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  1. All, I've changed the times for the "local" events so they are listed on the calendar in the proper time period, instead of all-day events. NonNorthwest Mega, Giga and Maze types are still are listed as All Day. Can anyone living in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana or Alaska tell me if events in your area are listed at the proper time? I'm not confident they are being shown properly due to the time zone change, but being in Washington, I can only check the Pacific time events. Thanks. -TWT
  2. It appears that the original polygons used for the automatic checkers stop at the river, so the Cemetery is not being counted. I wonder if the city limits have changed since those were created.....
  3. Washington Phase 4 and Oregon Phase 3 look like they are basically the same, the final phase for each State.
  4. A temporary fix is to refresh the Event Caches via the API before creating the files. It still gives the old date format. I'm guessing that will get "fixed" at some point, but for now it's an easy work around. I just updated the calendar and the Event is now showing on the 9th...
  5. Well, Looks like the TerribleTs already reported it in the GSAK forums... -TWT
  6. In looking at GSAK, it shows it on the 10th as well. The GPX file is listing the time in (I think) UT instead of local (recent gc.com change?) so it looks like GSAK can't deal properly with that... I'll post the issue on the GSAK forum and see if there are any easy solutions.... <wpt lat="48.516667" lon="-122.60925"> <time>2019-02-10T02:30:00Z</time> <name>GC82TPZ</name> -TWT
  7. Hmm.. That's odd. Let me see where things have gone sideways....
  8. It looks like the coordinates actually did update this time, so all the location settings are now GZ instead of the city name. But now I have a question... What are you copying these into that the location field helps? And does what I changed help? I pull up the calendar event from my iPhone Calendar App and I don't see a show map option. What I usually do is click on one of the links I added to the body of the calendar event that opens either apple maps or google maps.. Thanks. -Stephen
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'll wait and see if there are any other opinions before I make changes to that... Also, about the location.. I just made a change so that the Coordinates show up in the "Location" field and the City/State are listed just below the Host and Maps links in the details. So, when clicking on the location in the event, now I get mapped to the actual spot. Hopefully that covers that piece of editing... (Although it will only be effective on newly published events, as google doesn't seem to overwrite the details when I import a new file overtop)
  10. Hi All, With the recent update to Event Listings that now contain Start and End times, would you prefer to see the events on the Calendar listed during the time they are happening, or keep them all at the top of the day with the Start/End time in the notes? -TWT
  11. Hmm.. I guess I haven't payed attention to the actual event count lately. I take a look and see what's wrong... EDIT: Looks like the PQ had an end date of 12/31/2018, so moved that to 2020. Next run (Friday) should get all the new events on the calendar... -TWT
  12. If you use the Geocaching App (New or Classic), can you get the numbers in there? I'm not seeing a way. The only thing I have come up with is either create a PocketQuery of the caches or put them into a personal bookmark list... I can at least limit the map to just those caches, but that doesn't show the name change (with the CM number) of the bookmark list, or if you put anything in the individual book mark entries... Is there something I'm missing, or are App users just SOL? (I use GSAK to load the caches into my 64s and Geosphere, so I don't need a solution, mostly just curious) -TWT
  13. Hi, for about the last 6-9 months (just noticed this morning), the TB logs for "Retrieved it from a Cache" have not been consistently providing the Latitude and Longitude in API Data. Since November, I've downloaded about 55 "Retrieve" logs and only 5 of them had coordiantes. Prior to Nov'15, they ALL were coming back with coordinates. As far as I can tell, Dropped and Visit logs still have all their Lat/Lon numbers intact... Retrieve Log Data: /GetTrackableLogsResponse/TrackableLogs/a:TrackableLog/a:LogType/a:WptLogTypeName Retrieve It from a Cache /GetTrackableLogsResponse/TrackableLogs/a:TrackableLog/a:UpdatedLatitude/i:nil true /GetTrackableLogsResponse/TrackableLogs/a:TrackableLog/a:UpdatedLatitude /GetTrackableLogsResponse/TrackableLogs/a:TrackableLog/a:UpdatedLongitude/i:nil true /GetTrackableLogsResponse/TrackableLogs/a:TrackableLog/a:UpdatedLongitude Drop Log Data: /GetTrackableLogsResponse/TrackableLogs/a:TrackableLog/a:LogType/a:WptLogTypeName Dropped Off /GetTrackableLogsResponse/TrackableLogs/a:TrackableLog/a:UpdatedLatitude 35.02522 /GetTrackableLogsResponse/TrackableLogs/a:TrackableLog/a:UpdatedLongitude -85.5558 What will it take to have this looked into and fixed? Thanks. -TWT
  14. I have some discomfort with this as well. Something I'll have to think about if I decide to find any new challenges. To both of you, can I ask why you're uncomfortable with Project-GC? You aren't actually giving them your credentials. When you click the buttons to authenticate, you're redirected to geocaching.com and that's where you log in, so Project-GC never sees your credentials. What they get is an access token that allows their system to read some information from your account, in the same way that GSAK or any other API-using software does. I understand the whole API/token thing (I'm a heavy GSAK user), so I guess my original email wasn't worded very well... I have nothing against Project-GC, they provides a great service that a lot of people use. But I don't use the site, so there no reason I should be forced to login. They can probably see 90+% of my info without me logging in, so why should I have to? They already have all my logs, friends who do use the site have run Challenge Checkers against my user to verify challenges when we've been out on the road, so they don't need me to login to provide the information... -TWT
  15. Glad to see them come back and am generally happy about the new guidelines... I like the idea of requiring a Challenge Checker, what I don't like is now we are forced to login to Project-GC to use them. I would like to see GS and PGC agree that Challenge Checkers can be used without logging in.. Personally, I don't use ProjectGC and do not want them authenticate to my GC.com username on their site... -TWT
  16. I'm interested in going (Have to check work schedule)... Not a morning person either, so could never make the hikes before the Ape event... -TWT
  17. Yep... I've been trying to update every Friday.. I've received a few direct messages about adding events that I won't get via the PQs, but otherwise it's been pretty quiet.. -TWT
  18. My database only shows 11 caches left for July and August 2000.. Code Waypoint Name Placed GC18 Tarryall 7/2/2000 GC40 Geocache 7/7/2000 GC35 Power Island 7/16/2000 GC20 Marooned 7/17/2000 GC19 Geocache 7/20/2000 GC17 Geocache 7/21/0 7/21/2000 GC23 Geocache 7/21/2000 GC4D Match Stash 8/11/2000 GC21 Lake Lanier 8/16/2000 GC36 Geocache 612 8/21/2000 GC3B Potters Pond 8/27/2000
  19. I have a PQ for all of 2000, and it seems to work. (it gives me 111 caches for 2000) I think the main thing is you have to select an "Origin", or "Within" a region. I selected "Within", "States and Provinces" and then highlighted every state/province in the list.. (Select the top one in the list (Abruzzo), then Press and Hold the [shift] Key, then hold the "Page Down" key until you reach the end of the list (Zuid-Holland). Release both keys and everything should be blue) Leave the "Origin" as "None" and put in the date range you want in the "Placed During" fields... -TWT
  20. For the most part I'm pretty agnostic about the whole Markdown, HTML, BBCOde stuff... I just use plain text in my logs... Some may now be screwed up due to misinterpretation by the Markdown code, but I don't look at my old logs online anyway.. If I want to look at them, it's much easier to do it in GSAK... What you could do is add a checkbox for "This log includes Markdown Formatting". So, if you DO want to use the fancy formatting stuff, check the box and have it interpreted that way... If you leave the box unchecked, then nothing gets "re-interpreted" and is displayed as plain text exactly as written... If "Off" is the default, then all those old logs would also not get re-interpreted. Thanks. -TWT
  21. Hi, I'd like the ability to put Message Center "status bar" on my personal home page like the current "Stat Bar" is able to be displayed. I have my browsers Home Page set to a local file on my PC that has all the links I normally go to... I have the "Stat Bar" on there for a quick link to my profile.. I'd like to add a "Message Center" bar with a dynamic Icon that would tell me (without actually going to GC.com) that I have messages waiting and links directly back to my message center page... Nevermind... I just realized I'd need to be logged in to see the "New Message" notifications... Thanks. -TWT
  22. Very well Put! I have used both, and will probably continue to do so. I am mainly a PC user, as I do not use the "official app" that much (only to log trackables in the field), but I still have used the MC and it works well for my purposes. These suggestions would certainly make them both better products all around. -TWT
  23. Where did you get that sticker set? I've seen similar ones, but not that colorful/detailed... Thanks. -TWT
  24. The GPS will still work, but you won't have any live maps or live cache info, so you need to have the cache data and map tiles preloaded.. (easy or hard, depending on the app you use...)
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