (yes, existing as well). No grandfathering... Make the challenge comply with current rules or archive it.


    How about this: Make the requirements "optional", anyone can get a smiley if they log it, but those who qualify could also get a CO created "Souvenir".


    4.If you could describe your favorite challenge cache type, what would it be?


    My Favorites are the geographical/map/place based (delorem/county/100 parks/50 islands/ect..), and historical (Jasmer, 50 Oldest Caches in State/County/ect.)



    5.What types of challenge caches do you avoid?


    Anything that makes me wander back through all my caches to find titles, words, letters, ect... Just not worth the smiley if it takes hours to prove we qualify. If it requires a certain percentage of types or a minimum DT. If you need to only log certain types, or avoid certain type (ie. 30 day Microless challenge) While I'm not a fan of Micros, seems a stupid challenge, give them a souvenir instead.. :)


    Not a big fan of D/T/Fizzy or Streak type challenges personally as that's not our style, but wouldn't suggest dropping them unless they have some really whacked requirements...




  4. 1. What do you use the bio box for?


    I display statistics created with GSAK.


    2. Do you display banners from caches or events on your profile? How important is it to you that you are able to display these on your profile?


    No. Not important at all...


    3. What do you most enjoy looking at on others' profiles?


    I will look at Last Visit and to send them an email and their find count.


    4. Below you will find all the functionality that the page currently offers.


    • Location
    • Last visit to website
    • Send message to e-mail
    • 'Member since:'
    • Find count
    • Trackables logged count
    • Status of account (Premium, Lackey, etc…)
      Don't care about any of these...
      ~ Link to give gift membership
    • Send a friend request (only shows when viewing someone else’s profile, not your own)
    • Avatar image
    • See forum posts


    Geocaches: Don't care all that much, so order is fine.

    • Finds by cache type breakdown
    • Link to all geocache finds
    • Hides by cache type breakdown
    • Link to all geocache hides


    Trackables: Don't care all that much, so order if fine.

    • List of Trackable types discovered or moved by kind
      ~ Icons link to search list filtered to those Trackables
    • List of trackable types owned
      ~ Icons link to search list filtered to those Trackables


    Souvenirs: Don't care at all...

    • List of souvenirs earned
      ~ Icons link to specific souvenir page
    • Date souvenir was acquired


    Gallery: Nice to browse pics, but what features are there/gone is not that important.

    • Image gallery starting with most recent
    • Multiple pages
    • If image is attached to geocache log, GC code is listed
    • Clicking image opens bigger view that links to log page/edit


    Lists: Never really use this unless I'm searching for a specific list, and then I usually find it on a Cache pages instead...

    • List of all caches that user has awarded a favorite point
    • List of all public bookmark lists


    Statistics: Not all that important...



  5. For those of you who keep track of these things far in advance, I'm moving the date of the Quincy/Ephrata Cache Machine to September 26. The previously listed date, September 19, conflicts with a training class that I'll be out of state for.


    I deleted the old date from the Event Calendar on this board. The new one should appear this weekend when I do the update..

  6. Just found the macro, great idea... hydnsek, I created a fresh database with the same name as yours and downloaded the bookmark list into it, and it did stick with the "x-CacheMachine" database and populate the usersort column properly.


    It looks like a couple caches are missing from the bookmark list as the macro bombed out on caches #5 and #77, but once I removed them from the data file it completed just fine..


    I can' see any reason why it wouldn't work... Is it possible you have a space at the beginning or end of the database name??


    You could try changing the line that says < Database Name=$cbxDataBase > to < Database Name="x-CacheMachine" > (without the <>'s)


    Too bad I can't make this CM.... I'll have to remember this macro next time...



  7. Ya know, this whole discussion may become moot tomorrow. I imagine the option was dropped because the whole page is about to be redone and it "just doesn't matter." I'm on the edge of my seat with excitement! :laughing:

    If the whole page is being redesigned, why did they have to change the actions of the old page?


    They (GS) should have been expecting this discussion, as the same occurred when the first introduced the Recently View List - at least then they listened and gave us the option to not view it.


    Yep, what if the "recently view caches" is being totally revamped and they had to remove the checkbox from the database for the conversion to go easier. (I'm not a DBA, so I have no clue) They had the choice, show them to everyone or remove them for everyone.. I'm guessing the number of people who hid them is MUCH smaller than those who had it displayed... Hey, most cachers probably don't care one way or another. I don't if they are listed or not. I don't care about the list of caches I've logged in the last 30 day either, so putting one before the other is irrelevant to me. Consider me the "average" cacher, and their decision was a no-brainer... I also don't care about the profile picture, mine or yours..


    One thing I would like to see is the ability for me to organize the frames anyway I choose... Then I could put the one or two things I actually use at the top and ignore the rest...

  8. Yep.. Something needs to be done... I just received a notification, but nowhere does it say what it is!


    I "guessed" it was an Archive Log, but until I clicked on the Cache Link, I couldn't be sure...


    Subject: Instant Notification: Cache Name (GCXXXX) has a new log from CacheerName


    Cache Name(GCXXXX) from your instant notification, S-Email Trad Home+15, has a new log!


    Logged by: CacherName

    Date: 7/23/2014

    Location: Washington, United States

    Type: Traditional Cache



    The forest this cache was in no longer has access that doesn't disturb neighbors, so we went out and retrieved the can (and the story). Thanks!


    Happy geocaching,

    Geocaching HQ


    The HTML doesn't really bother me (but plain text would be better), but please at least include enough information to actually know what the log is! There is really no reason to receive this notification if doesn't tell me anything...



  9. I can see a lot of upset people who can't get that seventh because there are no Virtual, WebCam, Letterbox or Wherigo near them... The event requirement could also be tough for many...


    I will probably get three just due to normal caching, but will not go out of my way to get all 6 required...

  10. So atm I see Labs in my overall count but not in stats? It means my Stats count and actual count are different. Why not just add them to all stats and if Ground speak choose not to go forward with them then treat them like a grandfathered cache type that no longer exists?


    Check it again tomorrow. Lab caches are slated to start counting towards all of your stats starting June 3rd 2014.


    So it's now June 4th. What's the holdup?

    Still June 3rd in the Frog's TimeZone...


    The problem is that the geocacher who wants "wow" locations may think the petroglyphs or the endangered bat cave are "wow" and the spot 10 meters from the parking lot where the land manager allows a physical cache is not. So it comes down to whether you want physical caches to find or whether you want "wow".

    I get that, but it means the site supports a container and the cache description can encompass these things that are available to see while you're there. Again, working within the system...


    Those who are in it for the "WOW", will grab the cache 10 meters from the parking and then go the extra 200 meters to see the "WOW".. Those only interested in the numbers will grab the cache and get back in their car, thus saving the environment for those who actually care...

  12. Approved coordinate check websites include Certitude, Evince, Geocheck.org and Geochecker.com. Not sure why you ran into that issue, based on the reference materials made available to reviewers. I hope you get it sorted.


    Maybe, just maybe the reviewer of my cache is unaware of this rule?


    All I know is I just spent three hours building a puzzle checker and uploading it to my webserver.


    The Message from the first post implies that it is a "string" (maybe password) that is being checked and not just coordinates being verified. If that's the case, that may be the issue.

    Requiring someone to use an external website to retrieve the correct coordinates it very different than validating that I deduced the correct coords from the puzzle...

  13. I'm not sure if this is temporary, or if the hamsters ate it and it's gone permanently, but the image (GC hosted) that has been on my cache page since it was published (few months) is now showing a broken link...


    The Cache is GC4N1B4


    Not sure when it disappeared, but figured I ask before replacing it so there not an orphaned image out there if it comes back...





  14. I've had pretty good luck with two 60cxs and a 62sc, not many reboots at all. I do keep all 30k in WA state in both units as POIs, but it would be nice to be able to use the geocaching features for all 30k instead of just 2k...


    Which additional feature besides the "found" button are you talking about ?


    The "Found" and "Goto Next" (or whatever it's called) are really about it. While I haven't tested the 62 for character length, the 60 has a very limited amount of text you can add to the POIs, so dropping in full descriptions and logs was never available in a POI.


    Being able to drag large GPX/GPZ files instead of converting to POI's would be nice.


    The speed of a GPZ file would be great... Having all those POIs does slow the processor down a bit..


    All that being said, It's not that big of a deal to me. I still use my iPhone/iTouch for all logging and cache details. If I don't have them with me, or it's a long hike and the battery won't make it, I just mark a new waypoint at the same spot as the cache and download them into GSAK to verify what I did find.


    I process all my PQs through GSAK before loading as POIs to get the important information in there. One button launches a series of macros and 15 minutes later I have 4 states/provinces with 20 POI files and one huge GPX file each for the iPhone.


    We still use both 60's and 62, so I probably won't change my POI process until the 60s die anyway.

  15. Maybe one that supports the GPZ files for nearly unlimited geocaches???


    62s with POIs support nearly unlimited geocaches already.


    What I want is a Garmin that doesn't constantly reboot.

    I've had pretty good luck with two 60cxs and a 62sc, not many reboots at all. I do keep all 30k in WA state in both units as POIs, but it would be nice to be able to use the geocaching features for all 30k instead of just 2k...

  16. While looking at my favorite toy store (REI) I see in the pre-slae flyer they'll have the Garmin 62s on sale for $199.99! Dang, I broke my 60CSx a month too early!!! I only saved $75, not $150.


    Yeah I picked up at 62sc a couple months ago at the last sale. It was cheaper than the 62s at the time, but I don't think it was as low as $199... Argh..


    These "fire sales" get me wondering if a new 64 is on the way soon... Maybe one that supports the GPZ files for nearly unlimited geocaches???

  17. An event so close to home, but I'll be working to far south to make it up at lunch time... Arg!


    Looks like it was just published a few days ago... I run the PQ to load the events on the weekends, so anything published during the week should make it up by Sunday as long as I'm not out of town...




    This is great!


    thanks for keeping this up for us!!!


    You're probably working on it now, but just wanted to mention that this event just got published:


    Geocaching goes to Space event


    I didn't see this one on your calendar.


    It's okay if this one stays small because it's not a huge venue, but I wanted to put this out there for those who can't get to Groundspeaks evening event and want the souvenir. I didn't see any events close by besides Groundspeak's event, so I wanted to have another local option.


    I hope everyone who wants to is able to make it to an event.

  18. Hi, Not sure if this is the correct spot for this or not, but I would like to see the Bookmark API functionality enhanced so you can change the name and add comments when adding a cache to a bookmark list. Currently it only seems to support sending the cache code, so if you want to make any notes (Found Date, ect..) or change the name to include a Delorme page, you have to go back in and do it manually.





  19. What is the biggest size microSD card an Oregon 450 can handle?




    You might want to test and see what the most/biggest files the 450 processor can handle...


    I was able to put an 8gb card in my 60Csx, read the data just fine, but once the Maps and POI files got much over 1Gb, the processor started to really bog down, map redraws and searches took forever.



  20. If anyone knows of a portal to Alaska in King county that would be awesome. I'm also going to see if anyone at any of the events I am going to is planning a trip there and can take the lil guy along.

    Not knowing exactly where the northern extent of King County is, you could use Stargate P47122 TB Cache to Stargate P61149 TB Cache. Could also use SEATAC Plane Exchange once it's reenabled.

    Stargate P47122 is a dead end... Drop the TB there and it will never be seen again....
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