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  1. Mr. WD and I just want to say how sad it was to leave your beautiful city. We spent about 5 days there including the surrounding areas. We missed the cache machine last year. We wanted to keep track of all the cachers whose caches we found and make a list to thank everybody for their hides. But... we thought we might accidently leave somebody out. So thanks to all of you for your great caches! Thanks Patudles and Ambrosia for your phone numbers and email. Gosh, this area is astounding. Waking up and being surrounded by those beautiful mountains. The parks and trails. The history and so much more! As we came back over Snoqualmie Pass last night we could see the glare of the city lights from Seattle. As we got closer everything seemed to get faster! It's funny how we got accustomed to your pace in a matter of a few days. Thanks Everyone! Might have to move there when we retire!
  2. Congrats to my favorite bro-in law and sister-in-law...... I think! Was it a joyful moment? Ms. WD
  3. congrats to Lajoie5, Cent5 and Tolmaus. on you recent finds. Any anyone else we may have missed!
  4. Okay... it's my fault that this happened. I apologized to Criminal both on this thread and by apersonal email. I usually try to be positive on the forms. I am sorry I reacted the way I did. Can we please just drop it? Out of respect for the person that started this thread. It's a good topic.
  5. I apologize for posting what I did. It was off topic and not an appropriate place for this kind of thing.
  6. Congrats Sciuchettii...... your name make me hungry! Sounds like a lucious Italian dish. Ya know... you can play this game any way you want. That's what I love about geocaching. Go for the numbers if you choose, go for the puzzle caches if you choose, go for the t-bugs if you choose, go for the high-mountain hikes if you choose! Don't let anyone tell you what your preference SHOULD be! Just have fun. Ms WD
  7. My Boss is going to love this one when I get caught! Can I give him your name?
  8. 1100! That was quick! The force grows stronger with you Grossi. A big congrats.
  9. We did a trip with Lucyandrickie and EraSeek this past summer to Gummmeeees! Neveer did quite know how to pronounce it! Beautiful place to cache. We had a blast. Then headed down (as suggested by others in this thread) to do some caching in Antecortes and Whidbey Island. If you can venture down far enough on Whidbey be sure and do EraSeek's cache Path of the Watchers. One of my favorites.
  10. Hey congratulations on your milestone ‘high’ Inmywoods. If John got you up this far what do you think he might have in mind for your next century mark? We will be watching and waiting to find out. Have fun! MR Donna and Chloe
  11. Well to take this back to the original post one of the most fun ‘no find’ finds we had happened a couple of years ago in Bremerton. We were out trecking across a big field and when we arrived at the location... there was no cache to be found anywhere. All we found was a chain around a small tree. No cache… just a piece of chain around a tree. On a lark we put a Wienerdog sticker on the piece of chain and went on to the next cache without giving it much thought. Later on, after we got home, we E-mailed the owner to see if we were in the right spot. We were. It turned out that this cache had been muggled a couple of times and the owner decided to chain the box to the tree and we had found the short part of the chain. It also turned out that other people were at this site after us and put their stickers on the chain citing Wienerdog as having found it so could they log it to. The humor value is now exceeding the cache value at this location! We did talk to the owner and he confirmed that we did find the location and we logged it as a ‘found what was left’ find. Was there a logbook? No. Was there a box? No. Was there a non-cache that took on a life of its own? Yes. Did we get permission to log the cache from the owner? Yes. Are we going to delete that log? No. The pure ‘goofy fun’ value of this no find was far greater than if we had signed a log in a box over 3000 finds ago that we would not have any memory of now! It would certainly be easy to make the case that we did not ‘find’ this one and all our milestone numbers are jogged off but that’s OK. We had a lot of fun with this one and it is one of our ‘campfire’ cache finds. The Wienerdog and several others had a good time with this non-cache and after all isn’t that the whole idea of Geocaching?
  12. Don't get too thin skinned. I had a little trouble unraveling that myself. Your response is pretty 'main forum' (as you called it). If I understand it right, she's part of a team AND has an idividual account. If that's right, I think it's fair for her to hunt, find, and log the other team members caches under her individual account. Ya! What The Jester said!!!! I have many hides hidden that even my wife doesnt know where they are, mainly due to the fact that she wasnt into caching when I hid them. I think that if she was not a part of the hiding process, than she should be able to hunt them and log them as a legitimate find IMHO. I'm sorry if my question wasn't very clear, and maybe I should have typed s-l-o-w-e-r, but it wasn't a clearcut question and, I felt, to get an informed answer I'd have to pollute the post with some backstory. Thanks for your hep and suggestions - hawk, the jester, webscouter and bluedeuce. My question has been answered to my satisfaction and with that I'm going to take my sensy skin, and drop this thread and these forums like a bad habit. Thanks ya'll! Sassy Oh Sassy! I'm so sorry about the crap you got! There is always a few in every crowd. Donna (WD)
  13. I know what you mean. Are you able to travel to CleElum or Roslyn? There are some good caches there. Also if you can get to Yakima. Lot's of caches there.
  14. Congrats to all of you who have reached milestones this week. So many, so quick! We can't keep up!
  15. Congrats to Shark! And congrats to Poppa! Our Northwest T-Bug icon! How many do you have now?
  16. You are more than welcome to post here. This is a forum for general discussions in, around, and anwhere the Seattle area. Central WA is just a hop, skip and a jump away! Welcome!
  17. GPS III+ Retired, going to son in law in Pelican AK GPS V Retired GPS60C GPS60CS In use GPS60CSx In use GPS10 Used with iPaq
  18. Nice information site about the GPS system. An interesting side note to me is that the Delta II launch vehicle is a direct descendent of the Thor-Delta rocket that put Telstar into orbit 44 years ago. We have sure come a long way since the early 20 minute “live via satellite” TV broadcasts.
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