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  1. Congratulations on a well earned 2800 John EGH. True to your name you picked a good one and a FTF to boot! Chloe says Hi also… Woof!
  2. Battery saver mode would work just fine on a trip but the update rate is so slow that it is hopeless for locating a cache. As for how it affects battery life I don't know but now that I know what is going on with the Cx run time I am fine with the 16-18 hour numbers. Much better than the GPS V we use to use all the time.
  3. I agree with Hydnsek that Ebby bluffs is a classis. We have made many EraSeek caches our favorites or milestones. BUT!!!! I must say by far.... the most exciting one I encountered was EraSeeks's THE PATH OF THE WATCHERS. What fun that was. And we had the privliage of being in the presence of the cache owner himself on that beautiful sunny summer evening. Note also, that it is VERY close to Ebby Bluffs. I think you would truly enjoy this. Plus, there are SO many wonderful caches on Whidbey Island to fill your day. Ms. WD
  4. Congrats to you Hydnsek on 1500! Hey.. I thought I was one of your "gal pals"!!
  5. Hey 1000 congrats to you Shunra! We are looking forward to visiting your side of the water this summer.
  6. I sense a disturbance in the force… yes… a ONE K disturbance. Congratulations Jedi Grossi on your milestone and it would be difficult to find a better choice for the event. May the cache be with you always!
  7. If you are out by yourself and find the cache that’s the end of it… you found it you sign it. What if there are two of you? You probably don’t take turns finding it. Or maybe there are four cachers or 6? At what point do you draw the line between 2,4 6, or however many there may be in your party? Cache machines are an exaggerated example but even the machines thin out to small groups after the first few stops but they also add a social dimension to the game which we would not want to give up. As for not signing the log and yet still making a claim… no way except for the very limited exceptions noted in earlier posts. We also have used the ‘stick and mud’ system a couple of times so it’s either sign or make your mark for us.
  8. It looks like they did change both the front end and the compass then. In a way that is good news because it means that there is no penalty for extended compass usage. The extra 8 or so hours of run time that was lost is a tough give up but the performance under challanging conditions more than makes up for that. What was the run time on the 60C?
  9. We have a GPS10 and use it all the time with a PPC (or laptop) but only for in the car navigation. It would be a bit awkward to use for geocaching as a stand alone with the PPC. Although we use a 60cs for both navigation and the actual cache hunting, the 10 works out great because it is so much easier to do 'what if' look ahead things like routing and geocaches down the road.
  10. Congrats to you Jcar on the 1K mark and I found a nice home for your T-bug up on the Island. One of your finds stands out in my mind is the trip you and Grossi made out to Ballinger Island aboard the (really) leakin Lena. Had that trip gone the other way your 1K find might have been only 999. []
  11. Hey this will be the definative test. There is probably a lot more computing energy spent with the SiRF front end and, if the Garmin tech reply is true, maybe the compass sensor was changed to keep the battery life to an acceptable level. Either way I will go with your answer and the battery life is still much longer than the GPS V. How easy it is to get spoiled.
  12. Congrats to Lucyandrickie on 3500 and Moun10bike on 3600 on the Lopez Island Extravaganza! And a special thanks to Rickie for all his hard work organizing this trip and also, for allowing me, Ms. WD, to get my needed caffine fix even though it was off the route!
  13. It was a blast being with Pandora ont her 2000th find! Blindleader and I had to be there for this celebration. When we first met Cathy it was while doing Nolenator's Something Evil In West Seattle. I guess we were the first cachers that she had ever run into and we have had many fun caching excusions since that day. We then set out to do many puzzle caches and hard multis' together.... ten of which included Bill P's Gang of Ten.... we adopted the phrase "Gang of Three" during that time. So if you see us out caching together and we refer to ourselvles as that, you know where it came from. We had a great group on Lopez yesterday to participate in the excitment. What a beautiful place for a milestone!
  14. I should add that my current consumption numbers come from 2 60C/CS units and one 60CSx. It could well be that I have a unique CSx with a compass that will not turn off.
  15. Just using round numbers the 60CS at 85 mA should run for about 27 hours with 2300 mAh batteries with the compass off. With the compass on and a current consumption of 125 mA it should run for about 18.4 hours. The 60CSx draws 125 mA with the compass on or off. There are other factors that come into play but if the 60CSx continous to draw the same battery power regardless of the compass setting it leads me to the conclusion that there is a firmware problem with the X. These 'should be' numbers are very close to what Jon Tyson indicates using alkaline cells.
  16. 40 mA is a big problem too! Compass on or off.
  17. We have a CS and a CSx and noticed the same problem. A little checking and I found that the current consumption on the CSx is the same with the compass on or off. With the CS the consumption decreases by about 40 percent with the compass off. With the compass on both units have the same power consumption. To me it looks like there is a bug in the compass on/off function.
  18. Ah yes! If your hear me, Prying Pandora or Blindleader refering to ourselves as "The Gang of Three", it is because when we decided to set off together, solving the more comlpicated puzzles and multi's a couple years ago, Bill P's "Gand of Ten" came about. We all worked so hard at those puzzles with success. Therefore, as we were hunting those caches, we adopted the phrase "Gang of Three"
  19. Groundspeak duped my post! It wasn't myfault!
  20. Now be careful. If do something like this the cache police will come and get you. You'll be caching behind bars. Rather appropriate for this Contraband Cache... Team Maccabee Ah, your new cache! You sneaky guy!
  21. Markus... YOU BAD... got me all confused. I could of edited just fine if not under pressure.
  22. Well, to confess, I have prior knowledge of particularly yummy item of contraband swag that will be placed in my Contraband Cache soon, and I am so tempted.... Of course, I would trade it out, but part of me thinks that I should leave it to draw others. I'm torn! Team Maccabee I can't stand a mystery how "Yummy " is that item? Imaginations running wild.............................
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