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  1. I choose the Blues. I don't actually think they will hoist the Cup for their second time in franchise history. However, if I DON'T choose them and they succeed, I'll regret it. There aren't any other teams I'd regret not choosing if they won. My wife and I got to see the Cup last time the Blues won. So that was cool.
  2. Originally it was announced there would be a one year moratorium as of April 21, 2015. Because that is twenty days from now (and nothing to do with me having a perfect site picked out for a new challenge cache), are there any updates about the moratorium?
  3. I just received one tonight (only one new in my notify area)
  4. That is just the thing - there was no note saying the Reviewer disabled it. ngrrfan posted this thread after he and I had a chat on Facebook when I had the exact same thing happen to me after using the Wizard for my latest submission (still awaiting review.) I am waiting for a response from my Reviewer to a separate message asking about the disabling - if he did it or if it was a bug.
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